The V1.8 “POSEIDON” patch in Steam Open Beta

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    I don’t know if this is just incredibly bad luck or a new bug, but I had a battle in a legendary Sphinx temple the other day where four out of five petrify attacks by Eye Tyrants were successful against Dwarven FirstBorn Champion level units. I’ve never seen that happen before in the three years I’ve been playing this game. I don’t know what the odds are of that happening, but it seems like they should be very, very low.

    Immolated reduces your resistance a bit, so that might help a bit. All in all, I think it’s really just bad luck. (Also, they’re called watchers.)

    I’m hoping that is the case. It was a very bad day in the temple since that was my best group and my two best heroes. All wiped out. Pretty hard to recover from having 2/3 of your army petrified for 1 – 2 turns. If it happens again I’ll post.



    This appears to still be the case in the released version of the patch, so I don’t know if you’ve noticed this?

    Inverted Color Channel on some Structure symbols (Poseidon Open Beta Patch)

    For reference, I’m using these mods:
    Tibbles’ Racial Class Unit Reskin
    IHunterKiller’s Racial Watchtower
    Eomolch’s Beastman Dwelling
    Charaltan’s Decodence – Map Editor Content

    Deactivating any combination of the above doesn’t do anything to the inverted color-channel, so I doubt they’re the source of hte bug ~



    1. This is EOL patch?
    2. Is EOL patch ever be after shutdown of your auth servers? (for enabling a LAN player without it)? I understand buisness reasons to do an auth, but when auth will not possible anymore, what should we do?
    3. Can we play this patch online from same account (but different copies, one from steam and one from GoG) simultaneously?

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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