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    As the second age of wonders came to an end, and the events of shadow magic with it, the Halfings, a small and happy race stood resilient. Their leaders and their people realized something after those dark years, that they were not fit to continue living in a world plague by so much bloodshed. Even though they succeeded where others had failed, if they continued in this world they would not be the same people they were fighting to protect, tainted by the war and bloodshed. The elders gathered their remaining people and vanished, to be forgotten in time or remembered as myths.
    The exact time is not known but every halfing disappeared. It took weeks, even months for the other races to noticed, and like every event, it created war. Human seeking new lands to prosper, while Orcs sound them to plunder, and the Elves ever ready to protect the lands. For several years races clashed over the new territory that could be gained. Eventually the elves succeed in driving the hordes the Man and Orc from the lands gaining control of the lands of their former friends. Few Elven cities actually lay claim in the Halfling domain in honor and as guardians as small incursions of Human settlers try to lay claim on the borders.
    With the new lands of the Elves settled, the Halflings faded into myth. Some believe the that when a rainbow appears, it grants a portal to wherever they may be, with only the leprechauns knowing the ways to navigate them. If one can catch a leprechaun they may learn the ways to transcend the rainbows and the world they hold within, but with that legend also holds that a being with only purest intentions are able to catch the keepers of the rainbows.



    Due to the extreme violent times that the world was going throught, the halflings were summoned by their goddess Liliandra to a secret and sacred valley whose existence was only known by the Elderly Council. It’s a place between worlds and dimensions, where Liliandra and her court inhabit; its also a halflings heaven where worthy halflings go when they die. It was a long and perilious pilgrimage that the halfling community had to undertake, but they did and finally they succeed. It was not the second time they took such a journey, the first one being a eon ago for similar reasons.
    Once in the Valley they waited in an immense plain before Liliandra’s Wall, which is hundreds of yards high and made of Ivory, and The Silver Gate which separates the living from the dead, because no living halfling can access The City of the Glorified Dead which is inside. In that plain Liliandra herself addressed and inspired them, and then they received the visit of prominent halflings from the past: heroes, rulers and leaders, artists, poets, philosophers and all kind of savants. They teached and trained their fellow kindred to made them for this new era of thought times.
    Once the halflings finish their preparation they will come back again refreshed, renewed and better prepared than ever to confront the perils of the world.


    The weren’t above the “you need to be this tall to fight” line



    After the events of Shadow Magic, the humans gained prominence as the central race with the rise of the commonwealth. The industriousness stimulated by the commonwealth minded society changed the lives of many, giving great importance to work and service to others. The halflings, while peaceful and welcoming, had much difficulty adapting to the commonwealth society, being bohemian beings who adore frolicking, partying and eating lavish meals every day.
    Eventualy, this refusal to partake in “good, honest work” -as the commonwealth defines it- plus the diminutive size of the race, which limits its participation in hard labour, eventualy pushed the halflings into becoming second class citizens of the commonwealth, being regarded as unruly and hedonistic. With the commonwealth taking over the lush halfling plains, its resources could not serve the halflings pleasure no more, and thus most halflings fell into poverty, many turning to crime, which further damaged their status in society.

    After several years of decadence, and unwilling to get involved in the foreseen conflict between the commonwealth and the halfling’s ancient allies, the elves and their court, the halflings decided to part from the commonwealth government, but being peaceful beings, simply gathered in groups and left instead of rebelling, being led by a so called halfling philosopher, searching for a lush land free of the commonwealth’s grip, and far away from the incomming war.



    after the brutal campaign against the shadow demons, the halflings became tainted by the blight. everything they touched began to deteriorate. all the things they loved that once had such beauty began to disappear from their homeland. the halflings, in a bid to save the beauty they loved from themselves, moved to the darkest, most hostile regions, where there was nothing of beauty their touch could harm. over time, the DARK HALFLINGS WERE BORN!!!



    Halflings are all enjoying “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. They will be back when get bored, so… never.



    Looks like several posts in the thread are missing. What happened to them?



