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    Unknown250 Human Warlord

    Castanieda Draconian Sorcerer

    Victory Castanieda

    It was a good game, especially for my first ever multiplayer game (w00t!). I think that was my biggest downfall as well, as the game culminated with one deciding battle I expected to win but ended up losing because as it turns out, Castanieda is significantly better at tactical combat than the AI 😉 Fun times, and quick enough that we had time for another (non-tournament) game after.



    Yes, what a great game that was! And bearing in mind this that was unknowns first mp ever!!!!, we might have a great, yet “unknown” talent here!



    First of many game to come I hope!



    How come everyone plays Warlord? Just curious

    Name a hard counter to Warlord? They rely on troops, but are not as vulnerable to being countered by a bad match-up like a Necromancer facing a very likely loss vs. a Theocrat.

    Sorcerer is pretty strong against warlord.



    Marcus (Human Rogue) vs. mrXD89 (Tigran Archdruid).
    Victor Marcus.

    We played classic turns with default tourney settings.
    I had a nice starting spot surrounded by 3 mana nodes which I converted to water nodes. Along with the laboratory built on day one from production resources I had steady income of research and mana.

    That gave me a good head start even though I lost some of my units and scouts to autocombat and mrXD’s vampiric spider (that lucky insect!). Which, I think, in turn led to his early rush to my throne. I managed to kill most of his troops along with his hero and leader while defending even though I lost my capital. But only for one turn, so it wasn’t much of the set back.

    After that it wasn’t much of a problem to gather some troops and head to his cities. Without much retaliation I conquered his outlying city and his throne.

    Overall, well played mrXD89. But I got the victory! (:

    Here’s a link to youtube video if anyone interested:






    Nice match, was fun to watch. You were lucky to get those 2 nightshades so early 🙂 .




    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yep, those nightshades were quite helpful considering mrXD couldn’t counter them (that 100% resistance to elementals quite nice!). But I think I got them because of Rogue’s treasure raiding spell and some luck. (:



    Keejchen – Draconian Warlord
    kenmjensen(aka BigFudgyDump) – Tigran Warlord

    kenmjensen won.


    Default, except no underground.

    Note: Avg. Roads were ridiculous(our thrones were basically linked). IMHO, they should be reduced for the next tournament.





    The game is $10 during the steam summer sale.. Just bought it for 3 of my friends and my dad. Thanks BBB for hosting this.. love this game!



    Hatmage (Orcish Dreadnought) versus Alyra (Frostling Sorcerer), Victory Alyra.

    I would like to start by thanking my opponent for working around 11 hours of time seperation, and for a mostly well fought game.

    What lost me the match was fighting frostlings on water without needing to. Hanging back on land and screaming childish insults would have been more effective (far more effective, dreadnoughts love getting the first turn). I am ashamed of this mistake.

    However, mistakes can be learned from. I had the tools to outproduce my foe, and failed to use them. Muskets are actually a very nice tool for fighting stun supports, as a single mobile musketeer is all you need to finish a foe that would simply stun a golem or infantryman, and they are cheaper than most supports by what often adds to a turn.

    So, thanks for the game, and even if I’m not going further in the tournament, it’s been fun.



    Gaslov (Tigran Druid) vs Fjordus.

    Fjordus had to forfeit on account of his wife’s pregnancy.

    Wednesday, June 17, 2015
    Gaslov: Hi Fjordus. We’re matched up in the AoW3 tournament. Will you be available to play on Saturday?
    Gaslov: I am US central time
    Fjordus: me too
    Fjordus: what time saturday?
    Gaslov: is 10 a.m. ok for you?
    Fjordus: we can make that work
    Gaslov: cool, see you then!

    Saturday, June 20, 2015
    Fjordus: Wife is nine months pregnant
    Fjordus: Might have to forfeit
    Gaslov: oh, so you’re going to the hospital?
    Fjordus is now Offline.


    That sounds…dramatic.

    Hope everything works out okay.



