Videos of PBEM: competitive play and previous duel tournament

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    cbower, marcuspers and Hiliadan recorded parts of their recent games from the 2015 Duel tournament (still ongoing) and competitive games on the Battlefield website, you can watch them on Youtube! Other players are strongly encouraged to record videos too!

    More (and the video links) on the news section in the Battlefield:



    cbower (2nd best player in the Battlefield ranking) recently made a 30min video explaining the decisions he made during a critical turn in a 4 players FFA game.
    Please note that the video shows the turn following a crash and thus a reload of the game; that explains why some obvious moves were not made: he did not do them the 1st time he played the turn so he did not do them the 2nd time either.

    The video is here:
    The game blog on the Battlefield is here: (the game is “There can be only one”)



    Some videos since last year:

    How to clear a Mythical site before turn 20

    Round 2 of the 2vs2 Team Tournament – Hiliadan (Draconian Necromancer) & rickyroo222 (Draconian Sorcerer) [Phoenix Rising] vs marcuspers (Tigran Archdruid) & Evgendil (High Elf Archdruid) [King Serpents]

    36 turns recorded in summary of 2min to 14min at the end of turn (1 video per turn), where I explain what I did and why, my strategy, my mistakes, etc. Uploaded up to turn 30, the last few turns will be uploaded soon.
    Playlist here:

    marcuspers’ channel
    The channel of Marcus, with commented videos:

    Playlist of 25 videos from the 4vs4 epic game opposing 2 major teams: King Serpents and SIN (also called the Italians)

    First three turns of an Academy game:

    Gladis (Goblin Theocrat) and Tussell (Halfing Rogue) versus DarkRider (Human Rogue) and nidsfar11 (Tigran Rogue) recorded by Tussel
    A 4 hours 26 minutes video showing all the turns of the game played by Tussel, without comment.

    DreadReapr’s final against Azazir in the live MP 2016 Tournament: 36 turns + the final battle live
    Not commented. Playlist:

    And also a video presenting the PBEM & Single Player balance mod in the style of the official videos from Tombles:



    Great job boys 😉



    I’m going to post the videos of my game with my ally rickyroo on the round 3 of the PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament (which we lost in the end) soon, but before that, I’m sure many people haven’t watched the videos from the round 2 of that tournament (that I posted here earlier) where we played Draconian Necromancer (me) and Draconian Sorcerer (rickyroo) against marcus and Evgendil:

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    Last week, I started releasing the videos of lmy 2016 PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament ( game:
    Hiliadan (Dwarf Dreadnought) & rickyroo222 (Frostling Theocrat) [Phoenix Rising] vs rrrrookie (Frostling Arch Druid) & Jonny Thunder (Halfling Rogue).
    So far 5 turns uploaded (and 3 uploading). The videos for the remaining turns will be released little by little.

    Each video is commented and show key tactical battles as well as all the important strategic decisions.

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    For those interested in the videos of the game of rickyroo and me vs rrrrookie and Jonny Thunder in round 3 of the PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament (playlist of the game on YouTube:, here are some highlights you can watch:
    – rush of rrrrookie on turn 19 and how we responded to it, check out the turns 19 ( to 23
    – 2nd wave of attack from rrrrookie from turn 28 ( to 32



    I forgot about it earlier, but here are a link to one of the last 4 turns of a game between two of the best PBEM players: DarkRider and gabthegab:

    You can find the 3 other turns on gab’s channel.
    That’s videos of the full turns, without comment.



    More highlights from our round 3 game of the 2vs2 Team Tournament:
    – 3rd wave attack from Jonny Thunder on team Phoenix Rising, killing rickyroo (and illustrating why your Leader always have to be together with strong stacks): turn 35 ( to 37
    – 4th wave attack immediately after the 3rd wave, also from Jonny Thunder: turn 38 ( and 39
    – 5th wave attack, led by rrrrookie: turn 47 ( and 48

    Full playslist:



    I finished uploading the last videos of our round 3 game of the 2vs2 Team Tournament. One last highlight:
    – final wave of attack by Jonny Thunder and tentative of sneaky attack with a single Tireless Life Drain hero by Hiliadan: turn 54 to 56 (check out videos from turn 52 and 53 to see how the hero, Mira, got her gears, succeeding the might Tara to lead the sneaky attack vs rrrrookie)

    The full playlist:



    Some videos from the ongoing live MP tournament:

    Round 1 – Fluksen (Rogue Elves) vs BluePanther (Archdruid Humans)
    A 20min edited video summarizing the match:

    Round 2 – Nemesis_Zero (Dreadnought Goblins) vs Lutek4671 (Theocrat Orcs)



    uploaded it also in the liveMP tournament thread since I wouldn’t expect people looking for live mp footage in the “PBEM…” thread, but since this seems to be somehow the place to collect all videos, here is a link: Darkrider vs Fluks



    For those who haven’t watched it yet, I strongly recommend the 57 turns of intense struggle between rrrrrookie & jonny thunder and my team, Phoenix Rising:

    I am currently uploading my latest 2017 Duel Tournament match, the first 3 turns have been uploaded.

