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    For me at least, no opinion either means I haven’t’ done enough with it to form an opinion in the case of things like music (i normally play with sound off), or pre-made maps. Or it means Eh, it’s ok, in the case of some things like the city building or diplomacy side of things. It’s getting better though, so that’s a plus.

    Everything else was agree or strongly agree though.

    I think that Main Races and City Economy needs to be improved. There are some other things I think could use some work but most others are a I don’t use them, or they are already more than good enough.



    What about after action stuff? I love going back and reviewing my games. It would be nice if the world map were revealed and you see the replay of the game after it’s over.



    Main races. Diversity or more dwellings…


    I would like to be able to ping on the map in team games, to make communication easier. And being able to put text markers on the map could he helpful as well.
    (like e.g. in Civ 4)



    УРА!!! I think that Age of Wonders really need another addition! I mean a one new class (a cultist / demonologist, a navigator / seafarer or a slaver / trader) and three old races (the archons, the azracs and, yea, the lizards)!



    Game setting for classes:
    Cultist ~ dark elves;
    Demonologist ~ shadow demons;
    Slaver ~ nomads;
    Trader ~ azracs.



    I love the game, and it only gets better and better with the patch improvements.
    The minor things that i miss and want in the game is the same “issues” i have raised before in the gameplay suggestion forum topic.

    1: More use of the builder. The option to make roads on dense vegetation hexes without removing the forest. Trade routes between cities when connecting them via rodes giving a small economic gain when doing so and finally AI improvments to let the AI use the builder to construct roads, fortresses etc.. because currently the AI dont know how to use the builder at all.
    Discussed here:

    2: More razing options! Be able to raze mines, forges, mana nodes, etc.. to be able to inflict economic damage to the opponent. To be able to use a real scorched earth tactic. Improving the raze tactic from previous games to only be able to raze structures using a larger stack, preventing the “scout raze tactic” from before.
    And here the builder can be put to use again to be able to repair the destroyed structures. This have been discussed many times in the forum before and remains a vital subject and demanded future.
    Discussed here:

    3: Finally more bloodshed during battle. May be wishfull thinking, but more blood in the battles like the old glorius days of AOW is something that i would love to see return again. ; )
    Discussed here:

    And yes the return of the cursed, exiled Dark elves is a thing that must happend, we want revenge! ; )


    Done, is there any way you can notify people that do not visit the forums of this survey?

    I posted a link on Steam, so would suggest to one and all to go to your respective forums where there be AoWonderites and direct them here.



    I have alerted my Brethren on GOG of this poll, so they can have their say! 🙂



    A few things I would like to see in future DLC’s:

    More dwellings: While I am not a fan of them in random maps, I do like them in campaigns if that makes any sense. If we are going to the Shadow Realm again, I think Syrons and Shadow Demons would be cool to see. Possibly even remnants of Dark Elves who didnt participate the Mending.

    More campaign: I am loving this story so far and I think just having 3 levels in each DLC is a little chinsy. Even if they dont have a new class, or race, if they gave us a DLC with 6 levels in it, I will be happy. (Plus would be cool to see a Shadowbourne campaign besides a continuation of whats going on in the story)

    Recruiting sites: I put in a forum topic earlier about this, and think it would be cool to see more recruitment sites like the Inn. In Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, there were like 5, the Inn, the Rogues Shack, the Engineering place, the Circus Tent and the Druid circles place. I think adding more would be cool as well.

    Baazars and Stables: This is an idea that would be cool, that kind of goes with the recruiting sites, but in a different approach. Instead of buying unites, your buying armor and weapons and usuable items at the baazar and mounts at the stables.



    I haven’t played the tutorial, but I believe something not listed that should be worked on would be that. When i got this game, the only reason i got into it was previous experience with other games. This game is one of my favourite of all time, but I would have walked away if i went into this game blind.

    Other than that, this game is very well polished from what it started as, and while i would love another expansion and an ultimate edition to buy for friends, I honestly think y’all should take your lessons and move on to another game that will be even better.



    Personal pet peves are:
    I hate classes.
    The magic is underweling.
    Cliffhanger endings shoud be punishable by death.

    My fears:
    I hate plot convience.
    See: seals or merlin did it.

    My hope:
    The campaigns are getting better.
    I like ethernal lords campaign because avak was a great anti-hero.
    And no merlin did it or just happend to have just the right five hunderd year old relic laying around.
    Nope, just sheer badass.
    No need for hand holding like sundern or edward.
    I hope the campaign will continue down this path.
    I like our heroes to solve problem themself.
    Not get it handed to them.

    Beyond that i like the game.



    A really nice and refreshing poll, I honestly appreciate how you care about the community and their voices. As for me, I would only like diplomacy (just a few more diplomatic options, not race relations), the magic system (a CP-mana-research triangle from the past AOW games, you know) and possibly the city economy (more prerequisites for higher-level structures, more diversified penalties for hurrying productions…) to be improved some more. Other than that, the game is near-perfect in my eyes. After all, 210 hours of AOWIII awesomeness speaks for itself:-). I will definitely look forward to what you guys are going to come up with in the coming weeks/months/years.



