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    Humanity is in peril! the tides of darkness have come again!

    And the whole world is poised on the brink of war.

    Hear me!

    The only hope for your people is to travel west to the forgotten lands of deep meaningful PC games of the past.

    Let ye hear the golden rules of sequel:

    Thy shall always include what has gone before and add to it, never taketh away and streamline, that path leads to Xbox.

    Depth and the power of choice on how one rules the empire, good, bad, neutral, fire, earth, water, air and cosmos MUST be preserved. Thy may add but never taketh away.

    Preserve the peoples of the land, girding thy loins with six, without heeding the choices of latter rules is the way of the xbox.

    Promote choice of playstyle, force not users to play into a class, unless said class has choice, and progression, preserve not the one in your midst who preaches that action and special effects and fast gameplay, take that one and stone him. Such things lead to the xbox (and an overabundance of rogues who shall ravage thy land and gank thyne own sister, children and wife while afk)

    The rest of these laws is summed up in this: Take thy time and make it right, bring back the depth of old and make it deeper, for this is where the Age of Wonders has lived for long and may yet live again.


    Take up thy keyboard and mouse and make use of it. There can be more than 4 choices. The keyboard has more than just 4 buttons. Use them.

    I have failed humanity once before….and I will NOT do so again.

    If you shall not take up this cup, I shall find another who will…a warning has been given…


    Hear ye hear ye,






    Verily plus one


    Brother JO


    If you’re trying to say that TS should preserve depth of the game I agree with you.


    By the way , can you please more clear on your wording? I’m having hard time understanding what you just said. 😛



    So sayeth the wise Alaundo.



    Ye say I as well



    Their fate is now their own….




    Why should I be bothered if the game is transported to Xbox

    Also, I’ve left WarCraft quite far enough behind, and don’t plan to dredge it back up.



    AOW is a computer game series, isn’t it ? Maybe they will add some new supports but it is only if they choose to do so.


    The Xbox is easier, more seductive. Once you start down the Xbox path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.


    BlaneckW has fallen into shadow, he was taken by an xbox of microsoft

    You know of whom I speak, one by one it will destroy them all



    i think we should start purging heretics before its too late!!!XD



    Translation for those of a smaller mindset or  a less developed knowledge of the English language:

    – This game should inculde a deep and well developed story

    – It should not under any circumstances let go of any aspect of the old games that are considered typical for them

    – This game should remain a PC game and make use of the superior options of a PC

    – It should not let go of any mechanics, simplify anything and/or dumb-down just to let it appear on a console as well

    – It is good to improve and/or add aspects, but never to remove or simplify them (‘simplify’ meaning: not reducing the tatical options etc. The use of the editor should definitely be simplified^^)

    – The game should not be streamline (It should not try to change it’s form in any way to appeal to a wider mass of stupid consumers, but instead try to focus on the ‘make-a-really-good-game’-issues and stick with its true faithful fans)

    – The new ‘Classes’-aspect should add new options for the player and not in any way limit him by forcing him into a role that is too predefined

    – The game should not focus on looks and definitely not on fast gameplay (It should remain its true form!)

    – The developers should take their time with the development and make it right so that they can bring back the old depth of the game which we loved so much


    Prophet of Doom, you speak the absolute and utter truth…

    We, the true fans of Age of Wonders, are with you!



    You shall be chief among manys, lay down thy joystick and come be my follower


    I agree Numetal, you hit the issue straight on the head. Seems to be the case with alot of remakes these days and hope it does’nt happen to Age of wonders like it happened to say x-com.



    I believe I’ve been accused of playing council games.

    I don’t really consider this thread necessary.


    All joking aside the reason I like this thread is that I like most people here played the previous games, we want this game to be all that they were and more but I personally worry that the game won’t be as deep as the original. I hope im wrong but when I heard there will only be 6 races initially I was disapointed as I mainly played the previous game for the multiplayer, Biggest map (8 wizards).

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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