Wizard Tower? Yes nor Not?

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    OR just have the building removed when you take a city. Or if it’s not one of your own (you’re a rogue and just took a warlords city) you get an option to convert it to your own type (much like how you can migrate a city to match your race).


    Structures that allow for a dominion should stay once conquered by other classes, but their benefits should be limited to having a surrounding dominion. If you want to build your kind of building you need to destroy the specific class buildings first.

    IE BK (warlord) conquers Styges’ (rogue) capital, whose level 3 “House of Thief” allows for a huge dominion. Now the Knight has the choice to destroy the building and start building a “King’s Hall” (the warlord’s equivalent of a wiz tower), thus losing for now the level 3 dominion but doing that would allow him to start with a level one “King’s Hall” and make all sort of knightly buildings.

    In other words, yes, IMO a wizard should have a great benefit form killing another wizard.



    I don’t think I could make a reasoned argument one way or the other without knowing more about the new class mechanics/ how the game plays.

    Wizard towers were critical in AoW2, because leaders were exclusively wizards and were very weak. They would have been far less useful in AoW1 because most leaders were roving killing machines.

    Knowing the size of maps, how stats work, the number of cities on a normal map, among others, would be essential before coming to a conclusion.


    Still there’s no harm in speculating Heroic, especially when we were asked to specify what we would want out of such a building.

    And I like BK’s thinking, it adds an interesting element to it. Tear it down and make yourself weaker for a while, or keep the old one, keep a larger dominion, but also basically invite your enemy to throw everything he has against you because your signaling to the world that the building is still there…


    I guess the question we’re all wanting the answer to at this stage is whether or not mana will still be the second resource. It seems like the answer would be ‘obviously yes!’, but it’s hard for me to tell atm :c



    the second resource is chocolate



    I guess the question we’re all wanting the answer to at this stage is whether or not mana will still be the second resource. It seems like the answer would be ‘obviously yes!’, but it’s hard for me to tell atm :c

    If you look at the screenshot of the siege, you can see the mana symbol on the upper frame.


    Makes me wonder, however, how Clemens was able to amass 25,000 mana. 😛


    Ah man, nice find =D

    I do wonder why the Gold symbol wouldn’t be up there, but I figure that maybe it doesn’t show up in a battle?

    Guess we’ll find out as more information gets released ^^


    My feeling is that probably they created the battle system and the environment but they don’t really have a real plan for the gameplay for now.

    So my suggestion regarding the dominion stands, several games lately have tried to create a territory-dominion style situation in games of this kind. One is Warlock, another is Elemental. The idea to have a political map other than just a geographical one is very interesting to me. I absolutely wouldn’t lose the concept of territory.




    It seems weird to me that the devs haven’t really concluded to the existance of a wizard tower or not. This could mean that our awesome suggestions of “each class hacing it’s own special buidling with it’s own enchantments” would be too hard and too much work to start doing it now. I however would prefer what most people are saying in this thread. Each class should have more than just a special building with special unique units. It should have it’s unique town-building you know? Not entierly, just when it comes to “enchantments” like with wizard tower you got casting chamber etc etc


    Maybe that building is one and the same O:

    Remember in Age of Wonders Shadow Magic how the new buildings for each race had a unique feature? Like the Orc’s Blood Totem would give your units Life Stealing (yay Warlords) and the Undead’s Something Something would give all your units the chance to come back as Zombies after a siege or something like that? It could be something like that on a larger scale :3



    Truth be told, I wouldn’t miss most of the Wizard’s Tower’s functionality. But, there would need to be a structure that extended your domain in a similar fashion, and what would happen when you died if you didn’t have one?

    What will happen? You are dead and stay dead, this is game over. Exactly as in aow1. Why not? Of course the leader was more customizable and powerful, too.



    @michael Tangerine Cole: I’m all for more unique buildings! The more diversity each class has, the better the game will be for it. Not only would it help to give different races and classes more distinction, but it would open up new strategies.



    Hall of the doomed revamped would look nice for a necromancer I think.



    I like the idea of different versions of the wizard’s tower dependent on class.