    The feature I’m still waiting from multiplayer is the ability to give some orders while opponent’s manual combat. And in-battle saves which are the prerequisite for manual pvp battles in PBEM mode.



    Generally I’m very pleased with the state of the game. Aside from the occasional bug or raised questions regarding balance, which I hope will be ironed out in time, I see no major flaws. Yes, it would be nice to see more visit structures, dwellings, units (e.g. two tier 3 for every race), more diversity in races and diversity in race-class combinations. I’m in favour of that. However, I think the game would not really benefit if more races or classes are added, as I fear they will begin to overlap too much with the existing races and classes.

    Most of all I can’t wait till the moment I can alter and tweak the last few things I think would make the game more fun – for me, that is, as someone exclusively playing single-player. For me, much fun and lasting enjoyment in (strategy) games comes from the ability to create and use mods; tinkering with existing game data or even adding data. So my plea to you: Release the Kraken (read: modding tools)!



    Well I voted but it seems like it’s another poll that doesn’t let you get very specific or explain why your voting the way you are. But then I guess that’s how real life voting for government representatives is too lol. Guess i’ll explain the main things here since I can:

    Main Races – The Vanilla game races feel a bit lacking to me compared to the new one’s. You added a new unit to Goblins at least. I kind of feel like the old one’s need more unit synergy though the way the new EL races have.

    Magic system & Research – I never liked the random spellbook researching. I would prefer just a tech tree myself. Probably not going to happen this late in AoW3 dev though. I also find cast points to be perhaps a bit too limiting. Especially if your playing with fewer heroes allowed.

    City System & Economy – This is the biggest area I feel you could improve on. I don’t think most people want it to be as in depth necessarily as the Civilization series but I would enjoy some more depth than there is currently. In EL you finally added some with how Necro’s have a different way they manage their economy with Ghouls. That’s a good start I would love if all class leaders had their own unique things that change the economic game beyond just simple spells that buff production or gold mining.



    To expand on my submission:

    I feel like the most lackluster aspect of AOW3, for me, is the setting.

    One suggestion that would greatly improve this aspect, the way I see it, would be to have an option that changed the way random independent groups are generated, so that they have a more cohesive theme.

    Overall, I would like to leave some positive feedback on how awesome the post-launch work has been for this game. I did not enjoy AOW3 at launch; but the patching process has been so awesome that it completely changed my mind about the game, to the point that it is now among my favorites.




    What do you wish we had done differently?

    Stack size is to small! I think 8 units was already pretty few, and it’s hard to have a decent formation and truly epic battles with just 6 per stack. I’m OK with needing research for it (and maybe only a certain class can get the real max?), but I’d very much appreciate it if this could be somewhere around 10-12 max if possible / otherwise AoW 4.



    I want a revamp of the water use and to build forts and cities for any races on it. Those cities can in turn be taken by ships making the same ships more used. I don’t if the justification is needing a 500 mana cost on a special settler to justify a mana core fuelled buoyancy but this would allow more and easier use on maritime maps. At the same time if the possibility exists for all races it allows an easier return for lizard men who would have a greater affinity for it.

    A minor thing to me would be to put text backgrounds on heroes stuff like where did the Druid called the protector get his bear. Now I know resources are limited and seriously if feel you guys should focus on gameplay but that doesn’t mean this issue could not be solved by reaching out to the fanbase to write those text in a contest or whatever and the you get to choose the entries most fitting without actually having to write em.

    Diplomacy is kind of a mess right now and could use a few more options like give me x gold else I declare war on you. Or even alliance or war as dichotomic as it sounds it would open up new possibilities.



    Well, no surprise, but I still think magic is not interesting enough: it should be more intense in combat (need to get rid of ‘one spell per turn’ with a possible addition of spells’ ranges, AP costs and multi-turn casting) and more meaningful interactions with a strategic map would be welcome (areal strategic spells). Possibly, units’ enchantments, too (with a restriction of one per unit, for example).

    For the multiplayer an actually working peer-to-peer technology is really needed. ‘Bad connection’ is a big problem.

    Water is poorly implemented, too. You tried to improve it (or at least make it more dynamic environment), but it actually became worse than in SM…



    I love this game very much. And it gets better with every patch.

    There are only a few things I miss or should be improved. The following suggestions are not sorted by some order or priority.

    I loved them so much and the game needs an amphibious race.

    A little more love/buff for the Goblins
    They still feel quite weak at the moment. I would also love to see the Skewer as an additional Goblin unit reintegrated. Perhaps produceable from the barracks.

    Better/Race specific visuals for the Berserker and the Mounted Archer (remove the hat please).

    More race separation and race specific stuff.
    More unique buildings and class units.

    An Underground Dwelling.
    Possible units to produce: Kobolds, Doom Bats, Karagh

    Some more units like Vampires and Werewolves

    A option for the map editor to pregenerate random maps. So you dont have to start designing from scratch.



