Wizard Tower? Yes nor Not?

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    Yeah yeah… blah blah blah… the only question I care  for at this point is: are we gonna have a wizzie tower?

    But why am I wasting my time here since the devs are nowhere to be found? Unless they start answering questions I really doubt I’ll stick around much longer. Noblesse oblige.




    BK, with all respect, just read all Lennart’s posts, there are many isefull information, including towers. ))
    You can make it here:

    Lennart Sas



    Somehow I think we will find a way to carry on without your presence.


    So.. ya… bye.




    BK, if you take that attitude, I doubt many people will be sorry to see the last of you. Regardless of whether you were an active member of the community in the days of yore when AoW1 was in its heyday and AoW2 a new game, the developers don’t owe you personal attention as soon as you snap your fingers.

    If you’re not willing to put any effort into looking up info that is served up here on this forum and easy to find, why should anyone put any effort into spoonfeeding it to you?

    Show some basic courtesy and you’ll get a much more favorable response.



    Maybe the devs are busy developing the game, and that’s what they should be doing. 🙂



    Yep, I don’t think that’s the wizard tower either. I think it’s probably just the highest tower in the castle/city center/town hall. The elven city has a similar thing. It makes sense not to have a wizard tower in every city as while there are still wizards/sorcerers in the game, they aren’t the main focus like they were in AoW II.

    I actually find that the devs are answering a lot of our questions, they just can’t be everywhere at once at all times. I’m sure like everyone else they have time constraints (like actually finishing the game).


    Hope to see towers in some form.

    Best way to search for dev replies is to find one of Lennart’s posts, go to his profile and check out all of his posts. There’s quite a bit of info.



    I second Edi’s post.  Great communities help make great games so feel free to move along since you are getting the attention you feel you deserve.



    Yup we’re busy making the game 🙂

    (and I was ill the past few days, such things come to pass as well, unfortunately :p)

    This also means not everything has been decided yet… so for example to this question (Wizard Tower) there’s currently no definitive answer yet.

    If you want a Wizard Tower, what would you want it to do (bearing in mind other classes as well)?



    Well, a wizard tower can be a building available for all classes which can improve mana generation and research of the arcane, give possibility to build certain units and buildings like enchanted walls. It can have additional benefits for sorcerers  who can have a possibility to upgrade their towers into real citadels of magic power.

    Or the towers can get back as a separate map structure ( like in AoW1).



    Add bonus to spell damage or effect. And would be buildable only by the Soreceres. Every class would get a specific building for  example rogue get torture chamber which keep the population at bay, Sorceres get the wizard tower, Warlord an academy wich increase the exp lvl of units ect.



    IIRC one of the posts by Lennart was that since there are other classes besides wizards, there could be other buildings similar to wizard towers or that towers wouldn’t be automatically necessary for everyone.

    I’d actually like that setup.



    I think no wizard towers. cause its not aow2. A special building dependent on the leader would make the most common sense. This means indeed wizard towers for wizards, but possible dungeons for rogues, a big tree for druids or something in line, and a palace/special castle for warlords, crypt for necromancers when they wanna join in too. special buildings depending on the leader is a good idea….could also make special buildings depending on religon. Think about Lords of Magic they had these huge temples of their cult, with Theocrats(cathedrals?) in this game this might be an option too.


    If I am understanding Narvek correctly, then this is brilliant!


    If the devs are busy making the game instead than listening to us, fine… but I just don’t see any reason to write my suggestions then 🙂


    Alright just seen Navrek’s post… Thanks for taking the time. All my apologies.

    Well… wizards would have a tower with all sort of enchantment in their dominon like AOWSM, while other classes could be able to research and use specific skills in their dominion. Doesn’t necessarily has to be a “magic” dominion… stealth and espionage skills in the rogue dominion, military bonuses in warlord dominion (instead than a tower they would have a royal palace ie…) … I should think about it a little longer to be more precise.

    But omitting such an iconic element like the dominion imo would be a mistake.




