The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

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    This is the story of a crazy lich carrying a game system and terrorizing an entire world.

    ”Let’s look at the daily quest today… These two bullshit choices again, destroy any city with 30 thousand and above people, rewards of 10 thousand evil points. Take the lollipops of three little kids, rewards of 1 point. If both are not done then -2 points.”

    “Cuih! You think I’m stupid, if I really destroy a city I’m guaranteed to spawn a squad of medieval paladins full of epic ranks to come and subdue me. At that time I won’t be able to spend anything. I’ll just kindly be my lollipop bandit.”

    I’ve already had enough of being a notorious lich, who says that liches can’t be good people? I definitely have to beat this damned system and be an upright good person.

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    Crazy Lich’s Experimental Diary
    Feng wu yao de shi yan ri zhi

    The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

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    Review Blisfulloblivion (August 28, 2016 \ Status: c124)

    This story Is very fun. Starts off really silly and reads almost as a parody of many popular fantasy games and media, much of it western. After a few chapters though some serious plot gets introduced and now I’m hooked.
    Surprisingly, the world itself is heavily based on Dungeons & Dragons with some Planetscape, WoW, gamer, and other media thrown in. Some of the terminology is translated odd but you quickly realize that most of it is supposed to be D&D classes, gods, and such. (Edit: TL in recent chapter acknowledged mistranslated names/terms and will fix at a later date). I think this adds a fresh feel. The fantasy system in most WN/LN tend to all be variations of the same generic fantasy tropes.
    Another refreshing change is the MC himself. Rather than start from the beginning, a young boy starts a journey, we start with a veteran who had already accomplished much and experienced love, betrayal, revenge, and sacrifice. He is an old man with a youthful energy and a rich history. He has lost and given up much but is still driven and spirited. He is an experienced soul playing on a much grander scale than just heroics, he is playing to change the world. And all through this are silly jokes, media references (Tom Riddle among them), and funny banter. I think the potential for the story is high. It is really unique.
    Main character starts off ridiculous and silly but then slowly bits of history and other darker traits are revealed. As the story progresses the MC cleverness becomes increasingly apparent. The author never info dumps character tidbits but shows it through dialogue and action making things more believable and enjoyable to read. It helps that there are no filler chapters or blatant word padding to detract from the story.
    The translation quality is good but in need of an editor. No engrish, or awful sentence structure but fair amount of grammatical errors, overly literal translations, and some unclear structure. Nothing bad and easily fixed with a good proof read. Overall, it’s very readable and not that distracting.
    EDIT: New chapters have been edited and the quality has really improved. I find myself liking this story more and more. The scale and epicness of the plot just keeps increasing. The author does a wonderful job making it feel appropriately daunting and providing motivation for the MC to keep going. It feels like a high fantasy novel rather than a shallow (but fun) xianxthia.



    It reminds me of Age of Wonders II in some places: great strategic spells of the army/country scale (there is a Wetland spell analog in between the 110th and the 120th chapter). Races living together reminds of Age of Wonders III.

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