What units would you like to see return in AoW3?

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    Well, there’s going to be an item that’s specifically tailored to help you against the flightless menace.. 😉 (probably)



    Oh so the little penguin means the Frostlings are also in? 😀


    Haha +1 for the Dire Penguin.


    About the ashen steppe, Azracs could go toe to toe with Orcs almost all the way. Elephant riders for Tier 1, fast fast cavalry for Tier 2, Beholders and Djinn for lvl 3 (although the warlord was just beastly) and then the Yaka Avatar, who could dominate most Orc units, and forced the red dragon into melee, where he won most of the time.


    I won the ashen steppe many many times, all I was saying is that it was one of my favourite maps.


    Speaking of all of this, are Beholders in?


    edit: for nostalgia’s sake 🙂 http://www.strategyplanet.com/aow/races.shtml



    “Today we put the Dire Penguins in 3d production. Their units will look better than ever, marching in their little penguin formations ready to take over the world. ”

    they actualy are – steam for linux marched out today too.))



    The Dark Elf Executioner

    The Orc Warlord

    The Highmen Paladin

    The Human Cavalier

    The Halfling Pony Rider

    The Hellhound

    The Doom Priest (with Dominate)

    The Azrac Rider

    The Elephant

    My favorite units. I want them back.






    The Yaka Avatars are probably one unit we can pretty much guarantee will not be in by that name, since Yaka himself has been cast down and discredited. It could be revealed that they were actually something else attributed to Yaka, but the sphinx already fills much the same role as the avatar did.



    I really want to see fairy dragons (but empowered defense please) and dire penguins ! I like shadows too.



    Dread reaper,Zombie,Skeleton dragon,Necromancer,Skeleton.Love the undead



    @liclic: I don’t have the original source at hand, but fairy dragons are in. There’s a discussion somewhere about a non-city structure that produces top-level units, and about how an elven player could migrate it from a structure that produces undead titans to one that produces fairy dragons.




    I don’t have the original source at hand, but fairy dragons are in

    Please, can you share the link? I search it, but did not found anywhere.



    Okay, found it…

    …and it turns out it was someone copypasting their own suggestions, not a quote from an official source. Sorry to get your hopes up. 🙁


    Nymphs, Bladedancers, Mammoth Riders, Prowlers, Knights, Executioners, Warlords… Oh and the Sheriff with his poisonous pipe!



    Oh yeah and we need that sweet Lady of Pain, she was awesome with her little whip.


    Oh yeah I remember that one. It was like a nymph, but useful.


    Lurker, Green Wyvern…



    about nymphs, it would be interesting to increase their stats and give remove will in golden like vampires… Both of them are cool!  I would add other units I like : air elemental ; unicorns, phoenix, druids (if possible not only golden druids could receive path of life please) ; dwarf berserker ; bladedancers (dark elf) ; warlord orc ; vampires and nymphs as I said before ; djinns  (nomads) and finally pixie.


    Nymph gold ability: Poledancing – Stuns all male units from both sides for 3 turns



    that could be fun !



    If nymphs need to be boosted, I’d probably be tempted to make them supportive rather than simply making them better fighters – give them an ability to clear negative effects off allies, or increase the stats (especially resistance) of an ally.



    orc swordsman



    To be precise, good creatures (except titans in AOW2 and AOWSM) generally have not enough in attack and defense.



    Bad news about nymphs. I just imagine they in AoW3 and… it doesn’t work. Look at this:
    Age of Wonders 3 seduced army
    I think it’s looks stupid.



    LOL Flenoom 😀


    If Nymphs are in the game, I’m going to play an Elven Theocrat and march upon my enemies with a huge army of Nymphs and Boobtise every soul into a dedicated Buttoligist.



    ah combo ! remove will (only if needed) and seduce/dominate/trap !



    Halfling eagle riders, Leprechauns, slingers, pony riders, halfling rogues…


    Nexium Night

    Incarnate (awesome for possessing, and a tactic I like to call chain-possessing)

    Dread Reaper (cuz those are awesome; except how about with scythes this time?)

    Black Angels (Also awesome; great for offensive)

    Angels (Not as awesome as Black Angels, but more awesome in their own right; great for defensive)

    Titans (Just cuz)

    Executioner (Arguably one of the best regular calvary in my opinion)

    Dark Elves, even though it’s confirmed that the bastards are coming together once more 😛

    Manticore (awesome flyer unit)


    Steam Tank (Cuz that was beast; even with lv4’s that thing can be harder to kill than Rasputin)

    First Born (From AOW 1; tbh that thing was awesome)

    Syron (preferably giant warrior or the powerful one from AOW 1)

    Lord (That thing was BEAST!!)

    Kharaghs (those things are very unique and evil!)

    Doom Wolves (Fastest, bad-ass-est beasts in the coldlands and, for the former, in the game)

    Last, but not least, Leperchaun! 😀 (Little prick is harder to hit than a bacterium cell going light-speed, but is still SO ADORABLE!!!… and useful for the user)


    All Dark Elves (OK I don’t care much for the incarnate which is a pain to program). Orc Warlord. I like the tigran race, had they been more powerful people would speak of them more often.



    Iron Maidans ( the unicorn riders )

    Goblin Reavers

    Black Angels


    Dire Boars

    Black Spiders

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