[Very minor bug] Necromancers and creation specialization

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    (DISCLAIMER: This is the only bug report section that I found on the board. Is it right to post here, even if the board title is “Version 1.5”?)


    I’ve found a very minor bug while creating a leader. It is very reproducible.

    1. Go in the leader creation screen.
    2. Select any class but necromancer.
    3. Select creation adept as specialization.
    4. Select Necromancer class.
    5. Select another class.

    What happens? Well, as for a recent patch, Necromancer cannot select Creation spec, so it is removed from the selected specs when you select Necromancer. BUT, when you select another class, you are able to pick Creation Adept AND Creation Master, and you don’t have to pick the Adept spec to select the Master spec. Seems like the game still remembers that you selected Adept, without deselecting it when switching to Necro.

    Is this an exploitable issue? I don’t think so, as when you start the game and open the research book no Creation Master skills appear (in this case, you get three empty slots in research book), and when you go to leader panel, there is a white circle in the spot where Creation Master should (shouldn’t?) be. If you try to click it, the game crashes.

    I did not try to continue the game to see if Creation Master skills pop up in research book even with this crashing issue or if there are some other problems. If they don’t, there is no risk of exploiting it in multiplayer, as picking Creation Master this way is like picking no third specialization.

    The issue is minor, I just wanted to let you know about it. If the info is needed, I’m running on ArchLinux, up to date Steam version.

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