Traits, production management and MP (suggestions)

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    Hey there guys.

    There are several thoughts that have been on my mind for some time and I decided to share them, maybe you’ll find them reasonable/fitting to game.

    Here they are:

    Adding monster/animal trait to units/heroes using mounts. There is no reason that I can think of that Fellhorse have animal trait (i.e. vulnerability to animal slayer) and it looses it all of the sudden when it becomes a mount. Except maybe a wild magic. Same with other mounts.

    Improving production management. Ok, usually if you have your building halfway done and you decide to change the production your progress is lost. Same thing if someone sneaks on your city, your production time and resources are lost even if you literally retaking your city seconds later.

    This, in my opinion, doesn’t make any sense at all (You didn’t even start to build yet, but your resources are gone for good). I think it would be convenient to add “postpone production” option. So you can return to it later (for example: half produced temple returns to production options and can be finished when you’ll want it several turns later without investing in it again). For lost cities resources should be returned to owner (or, maybe, even rewarded to attacker).

    MP Lobby really needs a chat. It is very hard to find a game for a new player if you don’t know anyone. Also MP team games are a pain if you have more than 2 guys in a team, because you don’t have team chat option. Those 2 basic things will help a lot.

    So, Triumph Studious, pretty please?

    If you think those ideas are valid, please show your support. If you think they are not, feel free to criticize (but why would you? :)).



    Some kind of MP lobby would help this game so much it’s not even funny.



    Not so sure about the mount suggestion. after all, you could say an unit with animal slayer has that ability to show that he knows how to exploit an animals weakness, however, when there’s a rider on the animal, those weaknesses will undoubtedly change.

    As for the production, good points. Please save production progress, and also add production overflow. The game really needs this.



    Units getting one type is also done for balance.

    Imagine if Cavalry did get two types, Cavalry and Animal. They’d get rogered hard by anything with polearm or animal slayer, doubly so if a unit happens to have both.

    On the otherhand, T3 cavalry units i can give the full range of my Archdrui buffs and upgrades? That doesnt sound very well thought out.



    I realize that it might sound as nitpicking and there are obvious concerns about balance, but adding those traits to mounted units can be easily compensated with increasing stats. Which will potentially increase mounted units specialization.

    On the otherhand, T3 cavalry units i can give the full range of my Archdrui buffs and upgrades? That doesnt sound very well thought out.

    But we already have a good example of it: Naga. All their units have monster trait and have a great synergy with Archdruid upgrades and buffs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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