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    If you reload a map the gold and mana pick ups you had during the whole game reappear,

    Is this when you reload a multiplayer map?



    Yes, just multiplayer and so far it only seems when you change sides when rehosting. At least I hope. I am able to get both free buildings from the free building resource. But I don’t think that will be an issue in a real game assuming this only happens when you change seats.

    For example, take the game I posted. His throne already has a storehouse so selecting the storehouse does nothing. But if you select the shooting range, which he doesn’t have, he will immediately gain a shooting range.



    i dnt remmember a lot about our game but i dnt think i produced a settler, i took a close human city and build hall and seige work then 3 trebuchet…at my cap i think i build hall => seigework => shrine => temple => lab => 5 priests => arena => 3 crusaders and had free storehouse + i didnt lose one single starting units.

    about gold income i creeped too many heavy treasure sites, i even had like 300-400 gold and like +40 gold income when game was over.


    So no need to get TS involved. Can update challonge?






    Fenraellis(Halfling Necro) vs Deus Mortis(Dwarf Warlord):
    Victory Deus Mortis/Azzazir

    I conceded mostly because my god was that a boring match. 45 turns with out battles, at 3 minute turn timer, which took the full timer from turn 1 onward. Also, I can’t bring myself to settle cities without even a single structure in their domain, and he settled 13 clustered cities, so there is that…

    Anyway, I very well may have been able to win by a fluke, but I wasn’t willing to spend several more hours attempting to do so, and thus conceded. So, as stated, Victory: Deus Mortis/Azzazir.

    Kind of feels bad to lose on a matter of principle, rather than in actuality, but such is life.


    Ahh city spam strategy. You should have burned them all down, on principle.



    Concerning City Spam + Economy:

    Same thing happened to me vs Santil.. he had 8 cities(human warlord econ) by turn 18 and even though I won the first major battle(killed his main 4 stacks) his economy crushed me.


    Yeah, known about from.the first matches. Certain people didn’t want to report their matches in any detail because they were afraid this strategy would become known.


    Dagoth Ur

    If you reload a map the gold and mana pick ups you had during the whole game reappear,

    Is this when you reload a multiplayer map?

    Sorry for the late response, but yes. In the game of Abed and me, we switched to classic turns after first meet. So after reloading the game I had all the gold and mana pick ups (that I had during the game) visible again right after reload.

    I don’t know if it only happens is you switch settings in the same game, or what else could be the reason, but it does happen. Maybe it happens always in multiplayer after reload, I can’t check because my internet connection is too crappy to host.


    Do you just get the notifications repeated or get all the gold etc back?


    Dagoth Ur

    The notifications just get repeated.



    It also happens in mp when a game is rehosted. So you just get a list of everything that happened so far, but of course you don’t get all that gold or Mana again. Quite tedious and certainly nothing to do with cheating



    You can get both buildings from the resource pick up,though.



    Once I flew out of the tournament, I can upload videos of their games.

    1 game (vs. Hatmage):

    2 game (vs.Sjow):



    Techno Human/AD -> Tarskon Human/Theocrat

    11 turns, after 6 disconnections because his bad mobile connection, Tarskon refuse to continue in my favor.


    @ Techno, not sure what to make of this. What happened?



    It is up to you to decide.


    Lol that doesn’t really tell me much. Anyway, it’s highly doubtful that this will be resolved in the next 7 hrs so I’ll give you the victory.

    Sorry Tarskon, can’t keep waiting on your mobile connection.


    Well played Melciar and Blackwhisper. Congratulations to the former and commiserations to the latter.



    Techno Draco/Sorc -> Nodor Goblin/Sorc



    poor goblins – have never won.

    Incidentally, in Challonge skipped result of the match Azazir against SanTil:–4852618/


    Challonge updated, thank-you guys.



    Melciar(Human Dreadnought) vs kenmjensen(Frostling Warlord) – loser bracket round 4

    kenmjensen wins



    Now where are Chip and Prodigal Sun?


    Prodigal Sun

    I’m always here. 😉

    Sent you a message on Steam last night about the situation. Steam usually is a reliable communication source so I don’t know why Chip isn’t responding.


    Neither do I but if he doesn’t respond here/other thread/weeble in 24 hrs he shall be retired.

    You can tell him that on Steam.

    @ everyone else, upper bracket included, play!!!!



    Is anyone tracking win loss statistics by race/class?


    I think Bouh started to do so in the Theo thread.

    Off the top of my head, Goblins haven’t won and Necromancers only once.

    Pentatopia ‘rush’ seems the most common strategy, and no one has won a seals victory.



    Techno Tigran/AD -> Sjow Goblin/Sorc

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