    Hi there! I’m reading forum since announcement of AOF 3 but never wrote here yet because of my poor english and rich laziness. But of course, i would never forgive myself if i miss that chance to get into beta so i decide to try.
    I’m think halflings, after Shadow Magic events, go nowhere they just live into hardly reachable place like caves or deep forest. Since they not really warlike race, they probably had heavy losses and not much halflings stay alive. They could live in poleis or tribes, separately from each other with no common government, waiting for revenge and paint their ponies into bloody green, blue and pink warpaints. And eat.
    Also i wrote this:
    There, where creekes flow
    There, where pony lives
    Perfect place for tiny thieves
    In the shadows apple trees
    They can have a love and peace
    Into freshy comfy holes
    They are hide their belly-balls
    Silent step of hairy feet
    Can we know where they are fleet
    Do u trust your eyes dear sire
    Halflings gone, but they still here

    Don’t have any idea how it going to sounds on english, because i’m not sure if pronunciation is allright. But anyway just trying.



    It is a common misconception on the part of most people nowadays that the halflings have disappeared from the blessed continent. There are grand tales exchanged about great journeys and mighty heroes surrounding the Halfling race, but they all fall rather short of the truth. In reality, while the other races engage in wars and politics, these are of too large a scale to concern the average Halfling villagers, who happily live their lives as these schemes and machinations simply go over their heads.

    There are plenty of cases of halflings with loftier ambitions, though. Eager youths with high hopes have been known to run off with bigger folk and earn their place in a tall tale or two. Their experiences are usually cut short, however, as a human with their head in the clouds or an elf on their high horse leaves the Halfling as the butt of many jokes. Responses are often half-hearted, featuring verbal jabs below the belt, and making the diminutive folk wondering why they drew the short straw.

    On rare occasions the taller races have mustered groups of Halflings to war, but their shortcomings were soon obvious. Although they stood tall along their allies, their contributions were dismissed as miniscule. The halflings with short fuses did not appreciate these folk who thought themselves too clever by half, and heated arguments quickly escalated, leaving the diminutive folk returning to their homes with their heads held high.

    The long and short of it is that the peaceful lives of the halflings are beneath the notice of the major races of our time. The halflings consider times of war a definitive low point in their history, and try to make small of such matters. When it comes to keeping a low profile, they take no half-measures, and pride themselves on being the bigger people in times of strife. There are rumours among some of the human story-tellers that one day the halflings will return in force, without the shortcomings they are known for, and stand like giants over all others. The halflings, however, are far too down-to-earth for such frivolous tales, and have much lower aspirations, preferring a long life that is short on drama.



    I’d write something up but I don’t think I’d be a very good beta tester, so I’m hoping the winners give a great story and do the game justice when beta testing comes around.

    I hope that if Halflings ever do become a playable race in a DLC that a Merchant-type class also comes along that represents them well.

    Good luck to everyone taking part! 🙂



    a Merchant-type class also comes along that represents them well.

    That would be very good. Defensive, peaceful and economically-minded leader is right what they need in AoW-3



    I often find that the most simple and mundane explanation is the one that is the most believable. I’m drawing inspiration from my Archaeology degree here and the current theories of how the Neanderthal race disappeared.

    Many academics once believed that early modern humans (homo sapiens) that were migrating out of Africa into Eurasia waged a war against the Neanderthals and won. Then there was a theory that the early modern humans, who were more agile, raster runners and better hunters simply out competed the Neanderthals causing them to slowly die out over time. The most current theory is that early modern humans and Neanderthals interbred with each other on a large scale. Their offspring inheriting the qualities of both races but losing the distinctiveness of each. Some people have suggested that this is how Europeans lost skin pigmentation.

    I would propose something like this to explain the disappearance of the Halflings. They didn’t actually disappear, they bred with humans or dwarves. Their descendents can still be found throughout the land, but over time and successive generations of interbreeding caused them to gain height and lose their Halfling physical attributes. Perhaps ever once in a while a baby is born with actual Halfling physicality.

    There would be possibilities for stories of Legendary Halfling artefacts that could only be operated by a Halfling descendent. Or a search to find a person who was of Halfling descent. Maybe an ancient repository of Halfling knowledge that could only be unlocked by a Halfling descendent.


    A story about what happened to our beloved halflings.

    The first sign of trouble for the halflings was a completely failed tobacco-harvest. Failed harvests were extremely rare and never before two harvest had failed in a row. When the next year the harvest failed again the halflings know they had a problem. Halflings do love their pipeweed, but more importantly the halflings’ economy depended on the export of their famous halflings’ leaf, as it was called by the other races. The halfling leaders demanded an explanation of their tobacco gardeners but these were hopelessly divided. Blame was put on, among others, bad quality pony manure and on a group of youngsters who were caught several times using fireworks in the tobacco fields. None of these explanations satisfied the leaders until a well respected gardener suggested it was due to a change in humidity in the air that made the tobacco fail to grow. He also suggested this was caused by these new neighbouring people whose leaders call themselves Dreadnoughts. They had the credo ‘power through technology’ and used the power of steam to operate their strange machines: huge amounts of smoke were produced and, so the halflings believed, this caused the humidity to change.

