tools for modders?

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    has modding been covered so far?

    In other words will it be possible to mod the game by the community? will you provide tools? It’s nothing uncommon now. and it expands replayablility 🙂 not to mention that community mods expand and improve the game… 😉 (Jagged Alliance or Shogun TW to name a few)

    seems that in AoWII SM there is an option for custom campaign but I can’t find any to download… 🙂


    Nexium Night

    I’d like that… hopefully it would be much simpler than AOWSM… >.>



    They havn’t said a lot about modding yet, but the interview stated this:

    “Any new features for the editor that fans will love?”

    “The editor will feature lots of content for players to build maps with. Players are now able to Customize the appearance of  heroes and Leaders.   Details on Modding will come later, I think there is potential there to bring it a lot further than was possible with AoW:SM”



    it would be great, since I play more modded games than vanilia 😉


    Red Key

    I hope the modding is at least as good as Civ4. In Civ4 you could add new units, buildings, civilizations, etc… just with XML (assuming you already have art/models). Then python allowed some modding of UI and game mechanics. Finally, they also made most the C++ code available to modders which makes almost anything possible including AI changes and all game mechanics. I guess they are doing a similar thing with Civ5, but I am more familiar with Civ4 and have heard some complaints that they only released a much smaller portion of the C++ source code for Civ5.



    I’m very interested in the editing tools and what they will offer for map/campaign creation.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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