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    I just started playing but one thing that I’ve always wanted in one of these games is a diplomacy system that was similar to the Europa Universalis diplomacy.

    Basically, alliances carry more weight as you would be compelled to help out allies in war. This leads to a crazy cascade where before you know it, half the world is at war with the other half.

    Being overly aggressive (building infamy) results in other leaders banding together to destroy you. This discourages players from rushing to invade everything and forces them think about economic/military buildup options.

    Another thing that I’ve always wanted in a game like this is the ability to bribe/compel enemy heroes to join you…at a risk. So you could send spies to offer bribes, but the spy could be captured, in which case you would lose your bribe and gain infamy. Bribing heroes would be a longer, drawn out affair where you’d have to work at them with multiple bribes, which could be countered by the opposing leader if they’re paying attention, simply by offering their hero gifts as well. You could alternatively bribe the hero to turn on his leader and become a leader him/her self, taking a city with him/her.



    An idea: Why not make it so that you can in a game unlock a way of adding more points to an item in the Arcane forge? That would make interesting twist. Or at least being able to alter the Arcane forge in the editor to be able to use more points on a single item.



    The option to customize the placement of units in the stack. Its a minor annoyance but having my infantry in the back row behind an Archer/Support is a little irksome.

    Current breakdown is

    1st slot: Central
    2nd slot: Left Central
    3rd slot: Right Central
    4th slot: Left flank
    5th slot: Right flank
    6th slot: Back Central

    Simply letting us click and drag units and than checking a box allowing us to lock them into that slot would be nice.

    I like your idea, some kind of unit formations/placement would be more than welcome. The lack of thereof becomes even more apparent in multi-stack battles. The click-and-drag thing seems like a feasible and straightforward solution to me.


    Kaiosama TLJ

    Specialisations are something of the gift that keeps on giving. One thing I’d love to see are specialisations that represent alliances with various beings outside of the main races. For instance, a specialisation could represent having a special relationship with dragons that allows a player to research wyvern riders as a unit that can be produced in their cities, to give one example.

    I actually thought on an crazy idea of having an specialization that gives you access to Efreets and Djinns, but you would also need to have Fire and Air Adepts. It would focus on summoning them (as Tier 2 units, maybe Infantry) and having upgrades related to Fire and Air. (making Fireball and Suffocate stronger for example)

    But I think this game has too much specializations related to magic ATM. What would be good to see as new specializations are ones that are just one sphere and leans more towards upgrades, like Partizan, Explorer and Expander.

    Your idea is also interesting and can maybe fit on what I’m refering to.



    Scenarios like “king of the hill” or “line breakthrou” or more varied terrain that have impact on game (for example: bushes that slows but gives misile protection).

    Yeah, the idea of strengthening the impact of terrain in tactical combat is very nice, though I don’t think about “king of the hill”, except maybe if there would be an option to fight ONLY tactical battle against your friend(s), but maybe something like in some dungeons there could be traps, which can be activated by placing one of your units on particular spot, or some kind of healing stone at the center of some battlefields, which can be used by anyone would be nice, too 🙂

    Also maybe something about item creation – maybe you can find “ingredients”, or “components” – something like artifacts, only a little bit more accessible or themed to particular race or terrain, which can be used in creation of magic items, so you will have basic set of items to create and more powerful ones become available when you can provide a various components. For example, near (or in) the death nodes player can often find dark crystal, called “Heart of Darkness”, whcih can be used to create a vampiric weapon, or, with conjunction with another component, something else – players choice. Or maybe some components could be presented to player if she had peacefully annexed an elven city, for example. They could be used to make some of the players items to reflect the choices that player made. Or at least be some race/class-dependant. It would be more logical for necromancer to have some death-themed or vampiric items, or for a theocrat to have some holy/unholy ones etc.



    RMG meeds improvement. I dont like the fact, the race starts according the RMG not at the prefered terrain. Also independants. very often they are plaaced between rivers and mountains. Well, they are neutral, but also not to improve.


    RMG meeds improvement. I dont like the fact, the race starts according the RMG not at the prefered terrain. Also independants. very often they are plaaced between rivers and mountains. Well, they are neutral, but also not to improve.

    Are you sure of this. Rmg was changed specifically to have races start in their liked terrain, and have cities in either liked or neutral terrain.

Viewing 7 posts - 121 through 127 (of 127 total)

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