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    Well, when you play the morale, you can do it via 4 ways: Combat, cities, troops and empire.

    Combat morale is a key if you like to play manual combat, while cities, troops and empire morale are based on strategic map and have the most impact vs your rivals. Of course, empire morale is the most shocking of the 3, because it works with combat and cities.

    As I wrote before, you can manage your rival morale with some conditions like make them lose a city, rebellion, razing cities, (AI always is good, so, they wont raze their own cities, losing 3 battles in a row, plus if you play rogue using deception.

    Troop morale can be managed via terrain+empire, you can add -200 plus empire just by applying the right terrain, artic and blight often works, if you got an undead dweling, you can add -200. Troop morale is a key too, because AI is funny, if the have very low morale armies, they often send you to attack you no matter if they will lose. If any rival army deserts, you can hire deserters for your cause.

    City morale is really mad when you know how to manage it, because city morale is the main economy factor of any rival, cities with low morale will produce slower and give less resources, due to AI cheats are based on %, thats a blast. City revolt, enemie in domain, enemie at the gates+empire global. If you play vs a warlord or theo, enemie in domain wont work, but enemie at the gates will do it anyway. Thats why rogues are true beasts, they can just play chess and see how rivals burns till dooms day.

    Another really important factor is to know when is good to just defend or rush. Defending cities is a easy way to level up your units or heroes. Thats important due to champion system, so, you can farm exp from your rival and add it to your units and soon you will have a very nice set of champions ready to rush.

    When you are playing defense, you can notice AI “scouts” your domain. DONT ALLOW THAT, early game that could be useless, but mid/late game, thats a real problem, AI needs to see your city for cast some quake, blast, revolt, omen, siege, etc. Plus, they are really gathering forces to take your city, if you see small armies scouting your city, just go and destroy them, or you will ambushed.

    If you play disjuntion, wait till your rival ends turn, so, they wont reinforce the spell, and next turn, cast assap disjuntion begining the turn (if you are disjuncting a 1 turn spell).

    With item forge, you can play really interesting stuff like Bringer of Godwill, Seduce, Charm, Dominate, Heal, Static, Auras, Regrowth, Slayer conditions, Protections, Fearsome, Tireless, etc etc. Often useful early game.



    A few more things from me regarding Dread.

    Like Ultra DD said synergy with air is great. In my most recent game I’m playing dread with air adept, wild adept, and expander. This combination is working quite well for me because of seeker boosting ranged units, expander providing extra production in addition to mana cells, got lucky and started with those, and wild magic mixes up the damage types available and has the ever useful degenerate spell. All while not sacrificing having a nuke spell because dread has Destabilized Mana Core.

    I typically try to keep a flame tank with each of my stacks when far enough into the game, this is because they serve as effective one of denial weapons against low tier unit, forcing you enemy to attack with a smaller, higher tier force where you’re single target alpha strike can become really useful.

    As Dread, the most important thing to keep in mind is your alpha strike. We probably have the best damage output in the game during our initial volley, and have some heavy resistance to ranged damage. But! We are dead if something gets into melee with just about anything other than the golem, and we can’t repair as easily as any other class in the game.


    Thanks to Rosencrantz aka Qwaeb aka Dr_K. P.S from the wiki for giving me a heads up on this.



    Here some general trick

    Cheap buffs can be a way to turn the table. Let say you have no pikemen and encounter a cavalry army, last stand can turn your hero into a freakingly awesome cavalry slaying machine as it give polearm (+ 5 damage vs cavalry) and first strike (nullify charge).

    Another good battlefield trick is positioning. When you click on an enemy during battle, you can see the move he have, so if you position your hero to be attackable by 2 enemy at their max range (or 1 less), the ai will take the bait attack 1 time, and break his guard for next turn. So during next turn you will be able to flank at will.

    Unit with 1 shot ranged attack are great to make your enemy turn around, letting you flank but retreat your unit from melee without opportunity strike too. And irregular can take 1 blow without dying usually so keep em far (yes they will do less but you have lesser risks to lose them) or at max short range.

    I sometime make my irregular’burn move’ in order to attack flanked units only once, they turn away without attacking. Work pretty well with scoundrels with backstab. But make sure you kill target before end of turn or you will lose some irregular.

    Concentrate fire: 6 critically injured enemy are as good as 6 fresh ones when you click end turn. Use AOW at start of turn and use the troops you want to level to finish em up.