    When a year later, despite the most careful preparation ever, the harvest failed again, it was clear the halflings had to act. Their military power was to weak to drive out these Dreadnoughts from the surrounding country and therefore another solution had to be found. After two months of deliberation while smoking their last preserved pipeweed, it was decided the halflings had to search for a new home. And so it happened; stories of wandering groups of halflings readily filled the land. After a few decades however, the sightings of the halflings became rare and the stories gradually faded into memory. Many came to believe the halflings perished while others claimed most of them were assimilated into the other races through marriage and inevitable breeding. But their true fate remains unclear; all we know is they have gone up in smoke! At least for now …



    During one of the last wars against the shadow demons where they were being cast back into the shadow realm. The shadow demons started to realise that they were outnumbered and outmatched by the combined might of the wizards from the Circle of Evermore.
    In a last desperate attempt to punish those who were banishing them back into the dark abyss of the shadow world, The most powerful of the shadow demons and beasts came together and drew forth the emanating chaotic magical energies from the shadow world around them and used it to bind and transport the Halfling race to the shadow worlds.

    Unfortunately it was too late for any of the other Race’s or wizards to make an attempt to help the Halfling race as with that last chaotic and overwhelming burst of shadow magic almost all of the shadow demons left in the land and portals to and from the shadow world were completely Destroyed.

    Nothing was heard of any halflings since that battle….

    Good luck to who ever gets the Beta code 😀
    They are really lucky and I hope they enjoy the game XD



    In fact, Halflings didn’t go missing at all. They are still here, hiding in the forests, sometimes meeting at their hidden villages to sing and dance, and have fun all the day. Sometimes someone finds them, but then after the celebration some “Happy Beer Day”, they can’t remember what have happened. It’s even said that a guy with bad intentions will never find their homes. Maybe, they learned some new, WONDERful way to hide. At least, it’s known that they still defend their lands.
    So why won’t they fight? Have you ever seen any Halfling willing to fight? It’s much more better to trade with guests(not always honest, but most of the time) and to drink with them. Maybe later, when they’ll get to know the time has come, and the time won’t give them other choice, they will join The War.

    P.S.Sorry for any mistakes.



    The Team may think the halflings are no longer a part of the new Age of Wonders chapter, but as we all know, the little ones don’t like to travel that much. Further, they are elusive and can hide in the countryside very efficiently. So, the most obvious answer should be: they haven’t gone anywhere, they are a part of AoW III, Triumph Studios totally missed them because they are so well hidden in those beautiful scenarios we have been having the pleasure to take a peek at and they will obviously return once the game is installed in each of our blessed personal computers!


    1. The halflings were weak in soul, body and mind. The All-Devourer is consuming their life force slowly in the shadow world, biding its time as it did with the Syrons.

    2. The halflings were enslaved by one of your new races and are being abused for cheap labor.

    3. The halflings were forced underground and are slowly becoming more goblin-like as they are deprived of their natural habitat and light.

    4. The halflings are used as sacrifices to power the magic of one of your new classes.

    5. The pathetic halflings have been completely decimated by one of your races. Some of the warlords wear their bones as war trinkets.



    Sssh… They have an IRS audit pending.



    After fleeing the wars and hiding in a remote location, they come across a curious artifact that displace them out of time and space, in a distant dimension.

    Trying to figure out the mysteries of the artifact, they used it to wander from plane to plane to find their way home to no avail. They actually end up discovering the shadow realm, at which moment the artifact mysteriously vanish, leaving them stranded in the nether to be twisted over milleniums into the syrons.

    In the present, a young sorceror gets a hold of the artifact after failing a summoning spell. Using his arcane knowledge, he manages to use the artifact to control and maintain a chaos rift as a portal to:

    A) The past, bringing back the azracs/frostlings/tigrans/lizardman thus explaining their dissapearance

    B) Connecting to the other artifact in the present, bringing back the halflings and sparing them from a grim future (possibly creating a paradox and luring the shadow demons who never got to snack on syrons?)

    C) An alternate reality, introducing a new race of nomadic plane drifters, makers of this artifact. Peaceful or not? Wanting to reclaim their technology or willing to share it? Harnessing the powers of this artifact and the teachings of this race (or stealing it), a new class could emerge? Drifter/Mystic/Traveler/Nomad, bending reality to his will, teleporting cities or armies around, locking ennemies in time bubbles, creating illusions etc.

