Weird behavior of "freeze" skill

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    Hi there,

    I have just tested something in my game of AoW3-EL : I have given to my hero who can cast fireball an item which allows him to freeze ennemies.

    And do you know what ? It’s working ! I can freeze people with fire !

    But… it’s so weird… not natural behavior actually.

    Will it be fix in a patch ?



    But… it’s so weird… not natural behavior actually.

    But… that hero is conjuring a sphere of fire out of thin air, yet you question the possibility for said fire to freeze that which it consumes?


    In all seriousness tho, I dunno why that is a bad thing.
    These quirks are what makes the game (and its predecessors) as good as it is imho



    Well good answer… maybe it’s a lack of imagination from me…

    but on the other hand, air allows fire to come so its ok

    …while, even with efforts, its hard for me to imagine fire freezing things… and also ice burning things too…



    Gameplay-wise, if a unit has Inflict Freezing Cold, it’s gonna freeze it’s targets. If you exclude fire attacks, it’s going to be confusing. And what about attacks having both fire and ice elements?

    Lore-wise, how about the fire magic drawing the heat from the target?



    I think it makes sense, also remember there’s more stuff like that, like the “Grant frozen flames” ability that the frostling witch has



    I wouldn’t see it as ‘the fireball froze him’ but as all of the character’s magic having cold/ice magic mixed in. Perhaps, like Gloweye said, the fire instead of coming entirely from outside, was partly fueled by moving heat from inside the target.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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