Will we finally be able to get off the boat?

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    Sorry, history and AoW tradition demanded that it had to be asked.  😉 😛



    ROFLMAO! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    It did indeed! Less than fifteen minutes since I signed up and all the old crowd is starting to come out of the woodwork! Hello there, Richard!


    Hey, Edi!  Talk about everything old, ( or, should I say, everyone old 😉  ) is new again.


    Lennart Sas

    Haha, we still remember that one.  🙂  We drastically changed sea combat. Every unit now gets its own ship and is able to use a lot of their (ranged) abililties.



    Left click the boat. Right click the boat. Now all your units are highlighted except the boat. Click to move off 😛



    “Do you believe in magic…”



    Damn! I was half an hour too late to start this very thread.


    And hello Blackmane, long time no see (it’s BBB here).


    I am excited!


    I would love some screenshots of this brand new naval system Lennart is talking about.



    Hi JD! Hi BBB! (Yes I remember you haha)

    Wha’s with the new nick haha use the old one 😉 Look at the rest of us 😛

    So long as this new naval system somehow incorps a sly nod to that old problem, I will be pleased 😛


    Hah I didn’t want to register so I used the Facebook log in thing instead.



    Besides, I’ll still be playing my best against you guys, no matter the name


    Just wondering if we’ll see the really old legends here, like Jesta or Mikhail or Jomungur…


    Speaking of old legends, will we finally see the return of Silver????!!!!  Want a cookie? 😛



    Haha, nice to read this, I also remember this particular confusion from back then!

    Good to see quite a lot of people returning! I remember definitely BBB (thanks for identifying yourself as him Zamina).

    And yes, getting off the boat will be easier 😉



    Finally got my registration sorted out. With that out of the way, I have the perfect idea for this:

    What we need in AoW3 is a spell called “prison barge”. It would trap one enemy stack on a boat that the enemy can move around, but never disembark from. That way we still can have the classic question asked, but with a new twist on the answer. “No, you really cannot get off the boat”.




    😀 😀 😀 😀

    Now THAT is genius!




    Guessing Narvek is a dev? 🙂 Welcome! =D

    I want Mikhail back 🙁 I miss him something fierce and I’ve always regretted not talking to him more. 🙁


    I just got a good friend to buy these games (hey better late than never)… guess which question I had to answer shortly after? :p

    And a prison barge spell is a great idea! 😀



    Yes great idea.



    Wow I’m trying to figure out what my next 4x game is going to be and BAM! I run into a reply, under a you tube video that says “who cares about this game AOW 3 is coming out”

    Holy Mother of Shizah.  I cant believe it… only had to wait 10 years.  I am so excited.

    I registered with Facebook, so I don’t know if my name is going to show up.  This is Krayduk

    I just had to say hi.  Man I cant wait to play Good Aligned Goblins… yeah woot.

    Whats Up Blackmane!  Hi Bard!  JD! Man this is great. I hope Bethgale shows  ;D




    Glad to see you back, Krayduk! Yep, we’ve got most of the old core crowd here, just missing Beth, Caber and Blue.


    Yo, Krayduck!   Caber got annoyed with the sign in process so I’m not sure if he’s coming here or not.  However, if you want to say hi, he’s resurrected LifeLine (just enough to get a faint heartbeat :P) so you will see him there occasionally along with (so far) moi, BBB, AoW420.  Beth knows about this, as to whether she shows up…. Oh, I also heard from Dark Spider and Coolle.




    Wow, getting quite a few old timers, though it won’t be the same with Caber, who was a staple. Off the top of my head, I can also think of JAT, Org, and Kaenash.

    Seeing the old names made me look up some fiction I had saved from the old forum back in the day. Then I sobered up when I came across the World Trade Center thread I had saved, where we were all posting as it happened as news came to light, including Bard and Caber living in New York.

    Hard to believe how long ago that was. We got history.



    Yes, we do.  As it says on the LifeLine’s homepage:

    Founded by Silverleaf: 24 Oct 2000

    And that doesn’t take into account the older boards which preceded it.



    I hope Caber tries to sign in here again. He might have got hit by the registration glitch that caught several other people too. The botched registrations will begin to work after using the password recovery system.

    And we have avatars! Yay!




    I recognize your avatar, Edi, from back in the day. Same one, right? I think mine is also the one I used back then, but not 100% sure.




    When you spoke about boats, I supposed it was only about sea wars or so but finally it is about completly different stuff… I only played AOWSM but really a lot between its release up to 2008 and I hope this new game will make take me as much time !

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