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    Insectoid race is confirmed.

    UG layer is not final yet. Its still an open option, but they dont know if it makes it in.


    Jolly Joker

    Sadly to hear news about absence of magic. This was a big part of gameplay, combat mostly.

    The element as such will still be there, it seems: Calling in an Air Strike is just a technical way.

    However, as I suggested, you could also have Psi-capable units and “training”, that would basically be “magic” under a different name, so I wouldn’t give up hope here.

    Two out of six races are confirmed psychic.

    HA!! I just KNEW you could count on Triumph to make this right. 😀



    So basically that’s a ranged Zone of Control tool you can use instead of attacking? That’s amazing.

    The way I understood it it’s also similar to attacks of opportunity, just not applying only to adjacent units



    So basically that’s a ranged Zone of Control tool you can use instead of attacking? That’s amazing.

    The way I understood it it’s also similar to attacks of opportunity, just not applying only to adjacent units

    Yeah, that’s what I mean. I may be messing up terms, but I meant an area where moving means your opponent hits you.



    Overwatch > attack of opertumity.

    If you have two melee units adjacent to one unit, and the ganged up unit attacks one of them with melee, both get an attack in response.


    Jolly Joker

    Guys, could you be so kind and ask them the following:

    I don’t know whether they know the game Panzer General (and by proxy Fantasy General as well) has been ripped off from – a Japanese console game called Advanced Military Commander.

    SSI changed one major aspect. In AMC you can have one unit/stack per hexe, whether it’s an aircraft or a ground unit. SSI changed that, so that you could have BOTH ground AND air units in one hex. This is more or less the same thing as having a very variable GROUND layer and another, very uniform, translucent AIR terrain layer.

    Might this be a possible change in AoW:PF as well? At least discussing it might be worth it.



    Fliers are just units in stacks along with the rest. Theyll be permanently airborn. I dont se a double layer like that happening.



    The Halflings brought the Star Union down, or, more precisely the PARTY ROBOTS.

    Haha, that would be an amazing reference if it made its way into the game : )

    I was only half joking when I wrote that. 😉 Copyright and all aside, with the Party Robots being part of the game, imagine a sequence in which we see the picture of a Party Robot of AoW3 with underlying comment of a “first generation CHLON” (short for Cybernetic Halfling Clone), switching to a model that would look like the Halfling version of Caprica-6…

    Between this post and too much coffee I’m now envisioning a 5 member Halfling team combining Voltron-style into a giant party-bot.



    I like that, although the title Age of Wonders might seem a bit out of place.

    Thematically, AoW has always had a certain sense of trying to bring back a past golden age of, well, wonders, whether it’s the protagonist seeking to do so, or an antagonist. Planetfall seems to fit that theme from a science fiction perspective, with the goal being to recover from the collapse of the Star Union.

    From a franchise perspective: Wouldn’t be the first time a franchise has both a fantasy and science fiction parts under a shared banner. Warhammer, the ‘Craft series, the Master of X series, Endless, and so on. Given how many other “Age of…” franchises there are, that alone couldn’t really be the connecting factor. Considering that it looks like there will be similarities in the game mechanics (at least as much as there have been when comparing other Age of Wonders games!), I think it’s a fair enough connection to make.

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke
    As we all know, at the end of the Eternal Lords campaign, a portal heralding the arrival of the Elder Eldritch Horror seemed to hint at larger cosmic possibilities for the series. Also, Syrons and Shadow Demons are already sci-fi. Wouldn’t it be cool if AoW:PF approached that gate opening from the opposite side of the universe, and when it eventually opened allowed a merging of the separate game universes. For all we know the 2 games are already compatible, and would make for some interesting DLC somewhere down the line.

    Possibilities? More than just possibilities!

    The underlying theme behind AoW1 was Athla is just one world undergoing a cycle that has happened countless times in the past. The Archons (High Men in AoW1) claim a world, driving out whatever nasties inhabited it beforehand (the end of Shadow Magic implies that Athla has been conquered by Shadow Demons before, and the Archons drove them out). While the Archons are good at cleansing evil, however, they do not have the ability to make a world habitable, so once they’ve cleansed a world, they bring in allies who can do that – particularly the Elves. After a period of time, the terraformers are supposed to move on, handing over the world to humans – creating conditions under which humans are able to ascend to become more Archons.

    It’s one of the things I find interesting about the AoW background that they’ve actually made the typical “elder races fade away to make room for humans” trope something that is actually baked into the setting, and then subverted it with Athla being one world where that process went wrong. Blame Inioch.

    So there are definitely other worlds out there, and the Archons at least have the ability to get to them. Or… at least they do when the means they use to do so aren’t blocked.

    The wrinkle is that the technology we’re seeing in Planetfall is well above the swords and sorcery used by the Archons in their interplanetary empire-building. However, it’s possible that Athla is in a portion of the multiverse that has somehow been cut off, while a technological Star Union has risen (and fallen) elsewhere.

