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    Well I’m on the second map of the elven campaign and I have the first three heroes that you get. I have attacked a water node, and I have heal on one hero and entangle with my shaman. The enemy are baby reed serpents. Essentially what has happened is that I entangle one of two of the serpents every other round, and use all three heroes to fire at them with range obstructions.

    When ever I take too much damage I heal my unit, and the serpents keep getting healed by the node aura. Nothing ever dies and my heroes keep going up levels. I’m going to end the fight now just because I want to see how the map plays without having 3 level 20 heroes.



    Huh, that’s pretty neat. Is lvl 20 the max level?



    There’s a bug in the code that limits hero levels in the campaign, which will be fixed.
    I’ll put this specific method of leveling heroes on my list of things to address, as that won’t be fixed by limiting the hero levels you can gain in the campaign.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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