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    Tiny question… I’d hazard that the narrator is Merlin, but if so, he apparently ruled for 2000 years (or lived that long, anyway)? Or could it be Inioch, but I don’t recall Inioch sporting such a magnificent beard…

    If Merlin, then the way his rule pans out would be interesting, and I imagine we’d learn about what happened… right? Even though at the end of Shadow Magic, he literally ‘closes the book’…


    I’d assume it’s Merlin. Inioch wouldn’t make any sense and Merlin is a familiar figure to old fans that can help connect the new game with the old ones and can explain things to new players without feeling out of place lore wise. It’s also possible that it’s whoever took over after Merlin, but that means there’s a LOT of time between Shadow Magic and AoW3…



    2000 years…not bad for a human, even with magic powers. yeah it must be merlin. would have prefered Meandor, or some complete evil wizard who lost control over 2000 years of a crude rulership. 😀



    Inioch, LOL



    In all seriousness, though, the narrator is Qin-Shi Huangdi.



    Well, I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Meandor and Julia (I admit I’ve had a soft spot for Meandor since the first game…) but it really wouldn’t make sense to have someone that partial as a narrator. And who’s to say Merlin couldn’t have reached 2000 years of age? “It’s magic I don’t have to explain sh*t!” or “A wizard did it!” are perfectly reasonable explanations in fantasy games. So yhea, I’m sticking with the Merlin theory right now myself. 🙂

    PS: Inioch would be… bonier by now. Being dead for a few millenia does that to a person. :p



    Nonsense.  You’ve obviously forgotten Joseph, I think was his name.


    Joseph was his name-the last human ruler of the Valley of Wonders (AoW1).



    Also, at  1:21 in the trailer, those look like musketeers to me, just behind the troll/ogre/giant thing.


    1:20, to the left  of the ogre (as you look at it, to the ogre’s right) Runemasters? And to your right (his left) dwarven axemen/halberdiers? And more Runemasters.


    1:17, are those catapults? And if so, are they separate units, or built for the siege (like how you could build siege towers in the TW series).



    Zamina, you are right about rune masters, musketeers and pikemen, they all look totally dwarven. How did the ogre get in this company, I wonder? Maybe, it’s a new giant model?

    As for catapults (these are trebuchets actually), I think they are units cause they take one of the places in the stack of 6, at least on the screenshot. There is also a ram so I guess the gates are back to their AoW1 standards of  durability 😉



    Just dropping in to say, that the voice actor is epic in the trailer. Really epic voice and tone.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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