    Or Planetfall could be set somewhere in the future, just with the fate of Athla left vague to avoid spoilers. Whatever happens to Athla, though, any race that wasn’t actually created on Athla (so we might not see tigrans and draconians, for instance) could easily be present in the part of the universe where Planetfall is happening, since even if Athla was totally destroyed there will be populations of those races elsewhere.

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    Insectoid race is confirmed.

    Shadow demons? 🙂



    A significant part of your tech tree is linked to race, not class.

    Going multi race will only give you a subsection of that races’ tech tree. However, you can often combine modules. For example, if you have a second race which is into bioengineering, you can grow your marines an extra heart for the HP boost or something.

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    Will the game get a physical release or only digital ? 🙂
    I have my entire age of wonders collection physical so far, this needs to be added to that collection ofcourse


    lol Gloweye insectoid race is in a screenshot.😂


    Well, worlds and realms are used pretty much indistinguishably in AoW fantasy.

    I always through the Shadow Realm was more than simply a bunch of planets claimed by the all devourer and moreso another piece of reality all to itself.

    With that in mind though, the fact that Gloweye said map layers is WIP and may not feature in the game at all would certainly rule out my theory.



    An insectoid race is in the first screenshot on the information compilation thread

    I assume that’s the playable race >.> but who knows really lol

    : )


    Heads up, Stellaris Youtuber War S2 is starting in a few moments on PDXCon, it shoould last less than an hour and then its the AoW:PF interview!! 😀



    […]UG layer is not final yet. Its still an open option, but they dont know if it makes it in.

    Thanks for that info! I really hope the game will have at least 2 layers. Any info on game progression (same speed as AoW? longer? faster?) and also something I’m sure is just incomplete on the page but there on gameplay it only says singleplayer I’m sure they only forgot to write multiplayer! Or haven’t they?!



    Heads up, Stellaris Youtuber War S2 is starting in a few moments on PDXCon, it shoould last less than an hour and then its the AoW:PF interview!! 😀

    Must be ahead of schedule, then: the AoW:PF interview isn’t scheduled for nearly another two hours.


    Insectoid race is confirmed.

    Shadow demons? 🙂

    I’m pretty sure the insectoid race in the game is what is in the screenshots.

    I am *hoping* however that they’re a good base to mid shadow demons in, in case anyone was interested in a classic age of wonders mod…*cough*



    Steam claim multiplayer is enabled, as wed expect



    Tmbles told me to thank you for reporting the misinformation – paradoxplaza is wrong, multiplayer exists, and the page will be updated.


    10-15 mins you guys!! go to the toilet now, u wont wana miss this one 🙂

    @pdxcon peeps, give yourselves a shout out when u ask Qs if u like ^^ wud be fun to see yall talking 🙂



    Paradox Launcher
    OS Compatibility
    Supports mac
    Supports windows
    Triumph Studios

    Says it doesn’t support console on pdxplaza, but all the news outlets are saying otherwise



    Tombles will pass it along.

    Consoles are suported.

    We wont be there at the interview – its not in a public area. You guys are gonna see this before us. I dont have the battery for it.



    Tomorrow is the Q&A sessions where the peeps in the audience get to ask the question. If I were there I’d ask the following:

    How important will lore and story be for you in this game? Will those and the single player campaign receive the same attention as they did in the AOW fantasy games? Even more perhaps? Say “yes, more!” please :p



    Enjoying the interview so far. Lennart has a wry sense of humor.



    You can create random maps with the level editor and then chamge it as scenario.

    Content designer is pushing real hard to allow a crosssection between RMG and scenarios. So like the same as the campaign, that youd be able to fix some sectors and have the rest rmg generated. This is not confirmed to be possible, but the devs ive told to really want to.

    Campaigns like the provided one are the same – not confirmed to be possible, but a number of devs are pushing for it.



    Bit of tactical combat info:

    Theyve played XCOM, and overwatch made it here. Instead of attacking, a ranged unit can go into overwatch, keeping watch on an area. Enemies in there that move or shoot will take a hit from the unit in overwatch. Melee units go into melee range overwatch even if they made another action.

    Stagger: since most units are ranged, you cant drain action points like you used to. Stagger is the answer here. All melee units stagger with their attacks, and nany abilities can do it. For example, the basic marine unit has a grenade ability, which deals tiny damage but staggers.

    Stagger can knock units out of stances like overwatch or guard mode. It can also drain action points.

    Sounds great! Don’t you happen to know if the game has a happiness concept? It was an important part of Aow III, both on a strategic and tactical level. Can you ask the devs about this please?



    The bearded guy cut things off way too soon… 😐



    I had 4 devs saying that happiness is better on both strategic and tactical layers

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