    NorF the human Sorc vs SeeR Artemis the human RoGuE

    The agreed upon battle was continents…..

    Artemis floundered early upon his small northern island sending may crows out to scout and harass for what other use does a rogue have for mana early…

    Meantime Master NorF began building his Magical Empire upon the south Pole ArcTic lands….

    many a dwelling occupied these Continents and Artemis quickly befriended the water merman dwelling and also his neighbouring human town. vassalizing the both.

    early scout raids of various amounts of crows were repelled after Artemis had gathered most of the freebie resource pickups and took a good measure of the map at hand.

    meanwhile the human sorc economy of Magcian NorF continued to steamroll along settler after settler landing nearby his frosty capital.

    Artemis took a gamble and made for the Giant dwelling in the mid center western hemisphere. Conquered easily but with little time to develope before the onslaught of NorF the wizardès forces.

    Meantime Norf dashed to the mid east and conquered a recently vassalized Naga dwelling of Entreri the Assasinès…

    The first wave including the INSTANT RESEARCHED ELDRITCH WITH RESUGANCE was barely beat back from the Giant Dwelling at heavy costs to Artemis meager forces.

    Enterei then decided to desprately scout the corners of the map in search of a dragon dwelling for sale. Alas none was to be found. the searching crows returning to the middle of the map now to face stronger scouts tha Norf the Summonerès early wisps…now they faced phantasms and node serpents.

    Soon the converted Naga Dwelling was spitting Gaurdians marchin alongside the summoned creatures closing in on Artemis Capital.

    He Ran as fast he could but Master Norf was far too powerful by this poin in the campaign.

    NorF Caught and killed Artemis in Extatic fashion with two eldritches and coupler heros alongside some other units.

    Victory goes to NorF Handily

    good luck vs Boja

    on to the losers bracket for me…..


    Prodigal Sun

    Castaneda, Halfling Rogue vs.
    Prodigal Sun, Halfling Theocrat

    Prodigal Sun won.

    Working on a recording but Youtube takes forever.


    Prodigal Sun

    Youtube link

    Thanks for the game, Castaneda. 🙂



    Youtube link

    Thanks for the game, Castaneda. :)

    That is one sick creepsfest. Those exalted!!.Ty for the video.


    Prodigal Sun

    Match report:

    Revelation_777, Human Warlord vs.
    Prodigal Sun, Dwarf Rogue

    Prodigal Sun won.

    Video will be coming up in a few hours.


    challonge updated. Congrats and commiserations.


    Prodigal Sun

    New recording between me and Revelation_777.


    Thank you for the game and for your patience before we started, Revelation!



    Xaneorath AS Draconian Arch Druid Kitheria di Alcardis

    Alyra AS Halfling Necromancer Gretel Buttercup

    Victory Xaneorath

    After Kitheria strangely enough went into the completly opposite direction from her foe, worry and distress grew in her domain. “Will she be back in time, or is she about to leave us as feast for the undead hordes?” they asked, and old folktales about Gretel of the Black Woods, snatching away people to eat them alive, lived up to new popularity.
    Wary were the villagers.. believing they spent money on the wrong mercenary druidess.
    Believing she just ran away with the generous amount of Mana the city, where her throne was erected, gave her. But she wasn’t.
    She lay in ambush for the sneaky opponent, which she had tracked with her trusty animal companions for various days, and caught her like a predator pounces its prey.. with no way to escape.
    And so the last task was, to burn down the lair of this old legend, so the villagers could live in peace once more.
    Meanwhile Kitheria enjoyed a vacation, bought by a bounty well earned.

    An end result screenshot can be seen here:





    I would like to report Mental for cheating. Attached is the save. When you log into his side of the game, he has many many events of gold and mana being added to his treasury. He also as an event for a free building, yet it’s the beginning of the turn and all units have full movement, so how was this event possible? I am also skeptical of the possibility of the size of his military at this turn, which I think he was able to produce by hacking resources and free building events. If you feel the game is legit, I apologize for the accusation. Game goes to Mental. But I would like to know how these events are even possible.