    Some of my favorite cheap spells and why
    Savage rage: Turn an animal/monster into something 1 tier higher approx. for 7 CP
    Revitalize: let you act again and refresh CD, so you can finish an enemy or get the hell out of there (you have half your move)

    Weapon Kit: give throw net and fire blunderbuss to infantry/pikemen, nice for siege (grant range), CC (crowd control with net) and sabotage (interesting because it let your pikemen blow up a wall instead of waiting for gate to open)

    Sphere of protection: can make a bait survive a round so you will be able to heal it next round

    Instant wrath: Make a defensive units an ‘offensive’ one, i suppose it might be combo with absorb pain (haven’t tried)
    Mighty meek, turn a pikemen into a magical hero slayer for only 7 CP

    Last stand: turn an ally into a perfect cavalry slayer or turn a bait into a violent bait.
    Lion courage: Bonus vs infantry nice, but immunity to spirit damage is awesome, i once kill 2 exalted with 1 halfling eagle rider because of this spell.

    Quick dash: you can finish an enemy or get the hell out of there (you have half your move)
    Panic attack: just surround the enemy with 1 exit and wait for his death (even more since opportunity strike are flanking)
    Cunning escape: Let you make some non-suicidal suicidal assassination!! Or to rectify some tactical errors.

    Seeker: pure awesomeness for shooters. Especially effective when you attack in a siege (nullify wall penalty)

    Stone skin: interesting to buff a unit you will defend a gate with in a siege or a choke point.

    Rot: good as a 1st turn siege defender spell



    I read Garresh’s work over this weekend, and it is absolutely wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more “elite” players contribute works of similar thoroughness.



    Thanks to Rosencrantz aka Qwaeb aka Dr_K. P.S from the wiki for giving me a heads up on this.

    I think it’ll be a pretty good idea if the strategy posters make a Wikia account as well. This way, it’s easy to keep track of everything, as well as giving you the ability to update your posts later on, for example when a new expansion gets released and you want to update your strategies to the new class and/or race. For those yet to make an account:

    For now, I don’t really mind getting through that and adding some tooltips….

    Me and Qwaeb/Dr_K changed a couple of Garresh’s strategies to accomodate for the Wikia’s resources:

    @Garrresh: If you make an account, I’ll get them to you in source code, so you can repost them yourself. For now, both of us just put your name under it.

    Go and have a look on how those articles look; basically, everyone can write his own on the wikia – and if we do make a decent collection, we might even get Triumph to link to the overview page!



    I’ll get around to it. But as long as I get a footnote I’m content.



    To all aspiring writers, I’d like to offer a small update to the wiki’s resources. Aside from the tooltips we have as I noted above, there is now the possibility to test out the stats of a unit. Note that not all units have been updated, but the Rogue page is completely done. The same versions of the units can easily be included in any articles written be putting their name between {{ and }}.



    Good job on this update to the wiki! Especially the filtering by race part.

    Btw do any class other than rogue have those “strategic interest” notes?



    Not yet, but feel free. I did those on the rogue units, since it’s the part I know best.

    Also, the infrastructure has been changed a bit by the blog posts we introduced yesterday. I’m not really sure if they should stay. I could give the infrastructure on the other pages pretty easily, but those don’t have the drop-down menu’s yet.(gotta update the units). Roll-out might be a bit slower than anticipated, since they don’t work as well with our Tooltips as I hoped they would(turns out the initialization scripts I made don’t check them on tooltip load, and the aimed scripts I tried, well, so far I only know they affect the tooltip, but I don’t really have any kind of control inside of it…and TBH I don’t have any idea why. Problem is, I don’t have the hooks to use the Console to edit/debug them, as they don’t even exist outside of being shown. Of course I can spam the Console with info, but I’m first trying other methods.).

    Anyway, some of the aimed tooltips might function slightly less for a short while(as in, no racial parameters, stuff like that.), but that’ll be resolved shortly either way.



    I like the bard spam strategy. Will try it tonight! Good idea to put all the strategies on the wiki. Keep the good work! 🙂




    Alongside general class strategies which is that thread all about – I can contribute with current meta for SP clearing neutral sites and manual combat advices. My question is if there are players interested in such strategies and should I take my time and prepare it?



