Which tier 4 racial units would you like to see.

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    This topic has been created to brainstorm ideas on making racial tier 4 units.

    This is The place to discuss what tier 4 racial units can be. It starts with 2 ideas.

    2 ideas for different racial tier 4 units with purpose.

    Each unit can only be built with a palace, a metropolis and an additional special building.

    1. Transport – was a great ability in previous Aow games where 1 late game unit was able to make other units in it’s stack move at the same speed and with the same movement type I.e flying. the primary unit that had this ability was the airship a human unit.

    The main bonus of this ability is that low tier units often with low movement points can keep up with high tier units thus allowing a mixed army to move forward at the same speed.

    A side effect was that only 1 unit with the ability transport can be in a stack. Again offering variety.

    It also vastly improved the supply of units to the front lines as instead of taking 10 turns to bring up a stack of mixed low tier units to the front lines this could be achieved in 5 turns or less due to higher movement points and in some cases the ability to bypass terrain types.

    This idea revolves around a concept where every race can build a unit with transport. Some ideas for this are;

    Humans with their ingenuity can build the airship

    Dwarfs with their mechanical prowess can build the steam tank

    Halflings have luckily discovered the gigantic eagle.

    Frostlings have a giant mammoth

    Goblins have tamed the great worm from the lowest depths.

    Draconians have awoke a dragonthing

    Orcs have a behemoth, Ancient orcs the size of giants beaten into submission. With platforms to carry the others.

    Elves have created a fey airship

    2. Racial governor this concept revolves around the idea of a hero that can be build.

    Each city once requirements mentioned above have been fulfilled can create a single governor unit I.e a dwarf king, elf lord, human prince etc this unit provides special bonuses to the city that it was build in while it remains alive. I.e Improved production, better defensive options, units built have new abilities etc.

    Level up could function like previous Aow 2 and shadow magic with a choice of 3 racial specific abilities.

    Do you like either of these ideas? how would you improve on them? What would you like to see as a tier 4 racial unit?



    I really like the idea of transports. It’s something that would make logical sense given the abilities of these races and help a ton when attempting to do mixed armies.

    Racial generals. Maybe not heroes, but units who are defensively strong, but not offensively, while having abilities/passives that can give serious buffs to all other units of that race in the army. This way there’s no benefit to death stacking them(if designed right) and they could turn the racial tier 1’s/2’s/3’s into either a half or whole step higher (2/3/4’s). Or if not a flat buff could maybe give them specific late game buffs.

    So for example an elf general could give his non general elf troops Monster slayer, immune to mind control, and a banish ability, making elves slightly better in the scorer matchup and nerfing horror death stacks. Dwarfs could get sabotage and rust strike abilities to counter dreadnaught death stacks.

    This is likely too much hate, but it shows the core idea.


    In a theoretical discussion, I’ like to point out that having every T4 unit be a transport is not a good idea.



    I second BBB here.

    Plus if its primary function is transport, somehow this unit is better fit as different category of tier rather than the current T1 – T4.

    Or it doesn’t need to be racial T4, alternate racial T3 can also work, actually i prefer alternate racial T3 than racial T4.

    Although maybe it’s better if all of us wait for the upcoming DLC, let’s first see how the new race upgrade system fare before fantasizing new racial T4.

    I get the feeling that the upgrade system can make T1 seems as strong as T2, and T3 as strong as T4. If this truly happen, all this fantasizing have no point anymore.



    I’d also prefer some more racial T3’s opposed to T4’s. You can have them go much more ways – taking roles of Archers, Supports or Irregulars, which gives all the needed room to make new units.

    Also, there’s the current standing decision of the Dev’s – Cities only produce units which are of the race the city has. The only possibility of those you named up there would be that behemoth, which is a bit weird lorewise – a unit like this should have showed before.

    Machines are excluded. Maybe a Dread could get an Air Galley(I’m in favor of the idea…), but there’s not to be any machines more technologically advanced than a trebuchet for any other races.(Maybe a Ballista from the Builder’s Hall? or move Trebuchet to the Master’s Guild.)