    An expansion maybe? New race, new class, new plane, whats not to like 😉



    After the Shadow War, the peace-loving halflings, ravaged by the war and scarred by the events that transpired, did what halflings do best; they settled down and moved on. Soon the events of the Shadow War passed into memory, then memory became distant history. Now most halflings don’t even remember exactly what had transpired during the war, content to tend their fields rather than dwell on such violent things.

    As time went on, a new faction rose up opposing the Elven Court. The Commonwealth, a human empire seeking to assimilate others into itself, began rapidly expanding and claiming the neighboring lands. Although the Commonwealth’s greedy eyes turned everywhere, the halflings were more or less left untouched by either the Commonwealth or the Court and quickly managed to gain good relations with both sides. Through trade with the two factions the halflings managed to grow wealthy, and enjoyed a golden age of comfort greater than anything which had come before. The halflings were content. They had peace.

    Not all the races were so lucky however. Far to the north, the Commonwealth began laying siege on the lands of the frostlings, hoping to assimilate them for the glory of their nation. The frostlings fought well, their mastery of the ice and snow devastating the Commonwealth’s forces and driving much of their armies back. Unfortunately for the frostlings, the Commonwealth’s ingenuity is not to be underestimated. In the end, the frostling were left broken and with little land to call there own.

    Desperate and greedy, the frostlings turned their eyes to wealthy and largely undefended lands of the little halflings. The halflings, unaware of the coming storm and having grown weak during the long peaceful years were completely unprepared for the frostling hordes. Separated by large swathes of land between them and without a standing army, village after village fell and soon only the United Cities remained. The halflings fought bravely against the the besieging frostlings but ultimately, the United Cities fell and were razed to the ground.

    Scattered, the remaining halflings became refugees in the lands of the Court and the Commonwealth, assimilating into the cities and lands of the races there. As the years past, the halflings began to fall into their new lives as commonwealth and court citizens. Once again they became complacent and happy, tending to their shops or fields. Thoughts of war left their minds altogether. That is until one day

    Ten years after the fall of the United Cities, a single halfling cried out against the complacency of his brothers, rallying them to take up arms and reclaim their home. This halfling’s name was Ham, a great hero of the halfling people and although he shared their love of the easy life, this was not his first experience with war. Ham called out to the halflings, reminding them of the days when they had fought alongside the Keepers against the Cult of Storms. Telling them stories and reminding them of the beautiful homes they had left behind. They could take no more, slowly at first, but with growing speed, the halflings began to rally around Ham and soon, the halflings became not a mob, not a militia, but an army. In what was once the halfling lands the frostlings built up their own shattered nation, completely unaware of the march of the halflings.



    It is the Shadow War, and in the lands of the Halflings the war is not going well. Shadow gates keep opening in the South and vile Shadow demon creature poor forth from them and ravage the country side destroying farms, villages, slaughtering all they encounter. Halfling army is hard pressed to contain them in the south lands. And to make matters worst the Orcs have invaded from the north pushing deep into Halfling territory. And Goblins the vile creatures attack from the east. Marinus has sent messengers to his allies the Elves and Archons for help but they have problems of their own and will not send help.
    Marinus is at his wits end. His Kingdom is crumbling before his eyes and he is helpless in stopping it. One day as his advisors are arguing about how to save the kingdom a commotion is heard had the end of the all, then the doors slam open from some invisible force. A figure walks into the Hall wearing a dark green cape and carrying a dark green apple. Two guards move to intercept this mysterious figure only to be knocked back by what looks like dark green lighting emanating from the strangers apple.
    “What is the meaning of this?” said Marinus.
    “Do not worry about your guards they are but dazed.” said the stranger.
    “You may call me Bellack and I have come to bring you salvation from the evils now consuming your kingdom.” said Bellack.
    “How?” replied Marinus. “Do you bring an army?”
    “Nay. I bring something better. a powerful spell that can transport your entire kingdom away from this place. A place where your people will be safe.” said Bellack.
    There was a moment of silence in the hall.
    Then Ham Binger ask “Explain how this can be done.”
    Bellack said, “The spell requires 3 powerful artifacts. One of which you already possess, a Wizards Tower. The other two are the golden skull of the Arch Lich Saragoon which lies in a crypt in the Ruins of Amtilo far to the west in the Undead lands, and the Gaylum Orb which resides in the Shadow Demons capital city in the shadow Realm.”
    “How are we suppose to get these items.” Ask Ham
    “That is not my concern. However you do not have much time. I foresee your kingdom being over run within 6 months.” and with that Bellack disappears.
    Ham said, “We can’t trust him.”
    “I’m afraid we may not have much of a choice. He is right we won’t last more than 6 months.” Said Marinus.
    And so Marinus calls together his greatest hero’s and splits them into two groups and sends them out after the artifacts.
    Ham leads one group to get the golden skull. While Chucky leads the second group into the Shadow lands for the Gaylum Orb.
    The hero’s were not heard from for a month then Ham’s group returns but Ham was not with them. Lilly hands the skull over to Marinus.
    “Where is Ham? Marinus ask.
    “Gone fell down a shaft fighting a Reaper. We lost half our party but we retrieved the skull.” Lilly said.
    Then two weeks later the second party returned however there was only one survivor…Natam.
    “They all died as we were passing through the gates of the city on our way back.” Natam said. “Chucky threw the Orb to me and told me to run which I did and made my way back here. I don’t know what became of them as I never looked back.”
    “This is sad news indeed. They were all brave halflings and will be remembered.”