    Or course – I’m hoping for the Wikia to also be a place for the newbs to learn the game’s basics. Right now we got a single strategy link, but there’s most likely gonna be some better form of navigation once we get some more diverse aimed blogs.

    (I might not be BBB, but I’m still answering your question.)



    (I might not be BBB, but I’m still answering your question.)

    Indeed. I asked him since he opened the thread. Please show me a link to the wiki where you have SP strategies in order for me to see the initial starting point. I have free time on Sunday which I intend spending on playing AoW and I don’t mind writing strategies for newer players regarding manual combat and SP.



    Basically, make a user blog post from your user page, and include the following tag(they aren’t rendered):

    [[Category:Single Player Strategy]]

    If there is more than one focus(example, single player rogue strats), you can just add the other Category to it as well:

    [[Category:Single Player Strategy]]
    [[Category:Rogue Strategy]]

    For an overview of currently existing Strategy categories:



    Edit: Gloweye beat me to it. More information below if you want it.


    You can really write in however much detail you want, but the convenient thing about the wiki is that you can link to relevant pages and include tooltips. This way you do not need to explain all of the details of a unit/skill/ability, since they can be linked.

    More or less, I would write assuming that the reader understands the majority of the mechanics of the game (unless the point of the post is to explain some mechanic). Details that a reader would want to know about some unit/skill/ability you mention can easily be filled in by creating tooltips/links in the page after it is written.

    See the links Gloweye posted above as examples. Also the combat page (though a wall of text) has a lot of information that can be assumed or linked to.

    Basically, if you write it and can post it, Gloweye and myself can show you how to add tooltips, links, and all the other bells & whistles, in the case that the editing help page does not actually help.



    Don’t use the word ‘meta’, as it’s a known linguistic monstrosity. At least call it ‘meta-game’ or ‘meta-tactics’.



    This was a really fun read. Does anyone have any tips on playing sorcerer? Lategame I seem to be doing fine, and the absolute early game is good as well, but I’m really struggling with the early-mid – mid-game.

    After I’ve captured a few cities and cleared the nearby easy nodes with my starting stack, it just feels like I start lagging behind tremendously. I don’t have enough gold to train a lot of troops, and my starting stack isn’t strong enough to deal with stronger nodes and cities. If I spend gold on buildings to raise my mana instead I’m stuck waiting for research to complete as my research is abysmal. If I raise research I don’t have the mana to use on the beasts I summon. It’s kind of frustrating.

    So, anyone have any good general strategies for sorcerer? Build order, research order, what to focus on, and so on? I’m playing Draconian Sorcerer, with Wild Magic Adept, Fire Magic Adept, and Expander (Feel free to suggest better masteries too!)



    First, i think this is probably not the thread. Perhaps you should make a thread, sorcerer help or something. Although this thread can be used too as a guide to classes, but more of a library of guide, which i think will confuse new readers if not organized properly.

    On the help you need.

    I think you should first define your game stage. When is your early game, when is your mid game, etc.

    Because game stage is different for each player, a mid game for one player can be a late game already for another player.

    Or instead of that, you can based in on turn rather than stage, e.g: turn X you do things and need to do things but unable to do it and so on.

    And it sounds like you have problem in your empire management. Then, i want to ask, is it in single player? because in multi player, sorcerer often have easy time in empire management more of because it can quite neglect empire management, whilst in single player it’s a different story.


    Prodigal Sun

    Hey there, I’ve been asked to contribute with a few strategies of mine. While I am a Rogue-player through and through, I think Garresh covered the area very nicely and in a better way than I could. He and I share a similar view of how to utilize the strenght of Rogues.

    Regardless of what class I play, I value intel and stealth over sheer strenght and I like adopting a rogueish/ stealthy type of play for almost any class I get my hands on.

    I wrote a short summary with strategy and tips on this link


    Keep them coming!


    Holy tits. I realized I’ve got 300+ hours in AoW3 and don’t have a strategy…



    I’m currently working on compiling a list of class-specialization synergies/anti-synergies, and would like to poll the community on any combinations that they have tried that work well (or don’t).

    Mostly I’m looking for combinations that work well with a property of the class as opposed to just a generally good use for the specialization.

    I’ve got notes on numerous pairings, but I can’t think of or play through every pairing. I will post the list once I manage to decipher my notes.

    Any input is appreciated.



    Dr. K, You’re not taking race into consideration? Starting race has a huge impact on my specialization choice.



    That more or less covers it, really.

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