    My only ask would be to take the results for what they are, a data point of input, because no development team ever got real artistic inspiration from a poll. Creative endeavors with real soul and imagination are the vision more often than not of a passionate individual or small group and not as a result of a democratic process.

    Fanboy aneurysm in 3, 2, 1…..pop



    I wish there would be a return of the Shrines and Tactical Unit Enchantments, particularly the former, but I do not hold my breath in wait for them.

    What I want the most however, would have to be robust modding tools and options, with a personal favorite being Random Map Generation for the Map Editor as I find it much more convenient and far less daunting of a task to go from a RMG’d map and add handmade additions to it than to start completely from scratch.

    Another feature I would like to see some day, but don’t expect to ever happen, would be the inclusion of a more ‘Sandbox’/RISK-style campaign of a sort, like the campaigns in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and Dawn of War: Soulstorm. Choose a leader, or make your own, and head out to conquer the world(or a part thereof), with heroes and items carrying over from one map to another.

    I really wish the Specializations were given a second lookover though. The original ones feel a little lackluster to Eternal Lord ones, and to me Explorer and Partisan doesn’t feel like they provide enough to compare with Elemental/Alignment specializations, though Expander manages to stand on its own legs to me. But that is the opinions of a person exclusively playing single-player. I’d really like some more specialization slots too, especially if Specializations remain the way they are. But Specializations is likely something I could fix myself, for myself and a few friends, once modding is made possible(and preferably easy).

    But beyond desiring such features and changes, I’d have to say I am overall quite satisfied with how Age of Wonders 3 have turned out. Keep doing what you love to do, folks at Triumph.


    I do still kind of miss the dark elves and undead from earlier games, but the dark elves are gone due to story element and can’t reasonably be added in at this point and undead have been done through Necromancer class. So most issues I had have been fixed with expansions adding new races and the necromancer class.
    At this point, only things I can think to improve on would be:
    1. Diplomacy system. To be fair I heard it was fixed with the expansion, but I’ve been playing the main campaign or multiplayer and haven’t had a chance to test it in scenarios with AI since.
    2. Leader Behaviour customization. I always love customization and it is my favorite part of a lot of games. I wish there were some way to give your custom leaders preset behaviour patterns for when played by AI. I know good or evil aligned specializations kind of do that, but there is still different strategies not to do with that. Defensive or offensive? Tactical or aggressive? Such like that.
    3. Also, make custom leaders able to appear as hireable heroes.
    4. Maybe give an extra slot for specializations? More and more specializations have been added it’s getting harder and harder to pick which three to choose.
    5. Maybe be able to pick starting abilities for them to take even when you’re not playing them as well? Pre-set stuff like hire-able heroes have?
    6. And I know the AI processes faster but it still always seems unfair when they are almost always able to go before me on simultaneous turns when I’m trying to move my armies into position for a battle.

    So yeah, I mostly just want more leader customization. I really like that aspect.



    I fully agree with comrade Rabenschwarz! Dear Developers, sorry for my translation, oh please, return lizardmen from nonexistence (and bomber with skewer to goblins). ПРОШУ, УМОЛЯЮ, НУ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!



    I’m very happy with AoW since Eteral Lords expansion arrived, and I’ve been playing it nearly every night. It’s just what the game needed.

    Now for feedback:
    1)I’d like a scrollable event log, it would be helpful to get back up to speed if you’ve been away for a few days.

    2) I completely understand the necessity of casting 1 spell per combat round, to avoid wiping out the enemy. However, what about allowing 1 offensive and 1 defensive spell?

    3) That Elder Eldritch in the final campaign mission is intriguing. What about a long campaign that uses mostly existing units and classes, but includes traveling to the realm where that unspeakable horror originates? That would be epic.

    4) I miss the hero descriptions from earlier games. Perhaps a clickable button could be added to allow us to plug in our own character descriptions?

    5) Diplomacy mechanics could use some love, of course.

    I’m eager to see what direction you guys take the game next!



    Will we ever get steamworks support for multiplayer? Because port forwarding is a hell (well, steamworks may be also a hell for someone :O).



    Diplomatically, it occurs to me I’d like some way to defend a friendly, but non-vassal, independent. I just made friends with a town; then an ai player invaded it. I’m angry that they attacked my friend; but a declaration of war will hurt my alignment and I wanted to try going good this game. Some sort of pledge to protect system might be nice.

    To me, the graphics and sound, while ok, don’t have a strong enough visceral response. The actions themselves, especially weapon swings, often feel a bit bland. Like, if you imagine doing the actions themselves, they simply don’t feel that cool to do. It’s rather hard to explain.

    Adding strong modding capabilities would be good for the game I think. It opens up a lot of options, and it can add longevity to the game. So that’s the other thing I strongly voted for.



    I’d like if the turn times were increased in battles before the battle quit on you because no one has been hit yet. Or at least made optional 7-10-15, etc.



    For me, by far the biggest and most important thing would be modding tools.

    I think that this would solve a lot of the problems and disagreements that people have been having.

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