    Just at that moment Bellack appeared before them. “I see you have the artifacts. Are you ready to cast the spell?”
    Marinus said “I thought you were casting it.”
    “Ah my king no I’m afraid that you must cast the spell seeing that this is your kingdom after all.” Bellack said. “I will teach you the incantation. Bring the artifacts to the wizards tower and put them in the Casting Chamber.”
    So once in the Casting Chamber Bellack revealed the incantation to Marinus then he said “Good Luck my King.” and disappeared.
    Marinus recites the words of the incantation and as he does so the artifacts start to glow a dark green. Outside Halflings stop what they are doing and look up at the Tower. Where once the Tower was a pristine white color it is now a Dark Green.
    The sky above the city starts to turn dark green and this spreads through out the lands.
    3 days later.
    The new Azktor looks below from the mountain pass. He has been wearing the armor of Azktor for over 7 years the longest anyone has worn it is the original Azktor walked the lands. He leads a army of 2300 orcs into the Halfling lands to join up with Grar’s army to finally march on the Halfling’s capital city and burn it to the ground.
    Azktor relishes presenting Marinus’ head on a pike to the Warlord Skulkan.
    The orc army marches into the Halfling lands to the Halfling city of Gardenton where Grar was to meet them. However when they get to where Gardenton should have been there is noting but a grassy field no sign that a city was ever there. And on the march to Gardenton they did not come across any villages or any one at all.
    Azktor decides to make for the Halfling capital. The further they march the more uneasy Azktor felt. Still no signs of civilization. They eventfully arrived at wear the Halfing capital should have been but all they found was rolling fields and forest. No sign that anyone ever lived here. After searching for one month without any sign of Halflings or Grar’s army he headed back to the Orc lands.

    Since the disappearance of the Halflings no one would settle the land thinking that it is cursed to this day.

    Well there is my story. I created it leaving it open for the halflings to come back at any time the devs wish. My thought on this is that the Halfling kingdom is in sort of a suspended animation in time and in a pocket dimension. So when they do come back no time would have passed for them. In fact Marinus my think that the spell has failed.
    The orc’s, Goblins, and Shadow Demons that were in the Kingdom when the spell went off were also trapped as well. So when they are back the war is still going on at least from there point of view and there you have the elements for a campaign. Keep in mind that none of the bad guys have supply lines anymore so they are on there own at least until they figure out what happen and try to send messagers back to what they think are their kingdoms.
    Using this will also, if the devs choose be a way to bring back shadow demons. The portals that were opened when the spell went off could reconnect themselves with the shadow world. Now I personally like the Shadow Realm with both the Syrons and shadow demons but if Devs don’t want to bring them back then the portals don’t open. You could still have shadow demons running around the lands if you have any in the game.

    One element that I think will be cool if this history is used is that the halflings when coming back will still have a Wizards Tower which would be interesting to play around with. Now of coarse if the devs don’t want that then you could upon the Halflings return have the wizards tower disintegrate or otherwise become useless (all power drained out of it. Poor Marinus.)

    Now this only affects anyone that was within the boarders (within the Magic Towers boarders.) so any Halfling that was not within the boarders are still walking the land (at least their decadence are.
    I would have the halfing have no central government since that time. They may be in small villages attached to other kingdoms. Maybe they have there own stories about the disappearance of Marinus’ kingdom and that someday it will return.