    Maybe you can utilize some of the powers of an opposing classes wizards tower (or other class) buildings if you leave a hero of the appropriate class in the city. Higher level heroes could yield more access

    Ie Warlord conquers Sorcerer city with tower level 3,                                                                                                     Warlord leaves a wizard hero in city                                                                                                                                               Warlord player gets access to some of the towers special abilities. while the hero remains in the city.



    @happyworld I agree with that idea and thats what I took from the game trailer that leaders are a mix between AOW 1 and 2 sorcerors and arch druids will use the wizard tower and domain like 2, and warlord and rogue could roam freely like 1. I always felt a little left out when all my heros charge off with all the best armour and armys to go get glory whilst my wizard sat in a tower with a few archers.



    Wizard Tower should be removed, as it is not very successful and goodlooking.



    I disagree. Having one’s wizard in his or her towers is usefull as objective. If the wizard can be destroyed by a simple ambush will be really bad for the game I think. Wizards are like kings in chess and as such should be protected…



    I agree with liclic it adds to the game and would be sad to lose it.



    They are too expensive to be of much use anyway.  If you lose your main city you are most likely dead in any case.


    In most cases, you’d be better off moving your leader around, anyway. Besides, not all the leader classes are ‘wizard’ anymore. If you want to defend your leader, then defend it. Pretty simply stuff.



    I agree in some extent. Your leader, when you have built a tower, generally will increase his or her influence on the game by staying inside, won’t he ?



    I don’t imagine a Warlord would increase their influence by sitting around all day. Same applies to half the confirmed classes.



    I don’t leave my AOW2 wizard sitting around in the beginning, he is free hitpoints.


    Well, it would only make sense for a king to stick around his palace. That would improve the production speed of that specific town. A rogue instead would improve for example the economy etc…



    What I would like for a wizard tower:

    More domain range or
    Allow a single caster to use a spell once in any battle within range of the tower and
    Add some more sight, it’s a tower after all



    Here’s what I’m envisioning:




    The idea is that each class would have a special building, that would probably start off pre-built in their first city, that they could only build one of. When I say “building,” of course I mean an entire building tree, the way Wizard’s Towers were. This would represent the class’s “home base” and would allow them to eke out a sort of lair that gives bonuses depending on the class.


    There could also be a “mini-fortress” building; let’s call it a Tower for now, that could be built in every city, and those would confer some bonuses of the fortress there.


    For example: The Archdruid might have a sort of Sacred Grove. Tier 1 buildings might be a Meditation Circle, which would add +5 casting points, Fertility Plants, which add a small growth bonus to all cities with a Tower, or a Royal Oak, which allows the Archdruid access to some spells specific to the class. Higher tier buildings might involve access to more powerful Archdruid-specific spells, to giving Free Movement to all units built there, to causing every Tower to function as a Secret Glade from AoW SM.


    Different classes might emphasize different things, as well. The Dreadnought, for example, would likely see a lot of focus on technological advancements that increases the yields of his cities, while the Sorcerer might have one that hardly benefits his cities at all and is instead focused on him being a mighty spellcaster. This would add a lot of flavour between the classes, and would help to make you feel as though you were really that leader.


    Any Fortress would, of course, be destroyed upon being captured. There could perhaps be a Cosmos spell “Summon Fortress” that would allow people to move the Fortress between cities, or summon it from the depths should it get destroyed but they survive. With Towers it’s harder to say. Perhaps Towers could even be non-class specific, and channel the benefits of whatever class happens to hold them at the time. This would avoid the whole “Gang up on people who are the same class as you” concern voiced earlier.



    I like what you said there Unknown250.I think the towers could maybe extend the domain for one.And also to if you have the option to build a tower or fortress then that means you have the option to not build them just in case there ugly.



    I believe it’s been confirmed that magic in this game will be line-of-sight as in AoW1 but I think it would be cool if the Sorcerer’s Fortress/Tower would generate an Aow2-style domain, or maybe have a building that allowed him to use political domain as spell-casting domain.


    I am not crazy about the line of sight spell casting thing, I see it in so many games and I always feel that it’s overpowered. You can basically attack (even destroy) anything you see, right?

    The Dominion was there for a reason. to give a strong defensive bonus wich would make all games so interesting and forced attackers to carefully plan out every expedition.

    Now you can destroy anything as long as you can approach it with a scout?


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