Will we get a fix for Rapids

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    BLUF: I’m not against rapids, but can we please get them toned down in the next future patch?

    I remember the fuss when AOW3 first came out about how mountains were passable by all units when in the previous games you had to have mountaineering. I also remember the reasons justifying the change which came down to game balance e.g., the mobility advantage that mountaineering units had over non-mountaineering units in previous games, isolation defense of cities due to impassable mountains to most units, etc.

    But now, the infamous rapids have appeared. I like the idea of the rapids which add a new terrain type to the RMG that provides a natural choke-point and obstacle to most units. However, the rapids that form run so far across the map that the effect invokes the reasons why Mountains were originally changed in AOW3 e.g., mobility advantage of units which can cross rapids (Floating, Flying), and defense of cities due to isolation, etc. Due to this, can rapids be addressed in the next patch?



    Agreed. Rapids are great. They’re a good strategic addition. Unless you have to scroll the screen 3 times to find the end of them. Then they just become unrealistic and annoying.



    Isn’t the same problem with lava under ground?



    I agree that the rapids are often WAY too long. Generally speaking you usually see rapids where rivers go through mountainous or hilly terrain because the water is unable to cut a wide channel through rocks. I’d adjust the probability of rapids accordingly.



    Perhaps a slider for rapids?


    Isn’t the same problem with lava under ground?

    Underground doesn’t have much water and overall mobility is limited there anyway because of cave walls.

    A slider for rapids would be great.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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