    Well there you have it. I would really like to be in the beta



    The horrible true nature of halfling were revealed following the events of SM, and they were banished to the abyss !



    Halflings, lacking the brute strength of the orcs, the adaptability of man, the techno-prowess of the dwarves, nor the wisdom and kinship with nature of the elves, have among their virtues, a quick wit and a love of peace.

    Following the great wars of the 2nd Age, the halflings tried to go back to life as they had known it. The valiant put away their weapons and took up the plow.

    But, too much war and slaughter had changed them. The normally light and carefree hearts of halflings everywhere were weighted with a weariness that grew stronger the more one rested. Their lands no longer responded to planted fields with gentle rain and soft sunshine. Rather rain was a little biting and the sun beat down harshly. Reminders of death clung to their hills. Splintered bones found their way into plowed fields. Razor edged teeth would prick the unshod foot. Blood seeped into the crops of tended fields.

    Even in peace, their numbers continued to dwindle.

    Eventually, the elders of the halfling tribes made the decision. They would lead their people in search of hidden shires unspoiled by war. Thus, it happened. Without warning one year, as winter released its grip and snow blocked passes cleared, the halfling villages were found abandoned in a picture of still life.

    As time passed, other peoples migrated into these abandoned lands. People forgot the prior inhabitants as people will do. Farmers took up the plow and builders put up new and grand structures. And, the land prospered once again – the corruption having departed.



    Following the peace between the dark and light elves, the luck of the Halflings started to skew. The Elven Council kept making decisions without any regard to the small, yet feisty people. They didn’t matter to the Elvenfolk, they had, after a long a weary time, finally been reunited with their other half. It was time for reconstruction, a time for all Elves to come together as one.

    Even with Phobius no longer threatening their existence, the Halflings knew another war was coming. They had witnessed the grandeur of the Azracs and of the Highmen vanish. They had witnessed the fall of the Human empire more than once. They knew any great empire without close allies would inevitably fall when the war came. And with the dark Elves on the Council, it would only be a matter of time until all Elves turned against the wee Halflings. The dark Elves would be after the gold, the light Elves correcting the magical mutations the Halfling race had bore. The Satyrs, the Centaurs, they were unnatural beings that did not belong. They would have to go.

    The Halflings never wanted to fight their friends, so to avoid it, they left. Their grand Eagles carried them over the hills and far away. Away from the impending war. Away from the danger. Away from their friends.

    They found some clearings surrounded by mountains even a mighty dwarf would not venture through, or a Zeppelin would risk going over. But all that was effortless for the mighty Eagles. They decided to stay there for a while, grow as a people. Grow stronger as healers, as guardians of magic, and as warriors. For one day they would be summoned again to help their friends. And if they were not ready, there would never again be an Age of Wonders.



    During their long History, the Halflings experienced many atrocities at the Hands of other Races, especially the evil ones. They have been conquered, driven from their lands, massacred or enslaved.
    But nothing they had to endured before came even close to the Horror they suffered at the hands of the Humans of the Phobian Empire. The Horror was without precedent both in nature and scale: it didn’t come through violence and war, but through peaceful interaction, and not a single Halfling community remained completly unaffected.
    The Phobians lured Halflings into their Empire with promisis of lasting peace and prosperity, of opportunities to make a fortune easyer and faster then ever before, than they made Jesters out of them. They forced them to perform, to make fools of themselves, unknowingly driving them mad, humiliating and hurting them deeper, than their most evil enemies ever managed through concious efforts.
    The Halfings, who returned after the Fall of the Empire could no longer suffer the ringing of bells, the sound of music and least of all the sound of laughter. And because their love for their returned relatives and friends was greater, the Halfling Communities sealed away thier instruments, costumes and the compendiums of jokes and comical stories, collected and written by thier priests in centuries in the “Vaults of Joy”. The Lerpenchauns and Satyrs left the Halfling settlements to escape the resulting depressed atmosphere and boredom.
    Time couldn’t heal the wounded souls of the returned, instead the stories about the horrors that happened in the Human Empire terrified all the Halflings and created a common feeling, that thier whole Race has been stripped of its dignity.
    To make things worse, their allied Races couldn´t understand thier pain. The stories of the Horror made the vast majority of Dwarves, who heard them, roll on the floor with uncontollable laughter, and some Elves too. And so, the Halflings realised, that, the way they were, they could no longer trust thier ancient allies, who had saved them countless times from blade and whip in times of war, in times of peace.
    They realised that they needed to grow in power and in numbers, to become the peers of the mighty Elves and Dwarves, instead of thrieving under their protection.
    And they vowed to keep their Vaults of Joy locked, until they could regain their dignity by stripping Mankind of its own. The mighty Human Race, strong and ambitious, whoose reproduction rate is only second to the Goblins, but grows even faster due to greater diplomatic skill and adaptability. And even after all the defeats the Humans suffered under the leadership of Phobius, Vorsar and Nimue, they still outnumbered the the Halflings at least fifteen to one.
    They almost despaired at the task they had set for themselves, until one of the great eagles brought a strange stone to them: a pies of a portal, which enabled them to create a two way portal to a great continent, covered in ruins of a lost civilisation, but no longer inhabited by an intellegent race: their opportunity.



