What use for heroes is best?

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    As army support and spellcasters?
    That is choosing all army-wide enchantments and all spells?

    Leaders are automatically geting combat spells, so what instead of s[ells I should pick when levelling?

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    Army support is strong, especially with the few who got good upgrades. Warlord, Theocrat, and sorta necromancer comes to mind as good army leaders. Melee heroes are potentially powerful to, especially Warlord and Rogue, as both get a good set of abilities, but you generally want a couple of items from the forge, or good finds to round them out – life steal weapons and tireless boots for rogues, mostly. Spellcasters can be strong to – Sorc especially has a few gems (static electricity, mass stasis), but there’s plenty of others that can be effective (AD against walls, Rogue Smoke Screen/Sadism, Necro Stiffen Limbs/Desecration, Dread Mana Core).

    However, it’s generally a good idea to pick something to do with a hero and stick with it.

    However, I’d advise all heroes to get 2 levels of HP, 2 levels of defense and 1 level or resistance, more if you’re planning on melee combat.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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