    Possible T3’s:
    High Elf:
    Ranger(Archer, 11 base damage longbow, maybe 1 bonus range on Elite)
    Stormlord(Support, inflict stun/shocking, provide Shock damage/inflict shocking to other units, Call lightning on Elite. )
    Dwarven Mole rider(Cavalry, tunneling, 40 MP. Firstborn loses tunneling.)
    Breather: (Archer, fire breath. A bit sturdy. Somewhat closer to dragon orgins.)
    (Mammoth Rider? put wolf rider back at T2…)
    Kharagh(It made goblin sounds when you hit it in SM…maybe it’s (part) goblin?)
    Abomination(Irregular. Entangle, poison spit.)
    Sheriff(Cavalry. Dual Cav might be boring, but Sheriff really is the best choice IMO…)
    Swashbuckler(Irregular, Fire Pistol, Swimming and decent melee.)

    Possible T4’s: kharagh?(can’t think of more..)



    In a theoretical discussion, I’ like to point out that having every T4 unit be a transport is not a good idea.

    I agree, since racial variaty was one of the main arguments people use when they ask for racial T4 units, those T4 should fill in different roles if possible.

    Here are some ideas that came to my mind when I thought about racial T4 units:

    Humans: Air Galley (see TO post and many others, nothing new here)

    Elfs: Blade Master (Infantery)
    – total awareness
    – extra strike (when this unit attacks, it gains an aditional action point)
    – throw dagger (straight shot, medium range, chance to inflict paralyzed for 2 turns (incorporeal units are immune))
    – melee attacks cause some lightning damage
    – armored
    – mind control immunity
    – possible medal upgrades: sprint, phase, marcial arts

    Halflings: Master of Mischief (Irregular)
    – very lucky
    – smoky haze (when this unit is attacked, there is a chance the attacker will suffer 3 blight damage and get poisoned)
    – sprint
    – throw fariy powder (bomb attack, 3 fire, frost, lightning damage, applies random debuff)
    – throw stones
    – trip up (breaks guard mode of target and puts its abilities on full cooldown (yes, abilities that can only be used once per combat are gone))
    – mind control immunity
    – possible medal upgrades: backstab, inflict crippling wounds, pass wall, minor bard skills, taunt (if it is changed to a non-berserk effect again)

    Draconians: Firebrute (Monster) (not flying)
    – immolating breath (breath attack, 8 fire damage, chance to inflict immolation)
    – regeneration
    – inflict scorching heat
    – inflict immolation
    – projectile resistance
    – 100% fire protection, lava walking, 20% frost weakness
    – swallow whole
    – possible medal upgrades: fearsome, fire aura, mind control immunity

    Goblins: Pit-Driver (Irregular)
    – relentless (if this is in one of your cities, hurrying production in that city won’t cause any moral penalties, cost only 50% more gold, but 150% population)
    – whip it good (aoe 3 hex around this unit, affects only friendly units, 50% chance to dispel moral debuffs, affected units gain +8 movement and +1 damage (any existing channel, melee and ranged!) for this turn, 1 turn cooldown)
    – strangle (touch ability, physical damage, chance to paralyze target for 2 turns (incorporeal are immune), no cooldown)
    – mind control immunity
    – possible medal upgrades: bringer of good will 😀 (different name needed here, will cause volunteer’s in the same stack to cost additional 25% less upkeep), fast healing, volunteer, 20% physical protection

    Dwarfs: Giant Mole (Cavalry)
    – 28 or maybe 32 mp
    – tunneling, night vision, cave crawling
    – undermine (creates a tunnel from the current position to another unoccupied hex (range should be comparable to phase), consumes all movement points, any unit with cave crawling may traverse through the tunnel for a cost of 16mp (other unit’s can’t use it!))
    – armored, overwhelm, devastating charge, wallcrushing
    – mind control immunity
    – blind (I guess this is only relevant vs shrine of smiting)
    – possible medal upgrades: inflict crippling wounds, defensive strike, defender

    The ideas for Orcs and Frostlings I will add later.

