Units that get Floating through an upgrade don't get immunity to Twisting roots

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    Like the title says, Twisting roots affects units with Floating if Floating is not their inherent ability, but was gained through a medal or a hero upgrade. Even though such units should be immune to it.

    As far as I understand, this is a weird effect of the way Twisting roots uses the requisite/property system. [Twisting roots combat property] has [Floating requisite] specified as forbidden in its requisite filter, but both hero upgrades and unit medal upgrades can only add properties, and not requisites. So even though units get the actual effects of Floating through the properties, the combat property used by Twisting roots has no way to check for them and applies the effect anyway =) And only the units that have an inherent [Floating prerequisite] have immunity to it.

    If my understanding of this issue is correct, I think a property filter should be added to [AoW Combat Property: Unit Property] class so Twisting roots could check for the properties instead of (or in addition to) the requisites, similar to the way [AoW Unit Property: Extra Ability Effect] used by [Inflict ghoul curse ability] does.



    Yes you’re correct! 🙂

    Short answer is that ee never fixed this because it would have consequences for how the property system works. As this problem only occurs with Twisting Roots and Heroes with a floating upgrade, we decided to waive this.



    Alright then, here’s an alternative idea for a fix. [AoW unit property: movement (tactical)] class has a [Tactical priority] setting that’s supposed to determine which of the movement properties the unit currently has is actually used for the movement cost calculation. For [Twisted roots unit property] it’s set to 100, which is greater than the priority of the corresponding properties of Floating, which is why Twisted roots’s MP/hex cost is applied when both are present. So you might be able to rearrange the tactical movement property costs in such a way that Floating/Flying has higher priority than Twisted roots, and then the later would not affect the units that have the former =) And do it just through editing the default mod, without messing with the requisite system.

    (Speaking of the requisite system: if you don’t mind me asking, why would adding an additional property filter to [AoW Combat Property: Unit Property] break the system, while adding exactly the same property filter to [AoW Unit Property: Extra Ability Effect] clearly does not have any adverse effects? Being a developer myself, I find such architectural corner cases fascinating and am genuinely curious what’s going on here.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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