    In the cities could be central building, whos upgrade will do city tier up. Wizard’s Tower for Sorcerer, Tree for Archdruid and other. If Sorcerer captured Archdruid’s city, then he should rebuild central building for using it bonuses.


    I’d like a class specific building too (towers for sorcerers, grooves for druids, dens/guilds/something along those lines for rogues, academies for war lords etc.) that could be used as a research center of sorts. Once it’s built it could give access to class specific upgrades to units, specific units (obviously not all of the class units, but one or two upper tier ones?) and perhaps even make it possible to train an additional hero reliably (instead of having to wait for one to show up at your door, or need to use magic to get it.). I’d also like if the building itself gave some basic boost for that particular town, but any unit improvements/upgrades researched were retroactive and map wide and active as long as you hold a city with such a building in it (and the upgrade has been researched in that city. Loose all cities with the building and loose the upgrade). So it’d be a fairly powerful and important building, but also unique to the class.



    this all depends on magic rules (domain, spell casting etc.) if the mechanics have changed then no more need for wizard tower. it better be replaced by a leader type specific building as it has been mentioned earlier.


    I personally think that maybe, MAYBE, every class should have access to magic. MAYBE. It depends on the role magic is going to have on the game. If it’s going to have the same role as it has in previous games, then it will be essential where classes like the Warlord and the Engineer will have less access to magic. If it’s not going to have the same role, then perhaps only caster classes should get access to it.

    But I find this to be a very difficult thing to consider, which is where I’m glad that Triumph Studios is making the game instead of me 😛



    TirAsleen has great ideas. Different buildings for different classes, which clearly a wizard tower is for wizards/sorcerers. You could also have advantages for common buildings, like a warlord gets an advantage for barracks (veteran units, outright bonus on stats, faster productions, etc.).

    Along the same line, I would very much like to see more building diversity. Races having different buildings that provide different advantages. AoWSM has a little too cookie cutter for me and that’s one thing I’d like to see. For instance, elves are restricted on mechanical/production buildings but have woodland type buildings.


    Brother JO

    If all classed have different buildings there can be a problem with captured cities.Let’s say you’re warlord and you captured a city from sorcerer class enemy.And that city has wizard tower which is no use to you.Then what?But if all classes use same building then there would be no such problem.


    **If you want a Wizard Tower, what would you want it to do (bearing in mind other classes as well)?**

    Since it’s not purely about magic it could be renamed to something like “Tower of Dominion”. It’s hard to make suggestions without knowing details about class skills and such but the tower’s function would be related to domain effects, making them stronger or cheaper to use (if the leaders is present within the tower). It could obviously extend your borders and have all sorts of effects depending on class.

    The idea of class specific “towers” is also a good one and something to consider for an expansion.

    Sorcerer – Wizard Tower (the classic)

    Warlord – Citadel/Keep

    Druid – The Great Oak (or something)

    Rogue – Xanadu 😛

    Dreadnought – Spire of Progress/Industry

    Necromancer – Dark Obelisk

    Theocrat – Pillar of Faith



    Truth be told, I wouldn’t miss most of the Wizard’s Tower’s functionality. But, there would need to be a structure that extended your domain in a similar fashion, and what would happen when you died if you didn’t have one?



    If there are class-based buildings, I don’t think one class should be able to access the abilities of another classes building should they happen to take over the enemies HQ.  That would blend the capabilities of the classes too much.

    btw, I really like the idea of the Rogues building being a Guild Headquarters, perhaps with abilities to spy on enemies, sabotage production, or attempt to assassinate enemies. Sweet!


    Towns and castles extend the domain now on their own.



    If there are class-based buildings, I don’t think one class should be able to access the abilities of another classes building should they happen to take over the enemies HQ.  That would blend the capabilities of the classes too much.

    If that’s the case, then rogues will benefit more from killing rogues, wizards from killing wizards, druids from killing druids… and so on and so forth.  Choosing to only let the same classes benefit from each other’s buildings is a serious design choice, and it may even help players choose who to kill first.  It’s something worth debating.



    Being able to demolish class structures you can’t use and build your own in their place is the obvious solution.

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