    Best regards,

    edit: I think this thread is for brainstorming not for discussing the need or usefulness of T4s (there already exist enough threads for that).


    Jolly Joker

    Simple answer: None.



    Ok, second part:

    – on second thought, the Goblin Pit-Driver should be Infantery instead of Irregular (also makes more sense for him to profit from dungeon instead of trading post)

    Frostlings: Packleader (Irregular)
    – call the pack (summons a bleak warg unit to a random location on the battlefield, triggers once per turn for 6 turns, can be disjuncted, usable once per battle)
    – feed the pack (long range, marks enemy unit as prey for 3 turns, letting it take 3 more damage from animal and monster units and attempts to panic it, cannot target undead, machine or incorporeal units, 3 turns cooldown)
    – polearm, throw harpoon (with some additional damage)
    – mind control immunity
    – on expert or elite: aspect of the wolf (until end of combat this unit is transformed into a doom wolf, damage, buffs and debuffs persist unless they are specific to irregular or frostling units, consumes all movement and action points)
    – other possible medal upgrades: armor piercing, inflict frostbitten, inflict freezing cold, first strike

    Doom Wolf (Monster)
    – frost breath
    – high mp (40?)
    – moderate melee frost damage, infict freezing cold, inflict frostbitten
    – fearsome
    – mind control immunity
    – inflict bleeding wounds

    Orcs: War Caller (Support)
    – war chant (orc units in the same stack as this unit receive +200 moral and +1 physcial damage)
    – mark of the war caller (extreme range, used on a friendly unit bestows that unit with +2 defense, +1 resistance and makes it immune to moral debuffs for 2 turns, used on an enemy unit it attempts to panic that unit (shaken if resisted), 2 turns cooldown)
    – herald (while this unit is in a city, the production cost for units in that city is reduced by 10%)
    – black bolts, if death damage channel returns, else naga fire
    – inflict spirit breaking, inflict despair
    – mind control immunity
    – possible medal upgrades: bestow iron heart, inflict dazed

    Best regards,



    Dwarven Mole rider

    Hell yes!


    Oh yeah, and they need to have a pistole and taunt! (the original taunt though…)



    You guys should resurrect the thread about unit brainstorming.

    Although i’d prefer more T3 than T4.

    The way i’d like the new T3 to be implemented is as racial T3, as an alternative of the current one.

    Of course we will need to create a system to split it.



    Seriously am I the only one who remembers how draconian Crusher looked in AoW2?

    Dwarven Mole rider(Cavalry, tunneling, 40 MP. Firstborn loses tunneling.)<br>
    Sheriff(Cavalry. Dual Cav might be boring, but Sheriff really is the best choice IMO…)<br>
    (Mammoth Rider? put wolf rider back at T2…)Orc:
    Abomination(Irregular. Entangle, poison spit.)

    YES for Mole Rider, Mole mount and Sheriff!
    I also agree on frostlings and partially on orcs. Maybe they could have something like orc assassin from AoW1? Just with proper orcish name, like backstabber?
    Plus I’d propose Charlatan for humans, Ranger/Executioner/Blade Dancer for elves and Bomber for goblins.



    Seriously am I the only one who remembers how draconian Crusher looked in AoW2?

    Nope, but the name is gone, and the feel went over to warbreed, which is why I left it out.

    ….Bomber for goblins.

    But this is a T1…

    As for the elves, they don’t need another cavalry.



    But this is a T1…

    As for the elves, they don’t need another cavalry.

    Well, A new unit called Stag rider could serve as T2 high elf cavalry exclusive for archdruid only.



    I’d love to see more higher end racial units. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to have two, mutually exclusive tech-paths per city; one that follows leader class and one that follows the city’s race. That way, you’d be encouraged to specialize cities, and would have to think a bit about what you build instead of just building everything in as many cities as possible.

    As for tier IV racial units… well, the biggest problem is the game’s current design philosophy. Almost every tier IV unit from previous games was a monster, technological construct, or some type of racial ally. There is a very constant design philosophy avoiding those in this game, which makes thinking up suitable tier IV racial units difficult.

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