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    The Diplomat is a unit that specializes in Diplomacy.
    That being said, they have a couple nifty abilities.

    If your diplomat is in the domain of a player owned city, and that city is unhappy (-600), you can FUND THE REBELS! Causing an instant rebellion, for a princely sum of gold.

    If your diplomat is in a neutral city, you gain +200 relationship with that city, and you can Fund their defenses so they make more units to defend themselves for yet another princely sum of gold.

    Now in combat, the diplomat doesn’t have much, however, he has inspiring aura, inspire, and bribe. Bribe works like convert, except it costs gold and rolls against physical rather than spirit, and the control cannot be broken. Inspire increases the damage of a single unit by 3 for one turn and prevents them from having range dropoff, like a longbow. Inspire has no cd, and is the main method for diplomats to gain exp. Out of combat, the diplomat buffs your armies with promises of good cheer and comfort, increasing the upkeep of all soldiers by 2 in the army it is in, but also boosting their out of combat morale by +500.

    The diplomat is a t3 irregular with forest concealment, urban concealment, low hp, low res and low def. Keep him safe!



    This kind of thing is something I would like to see in the future- something like the spies in the civ series.



    Well this is something new but the name Diplomat is inappropriate for the roles you are having him/her do.

    I recommend a name change from Diplomat to Hellraiser.


    Nice concept for city interaction. But I think it would work much better as an extension of the diplomacy screen, rather than as an actual unit on the map.
    When you build a Diplomat it will be available in the diplomacy screen to send to any other player/independant city allowing you to choose those option in a dialogue and improving relations (maybe at a certain per round rate?). Sending a diplomat to another city would of course take time and could work similarly to sending items between heros in respect to time needed.
    As for combat: I do not feel that we need another unit like this and believe that the diplomat concept would not work as well with an actual unit.



    I thought about keeping the diplomat as an “item” unit, but if you have no method to kill the diplomat, then of course you need a method to expel them or something, and it devolves into expelling or using your own diplomats, and then of course, there is the issue of no opportunity cost to get diplomats to the enemy. The diplomat should take time to get to an enemy city, and they should be able to be countered by conventional means.


    I like the idea of increasing upkeep for a moral boost, this could be a very interesting mechanic by itself. The diplomat also sounds good, more options for interactions with other parties would be great.

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