[wip] Warp Domain bridge remains (1.52 beta)

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    While playing the Golden Realms campaign 2nd scenario I used Warp Domain on Sourcevale. It successfully changed terrain types & removed roads but left one of the two bridges in the domain standing. When I went back to try again (using cheats for expediency), not only was the bridge left after casting Warp Domain, but it somehow changed the orientation of the bridge from east-west to southeast-northwest.



    Thanks Wallthing, we’ll look into it. I have been able to reproduce the rotating bridges, but not the bridges remain problem. Are you certain it was in the domain?



    This bridge was within the domain when I cast the spell – you can easily see the earlier domain boundaries due to the spell’s other effects. I do remember that the bridge was out of my sight radius when I first cast the spell, though I have no idea how this would affect it.

    Other bridges from the same game also fail to be removed via Warp Domain. They already run from southeast to northwest, so they don’t seem to change orientation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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