[TUTORIAL] How to: Caves and Teleporters

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    Heyo forumites!

    In this rather short tutorial I will tell and show you how to porperly use Caves and Teleporters.

    First of all, Caves and Teleporters use the same network.
    Technically, you could assign a Cave Entrace as a Teleporter’s destination.

    Unresized version of the pictures can be found here:


    First of all, we select the ‘Structures’-tab on the right of the Editor and scroll all the way down to get to the Teleporter and Cave structures.

    We then proceed to place a Teleporter.*

    *This means THE Teleporter, not the Teleporter Destination!

    Now, we select the new Teleporter and take a look at the left.
    You see the ‘Destination’- and ‘Alias’-field?

    The ‘Destination’-field works with the ‘Alias’-field.
    This means that if you open the ‘Destination’-field, the Alias of every legit structure shows up.
    As said above, ALL Caves AND Teleporters share the SAME network of aliases

    See those #numbercombos?
    Those are the Aliases the Editor automatically generates for you, which is fine.
    But once you have more than 4 such Aliases, things start to get confusing.
    Which Alias stands for which Cave/Teleporter?

    To mitigate this, we can set custom Aliases.

    To do this, we click IN the ‘Alias’-field and type in whatever we wish.
    The Editor then proceeds to spell your custom-made Alias in Caps and ‘__’ instead of ‘ ‘.

    If we now return to work with the ‘Destination’-field, we see that our former #numbercombo is gone and instead we have our custom-made Alias.*

    *Even if we already set the ‘Destination’-field of a Teleporter/Cave it autoupdates the Alias!

    Those 5 steps are the same for each of these 6 Structures; Teleporter, Cave Exit, Cave Exit, Water Cave, Cave Entrance, Cave Entrance

    One exception to the above is the Teleporter Destination Structure.*

    *Once placed the structure is called Teleporter Pad!

    It uses the same Alias~Destination system the other 6 use, BUT it does NOT have its own ‘Destination’-field.
    It works ONLY as a Destination for ONE of the other six.*

    *Read as: The Teleporter Pad can only be the Destination of Teleporterstructure, not only of one kinde of Teleporterstructure!


    The usual 6 Teleportstructures are combinable freely.
    You can have a Water Cave linked to a Teleporter, a Cave Exit linked to a Water Cave or a Cave Entrance linked to a Teleorter Pad.

    As far as I know the Teleporter Pad’s limit on ‘sending’ Teleporters is bypassable if you use the advanced LUA-Scripting.

    I hope you have fun with Teleporters and Caves!

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