    The Halflings were torn between choosing to ally themselves with the humans or the other races. They couldn’t choose and in their inertia both sides thinking they will side with the enemy decided to eliminate their entire race.

    No one knows which side was the cause of their destruction. Are they really destroyed or did they stage their own extinction waiting to re-emerge when the time is right?

    As of now the Halflings came into contact with a new type of technology that is very alien in nature. When the halflings were examinating it something happened and it bonded with them, infecting them slowly and purging the weak, leaving only one third of their population. Those who remained became something else; a new, constantly evolving, far more powerful race preparing to conquer and assimilate the rest of the realm.

    (They will be introduced in the Age of Wonder 3™: Blood Magic expansion.)



    Halflings have retreated out of the realms of history into the edges of fantasy and myth, so much so that many scholars refute that these diminutive people ever existed and attribute any presence in the historical record as gross misunderstanding or scholarly incompetence.

    Halfings were, and are, in fact quite real. Their disposition, especially during and after the events of the so-called “Shadow Magic” period enforced their reclusive nature to an almost xenophobic level. Fleeing from the destruction wrought by both the invasion of the shadow demons and the subsequent retaliation by the wizards, a large group of refugees, most of whom had never entertained thoughts of travel by water beyond a stroll down a long pier, found themselves stranded on the coast facing almost dozen empty transport ships used by the Tall People to transport their armies. While built to scale for human dimensions, the Halflings quickly found that they could not only work the mechanics of the ships with some minor adjustments, but their stature allowed them to house twice the number of passengers!

    At first, the majority of the refugees wanted to dismantle the boats and use the materials to build a new settlement and try to put their lives back into something resembling their traditional ways of living, but one high spirited youngster had a different idea. This Callum Russet, a former potato farmer and eagle rider during the wars, encouraged the gathered peoples to look at this as an opportunity to start completely new. The tall folk had fought their wars on land, and the Halflings had done their duty, but there was little reward for their faithfulness. These ships were, at last, a chance for escape from troubles that they neither started nor wanted. Were not the Halflings just as clever and ingenious as the humans who built these massive ships? Did they not uncover and conquer the secrets to their operation? It was time, he said, for the Halflings to take leave of land and its problems altogether and head to sea.

    There would be sacrifices to be made of course. The refugees were forced to release their herds of ponies and bid farewell to many of their stalwart forest allies, but these Halflings formed the core of the Alliance of Liberated Ships. Russet, who in a dramatic gesture, changed his name to the grandiose Hawkhand Windwarrior and christened the soon to be flagship Red Norland, become the first Admiral elected by Fleet congress, made of two delegates from each ship, each of which represented a former Shire or Halfling village left behind. Many of the ships become specialized, some for food production (whith decks below in the darkness producing some of the most sought after mushrooms in the world, and the above decks covered with soil and terraces for growing both staples and luxury items – including the most famous Drunken Fleet, a group of 4 ships who through magical and mundane means have maintained shipboard vineyards and distilleries), some for warfare (such as those ships with specially modified masts for the aeries of the eagle riders). As always, while they were strangers to the sea at first, through a willingness to listen and learn without forcing their will on nature, the Halflings quickly found a harmonious balance in their new homes, and there are rumors of an elite group of sea cavalry, hardy and brave Halflings armed with spears and nets riding atop playful and loyal dolphins, pods of which follow the fleet from place to place, so much do these creatures of the sea love the Halflings.