    1. AUTOSAVE_MP.asg

    Prodigal Sun

    Gaslov, the popups you get when loading a save is normal right now. Everyone gets them in multiplayer.

    Mental is a pretty experienced guy in multiplayer arena, and often have strong armies.


    Well ultimately only Triumph can tell from the save whether there has been some cheating, or whether some super random stuff has just happened.

    In ExNihil’s first game, that map looked extremely strange, yet Triumph confirmed it was just a glitch in the system.


    So, I won’t update Challonge until I get to ask Triumph what they think of the map.



    i am Mental and i have to say to gaslov that its obviously u never plyed very aggressive players with good early economy management like me, it makes sense bcz u have around 300 hours on this game.

    anyways i didnt cheat so my next opponent is griffith and id like to play my match against him and report it after triumph reply on gaslov complain which i already know the answer 😀


    Dagoth Ur

    If you reload a map the gold and mana pick ups you had during the whole game reappear, I just had the same thing happen to myself when Abed and me switched from simultaneous turns to classic turns after first contact…

    Therefor, it’s clear to me Mental hasn’t cheated and Gaslov is just salty.

    On a related note:

    Round 4:
    AbedNegoJC (Draconian Necromancer) vs Dagoth Ur (High Elf Arch Druid)
    AbedNegoJC won



    If we had adequate replays, there wouldn’t be confusion over these types of things. When it’s so easy to google “AoW3 Trainers” and you get several up to date results, strange things like this can appear unfavorable.

    Either way, good job. I am not salty because I’m well aware that I am likely a below average player. I am having a very difficult time figuring out how you pulled off that production, though. Since you were three turns away, you effectively built the following in a speedy 22 turns:

    Builder’s Hall, Siege Workshop, Storehouse (free), Laboratory, Shrine, Temple, and an Arena, 11 Units.

    Based on the units on the board at the last turn, I will assume you built one crusader and one priest while marching your army towards me. I’ll also assume you started with one priest. That leaves you building 1 settler, 4 priests (out of 6), 3 crusaders (out of 4), and 3 trebuchets. I will assume the builder you have came from your expansion and not your throne. All of these assumptions are intended to allow the fastest possible build. This is the best order I can come up with:

    Turn 1: Rush buy builder’s hall.
    Turn 2: Get free storehouse. Build Siege Workshop (3 turns). You wouldn’t rush buy this as it would drop your happiness level at this point. You also probably don’t have the gold.
    Turn 5: You now have 75 production. You probably built a shrine at this point since you can 1 turn it.
    Turn 6: Your village is now a town which gives you a level of 81 production. You build a laboratory (rushed since your happiness is back from the last rush).
    Turn 7: You build a temple (2 turns).
    Turn 9: You build an arena.
    Turn 10: Now here’s where I can’t figure things out. Your production level is 81 and you’re, at best, 7 turns away from being a city. This is an important level, as it would bring the haste berries within your domain giving you a total production of 93. This allows you to one turn priests and crusaders. However, right now, at turn 10, it takes you two turns to build anything. The settler will push that city upgrade back to 9 turns. So here’s my best guess:
    Turn 10: Settler (2 turns)
    Turn 12: Trebuchet #1 (rushed as your happiness is back to normal)
    Turn 13: Trebuchet #2
    Turn 15: Trebuchet #3
    Turn 17: Priest #1
    Turn 19: Reach city. Priest #2
    Turn 20: Priest #3
    Turn 21: Priest #4
    Turn 22: Crusader #1.
    Turn 23: Start marching towards my throne.
    Turn 26: Arrive with two more crusaders somehow.

    See, I just can’t fit everything in. I’m obviously missing an important tactic. I don’t think you can rush any more than I’ve put above without having happiness drop to 0% production bonus. I also can’t duplicate even the above because I run out of gold, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt. It’s also noteworthy that it doesn’t appear you lost a single unit from your starting army to auto combat, but maybe you’re just that good. So how close was I?

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