    Hiliadan (Archdruid Goblins) vs chiveicrook (Theocrat Dwarves) – Round 3 – match #39



    Forgot to post here, Marcuspers (Frostling Sorcerer) uploaded the commented videos of his match vs Melciar (Goblin Necromancer) in Round 3 of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament:

    For those watching my game vs chiveicrook (see previous post), rounds 4 to 9 have been uploaded and added to the playlist.




    I finally finished to cut and comment my live mp tournament game vs. techno ( I believe techno recorded it too. I’d love to watch that, so I hope he’ll upload his version at one point 😀

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    I am currently uploading my latest 2017 Duel Tournament match, the first 3 turns have been uploaded.

    Hiliadan (Archdruid Goblins) vs chiveicrook (Theocrat Dwarves) – Round 3 – match #39

    All 35 turns have been uploaded, and the description of each turn is in the game report, so have a look at it to see the turns that you may be interested to watch in videos. Happy watching!

    You can also check out this AoW3 Intermediary tutorials’s 11 videos showing how to approach some tactical combats:



    I started uploading my match from round 4 of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament.
    Hiliadan (Tigran Warlord) vs El Lobo (Human Necromancer)
    As usual, all turns are commented with insights on tactical fights and strategic decisions. If you want to see how to do an explosive expansion early game and why Tigrans are probably the best Warlord and the best expanders, that’s the playlist to watch!
    My specs are Expander and Grey Guard Master.




    I’ve started uploading the first 30 odd turns from my Tournament game vs Hellbrick. It was an epic battle over 43 turns where the outcome kept changing, casting Scorched earth on own cities, plundering cities to be able to sustain upkeep, releasing cities to get “free” defenders, clearing several high level sites, relatively early, to get the upper-hand in the long term, among many other exciting things!



    Some highlights of the match from round 4 of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament (check out the playlist to watch the videos of the turns you’re interested in).
    Hiliadan (Tigran Warlord) vs El Lobo (Human Necromancer)

    – turn 15: 1st meeting between Hiliadan and El Lobo
    – turn 20: epic manual combats to clear a Sphynx Temple and complete a Quest from the Dragon Dwelling with the Warlord Leader and AD hero of Hiliadan
    – turn 25: Hiliadan obtains Great Healing Shower from a Wizard Tower Ruins cleared 5 vs 6 (but with Regrowth)
    – turn 28: Hiliadan reaches Monoculture
    – turn 29: Hiliadan reaches Master Smith
    – turn 31: the Leader, AD and King Reed Serpent of Hiliadan starts moving toward El Lobo’s Throne, while the movements of El Lobo’s army are being spied upon.
    – turn 33: Hiliadan takes El Lobo’s Throne after mounting a freshly hatched Gryphon, he uses Death March to send flying reinforcements above rapids, while his Swimming units circle the rapids through water. El Lobo sends back his nearby troops to fight back.
    – turn 35: El Lobo’s troops fail to beat his opponent’s army and Hiliadan keeps the Throne. Heptatopia is reached.
    – turn 36: final battle and end of the game.

    + guide to a fast expansion:
    – turn 1: Builder’s Hall, no rush (you should actually rush it on turn 1, I rushed it on turn 2)
    – turn 3: Settler, rush it. Find closest same-race independent city and get Peace with them.
    – turn 4: settle to the closest site. Start Lab at the Throne.
    – turn 5: start a Builder’s Hall at the new outpost
    – turn 7: Lab finished at the Throne, start a unit. RG1: -15% on Settlers. Get Vassalship Quest from closest independent.
    – turn 8: start a Settler (4 turns) at the Throne.
    – turn 9: complete quest and get a same-race Vassal. Build a unit at the Outpost. Rush the Settler at the Throne.
    – turn 10: start a Settler (5 turns) at the Outpost. Build a unit at the Throne.
    – turn 11: settle a 3rd city. Build a unit at the Throne.
    – turn 12: rush Settler at the Outpost. Build a unit at the 3rd city.
    – turn 13: build a Shrine at the 1st Outpost and a unit at the Throne. 3rd Settler starts to move toward destination.
    – turn 15: start a 4th Settler at the Throne (4 turns). Buy the Vassal (4 city under control).
    – turn 16: build a Laboratory (3 turns) at the 1st Outpost. 3rd Settler starts settling the 5th city.
    – turn 17: 5th city operational.
    – turn 19: start an Observatory at his Throne and the 1st Outpost to benefit from RG2. 4th Settler starts moving toward position.
    – turn 20: start an Observatory and 5th Settler.
    – turn 21: RG2 completed
    – turn 22: 6th city settled with the 4th Settler.
    – turn 24: 5th Settler completed.
    – turn 26: Expansionism researched. Capture a city from another race and migrate it to your race
    – turn 27: migration completed, yielding your 7th city. Settle the 8th city with the 5th Settler.
    – turn 28: latest city operational: Monoculture reached.
    – turn 35: Heptatopia reached.

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