    The fleet, once barely a dozen ships, now numbers upwards towards 50 vessels of various kinds, and while Halflings are the dominant demographic, the ALS never turns away any ship which is in sincere need and desire to join their floating community. For obvious reasons, the fleet avoids populated areas and as such is often considered a myth told by sailors (who are notoriously superstitious). The fleet prefers to avoid confrontation, but when attacked or approached with unscrupulous intent they will fight quite savagely. For the skeptic, one need only consult the report in the Commonwealth Naval Library of one Captain Hampton. Sent on a secret mission by the high command to evaluate what threat, in any, the ALS presented, the captain and his crew decided to pillage one of the “Pork Trotters”, a ship dedicated to the tending of the fleet’s droves of pigs. They surprised the ship, stole many of the pigs and set it aflame. Celebrating their victory, the Commonwealth dreadnought thought they were safe when that evening, a small schooner, the Willygoat, slipped up beside the warship and before Hampton knew it his crew was assaulted by what he, as the sole survivor of the attack, would later describe as “midget pirates”. Vicious fighters and expert saboteurs, the Halflings disabled the warship and dispatched its crew in short order. Barely escaping, Hampton made his way back to the Commonwealth, made his report, and was subsequently laughed out of any chance of another commission. Despite the obvious derision that Hampton’s report was met with, the Commonwealth Naval Command has yet to send another ship to investigate the Alliance of Liberated Ships



    The Halflings are gone. That much is true. There are many reasons depending on who’s asked. Some say they hated the fighting, others that they died out. Some laugh jokingly about them being too fat and dumb, while some call them runaway cowards. They all believe the Halflings didn’t belong. But they never saw the Halfling army rushing into battle so fiercely it sent Orcish hordes scattering. They never witnessed the wiped out settlement reappearing someplace else as if nothing had happened. Not the inattentive Halfling outwitting a Succubus or the simple one standing tall against a crazed Kharagh. Those who saw knew they had as much as any other race. Those who saw knew the Halflings did belong.

    The Halflings themselves never cared much what the other races thought of them, bad or good. Neither do they judge the others, unless their peace is threatened. When that happens they know they have something the other races do not, an unrivaled fusion of flexibility and ingenuity. While the other races are stuck in their age old traditions in the endless fight between good and evil, the Halflings always surprise. They adapt, both to the physical and magic world, they make good use of tools, machines and contraptions, they are quick to find friends and allies. In this they have no equal. This time, they proved it without a shadow of a doubt.

    In their search for a better good and a new way to oppose evil, no small thanks to appearance of the Shadow Demons, the Halflings achieved a feat only known to the most knowledgeable. They found a way to transfer their entire race into the realm of magic. This way they can revel to the fullest in the sphere of good which they so love. This way they can act somewhat like the undead, a race not bound to the physical world like the other races thus granting them the strengths that bring. The problem? They have to find their way back. Whether that will be through the summoning by another race, or by themselves, only the future will tell. For now they have to make themselves at home in this new way of existence and make it known, hopefully only, to those they wish. Until then, the world will be a little less bright.

    Fun stuff and stupidly exited about AoW III!



    I have a little request for the devs: please, next time you make such a contest, give us a clear deadline.
    That would show us, wether we still have a chance, even if we discovered the thread days after its creation. And it would enable us to go for greater quality, instead of whipping out first drafts because tomorrow is even more likely to be too late than today.



    In a world torn by war, turmoil, and deceit between the established races, our small friends have seemed to have had enough. After centuries of endless combat, and no hope upon the horizon of a world of peace, peace that the dear Halflings so whole-heartedly enjoy, a decision was made. It was not a singular decision nor did a small body of Halflings make this decision, but it was a decision of an entire Civilization. On the eve of the new millenium, hundreds of thousands of Halflings set out upon ships, going towards the rising sun of the day.

    Our old adversaries, or friends, depending on who you would ask, have set adrift to find a new homeland, a new continent, a place where peace is the only way of life, a land where no over-blotted Warlords or Sorcerers find it their “divine mission” to conquer everyone and everything. A land where the tiny Halflings can flourish the way they have always wished to have flourished, eating exquiste food, putting the ways of weapon making and such distasteful war far behind them, this is the vision the Race of the Halflings had, and unlike the visions of the other races that involve conqueering and bloodshed, their vision involved arts and culture.

    And so, it is said, that the Halflings eventually found a land for themselves, free of the war, free of the hate. It is said that the Halflings race is now the largest in numbers, and their cities are as beautiful as the Halls of the Wizard Kings who once were. Instead of loathing at their actions, let us give toast to our old brothers for they have grown in a likes the taller races, who always looked down upon them, could never imagine in this age.

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