Triumph Studios, and the visiting thereof.

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    Hello Triumph,

    I have a bit of spare time next year, as, for reasons too boring to go into right here, I don’t need to work just yet.

    I have a few friends in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, well overdue for a visit, so I was wondering what is your policy on fans coming to see you? I’m assuming armed guard escorts on the premises if we’re even allowed there lol, but it would be nice to meet the people who made something I’ve sunk so many (uncountable!) hours into.

    Holland is a ridiculously small country, so transport is easy which makes day trips feasible.



    I wish I could say yes, but in general we don’t do tours for individual fans. Not a matter of not wanting, but it would disrupt our development cycle too much. 🙁
    Also we wouldn’t want to reveal all the magical creatures that are actually making our games. 😉



    I knew it, Triumph is forcing the Halflings to code their game.
    Now we actually know where the Halflings gone to…..


    I meant post release anyway:).

    And just to say hello, meet my heroes:).

    not entirely fussed about the studio visit though might make for some good photos.



    How hard can it be to get the inside the Triumph office? Buy some decent food and drinks, knock on their door around noon (or a bit later, those programmers probably start late and work until late at night), say you’re there to deliver the food they ordered and voilà, you’re in! You just need to make sure the pile of food is so huge that the person opening the door isn’t able to take it all from you at the door and slam it shut in your face.



    So,we just have to get 40 Pizzas to their office? 🙂



    3/4 pizzas per person? you’d knock them out for the day 😛
    Your best bet would be to bring a guitar, and pretend you’re going to the music school that’s on the same floor.
    Just walk in saying you’re lost 😛


    hmmm…looks to his left…

    is that ….

    a guitar?



    So,we just have to get 40 Pizzas to their office?

    3/4 pizzas per person? you’d knock them out for the day

    Not 50 people? I just saw the number 50 to ENG forum. Maybe – it was the number of monitors (the topic of testing the screen resolution)?



    Oh and all those goblins screaming on the hallways..



    You should stop calling children who can’t sing goblins…

    That’s…just mean towards the goblins :S



    Young people – that’s good. Feel that the world lives. I was in music gymnasium (was there for work). A very good impression. Very beautiful girls (prettier than in a technical university where I spent “happy years” part of life).

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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