The site gone crazy?

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    When i click on the forum button the site log me out, i can’t read the new posts because i only see the last poster on the main forum page, but when i click on it the forum redirect me to a 2 days old post and also log me out. Even when i try to find it “manually” the forum shows me that 2 days old post. For example in the new dev journal topic the last post i see is L-Van the Fender 2 days old post but i know many people posted after him… I’m using firefox but i tried it with IE but no luck
    The whole thing started with the new dev journal


    Ice Age

    Indeed the site gone crazy! every time i open the site it shows me the way it was on friday evening like he never got updated since then! when i log in then he functions normaly, exept from images, the site refuses to show me the images of the home page and “the game” tab.
    have to say all of those happens to me on both explorer 10 and chrome…
    And same here all started with the new dev jurnal.



    Hi, thanks for sharing these problems.
    I believe this might be related to caching, which we recently activated to reduce the load on the servers.

    For now we deactivated caching. Does this resolve your problems?


    Ice Age

    Hi jimmy
    The site is back to normal for me for the past week if i remember correctly.
    Thanks for solving it, it was kind of annoying 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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