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    Why would it be imbalanced? Everybody has access to it.

    Dont forget about AI. In some areas its really “artificial” and not so “intelligence”

    Another thing i’d really love to see have a comeback is the Teleportation Gate.

    The lack of that feature i actually like because it creates logistics issues. And i like those expeditions from homeland to the outposts far away when you are happy that at least half of troops made it.
    And i forgot to mention one feature that i really want to see someday in AOW: Placement of troops at the start of battle



    Lizardman race is partially represented in game already by Draconians and Nagas and addition of separate Lizardman race wont bring much imo.

    What game lacks is Asian themed race. I’d love to see some Chu-ko-nus, Samurais, some sort of ninjas, and some of the Asian mythology creatures. It could be the new look for Nomads, or complete new race.

    Also would love to see new class, Warlock or non magical (maybe some kind of hunter)



    Draconians and nagas are not lizardmen! Give me lizardfolk or give me mod tools to make the race of lizardmen by himself! This game without lizardfolk is called the Age of Genocide! I can not reconcile with the extermination of entire nations!


    Talking about asian themed races…

    Returning Azrac and Lizardmen units as part of some mystical structures and a mad scientist Alchemist/Witch class are also on my wishlist



    Maybe an extra layer of faction customization. By which I mean currently we have three (race, class, and to a lesser extent specializations) adding one more thing like “government type” that unlocks new units and buildings could further multiply character creation options allot.

    Only if they could come up with something reasonably mechanically compelling though. If done badly a system like this would probably suck.



    Would a cap on the number of heroes (and/or Tier IV units) in any given army stack make for a more varied end-game?



    Realm idea: Phaerie Realms. Would love to see a Phaerie Realm (parallel dimension to the physical world). A realm that is more fantastic and lively as opposed to shadowy (like the shadow plane). The realm/plane would have gates to the corresponding level on the physical plane (surface in Phaerie to surface on the physical plane, etc.). Or you could phase between them with certain spells or racial abilities.

    If we want to also include the original Shadow Plane, it could be as if it’s a linking plane between the planes. So in order to get to different planes you’d have to pass into the Shadow Plane then to the plane you wanted to go to.

    You could also add different elemental planes to travel to and possibly have the nodes be gates or powerful spells to travel to the other planes. Each plane would have a distinct effect on game play based on what that realm would logically affect.

    “Realm” idea: Subterranean Earth. Would love to be able to create multiple levels of the underground. The lower you go the darker it gets and the stranger the flora and fauna (Have three basic bands or levels, shallow shadows (1st band), mid-level glooms (2nd band), and deep dark (3rd band). Each band could be composed of up to three actual layers on the map (configurable in the UI). So then you have strange almost alien races from the deep dark depths. Either have the races be dwellings and you can only find them in those bands or introduce them as actual player races. They might have disadvantages on the surface but have spells to compensate for that.

    Realm idea: Inner Earth: Would love it if there was an inner earth like realm that was full of prehistoric type creatures or a wilder type of world than the surface. You have to go through subterranean realms (see above) to get there and then it’s a mirror image of the surface: So the oceans on the surface are the continents in the inner earth. Would go for creating a huge amount of space to control and feel like this is a massive world, not just a map. And make the maps actually be as if they are on a globe… the east and west of the maps connect… as if it is a cylinder (as like Civ 5 maps).

    Additional stuff
    Definitely more Races and depth to them, more unique unit types. More variations for classes and race combinations instead of the generic Elf Bard, Orc Bard, etc. Maybe each class represents the class differently. So an Elf Rogue and an Orc Rogue would have different units that would fit that race better. Like Elf Rogue would have ranged based rogue type units and Orcs would have melee based type bandit type units, etc. This would do well to promote having different races in your empire to gain those different units within your class.

    Alignment: Definitely would like to see alignment have more impact. Like having different skills open up based on your alignment and class/specialization. Or even bring back the different gods and have alignment be part of the factor when interacting with them. Evil gods will award evil characters while they will punish or have quests to attack god characters and visa-versa, etc.

    Specializations: Would love to see this expanded somehow. I really loved Master of Magic’s book system. Would love to see something like that or add more slots. Have specializations that bring more depth to the classes.

    Also have very rare rewards of specializations from ruins. So you can still expand beyond your starting slots. That would be interesting. Add more unique type of skills you can only find from ruins or reward from the gods, etc.

    Just some high level ideas 🙂

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