The Power of Undeath

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    Well hello! I have finally returned! You can see by my post count how much I contributed to the community over the years, HA!

    A craving hit me hard and I just had to play my favorite class, The Necromancer. I didn’t want to lose out to doing the same ol’ show and dance though. My go to was always the draconians. I’ve been stuck to them for a long time. Even before necromancy was rediscovered and I was but a lowly theocrat.

    Once the power of death was released though I quickly took up the shadowborn flag and destroyed all heretics on my way to the power of undeath!(Draconian shadowborn theocrat? Good times!)

    Okay maybe I should get to the point. Before I even ran the game once I researched over many a forgotten tome. I wanted the most advantages. I asked myself what race benefits the most from the gift of undeath?

    Sadly yet clearly this was not the draconians. Their fast healing ability was utterly nixed once they are made into obedient ghouls. So I turned my attention to the orcs. Melee was my goal after all. Sadly they too lose their racial ability of victory rush. Honestly though this made absolutely no sense to me. Victory rush sounds more like a mental ability then a biological one like the draconian fast healing.

    I’m not one to argue with the gods though so I just move on to the next prospect. Call me racist but I can immediately rule out the halflings. I hate them. I will never be a Halfling. They are unworthy of the gift of unlife in my eyes. I eradicate them from all world in which I occupy. They are not even worthy of my undead plague to swell my populations.

    The next race I came upon were the goblins. Alas, their puny nature just did not appeal to the undead force of melee that I wished to accomplish.

    A quick look at the humans and I almost fell asleep they are so bland. Also I am not a fan a naval battles. I want it up close and personal! Melee was my goal!

    Then the highelves caught my eye. I could see a forest of undeath slowly encompassing the globe. It sounded all peaches and cream but they didn’t have the units to accomplish my melee army I so dreamed of.

    I then turn my attention to the dwarves. I fought many a battle against these nuisances with my undead draconians. Still the silliest things can turn me off from liking a race. You use axes and not swords? You disgust me! DIE!

    I then came upon the race nearly every necromancer swears by, the frostlings. In a different universe they where one of my favorite races because of their ability to freeze the oceans. Alas it is a power that they have forgotten. Recalling battles against my undead legions of draconians though they pale in comparison. Their weakness to fire is only compounded by becoming a ghoul. Clearly the unlife I wish to gift to my chosen race wouldn’t help the frostlings when it comes to fighting off the cold.

    My draconians were already to fire oriented. It got them into trouble sometimes. More than I would have liked in fact.

    Then I seen them! The tigrans! Amazing beasts really. They’re predatory nature and bloodlust! Their natural affinity against fire and spirit. Their swift movements and their racial synergy! They where perfect! The gift of undeath will only make them better! They lose nothing in the process and gain everything death has to offer! Even their priestesses sacred ability to shapeshift into dire panthers fit my vision of a undead melee focused army!

    Tigrans are awesome! Wish I tried them sooner. Their units synergies on the battlefield like no other. Bleeders and feeders! Perfect for a necromancer. The faster things die the faster they join your cause.

    The best offense is a good defense. I focus on attacks of opportunity. I don’t rush in and attack… I rush in and defend. Predator does all the work for me. Now throw on vampiric thirst and embrace darkness and my prowlers and cheetah become a dangerous combo. Later you replace cheetah with priestess and add some death bringers. Good times!

    I always focus on one race per world… guess that makes me racist.



    Technically, yes, that makes you a racist.

    Drac necro is pretty strong to tho. You ever tried Elders/Chargers ? They get loads of HP, first strike, and loads of damage(ancestry, power ritual, stylites). Regrowth from RG. Get them their two stacks of Life Steal and they’re virtually unstoppable, 1v1-ing Manticores being gold medal T1’s.

    I like Frostling and halfling necro’s as well. Halflings deathbringers have backstab, which works really nice with shadow step, while total awareness keeps them alive. Also, memories of Joy and RG give them 400 Happiness, so you’re still 20% lucky. Frostlings have their awesome Pike/Witch combo’s. Pair them 1 on 1 and they’ll put even the chargers to shame, lacking flying and regrowth but gaining Tireless and another stack of Life Stealing, which makes them that much more deadly in the thick of a fight. Also, their supports don’t die, while they even life steal that HP back.

    Also, Shadowborn Frostling Necro Pike-witch combo’s have all damage channels, physical and frost inherent, Shock from Entwined with Shadows, Fire from Grant Frozen Flames, Blight from Power Ritual, and Spirit from pillar of the stylites. Just a bonus factoid.


    Jolly Joker

    Also, you discounted Orcs too fast. Sure, they lose Victory Rush – but they also lose their biggest weakness by gaining mind control immunity. And healing the undead is something your heroes and Reanimators and later supports will care for. Orc supports are pretty awesome, too.



    I really don’t miss Victory Rush that much after imbuing my Orcs with Embrace Darkness, the life steal ability more than makes up for it. Granted, they still get shredded by magic throwing theocrats and sorcerers, but undead Orcish hordes are awesome in melee.

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