Wizard Tower? Yes nor Not?

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    Magic is emphasized in the sorcerer class.  I doubt the problem you are describing exists, unless it is needed to balance the sorcerer class.



    I believe they said that it was line-of-sight from the spellcaster, as it was in AoW 1. This is significantly weaker than the Domain system, and it would help to keep magic as a useful tool for non-mage classes, without making the magic users redundant.



    Line-of-sight from the spell caster is limited I hope they use the AowSM approach to global spell casting.

    Other classes could have different global powers (and some spells) like;

    Rogue: Gather intelligence, send assassin, poison weapons, bribe enemy, place trap, inform guards, bribe peasant, provide ale, place gold, ambush, etc.

    Arch druid: Call animal, befriend animal, lure, distract, healing herbs, plant grow, wall of brambles, enhance animals, haste berries, undermine wall, summon will o wisp, etc.

    Warlord: Inspire rage, courage, reposition, tactical withdrawal, determination, fire arrows, reinforcements; it’s just a flesh wound, personally trained, outmaneuver, etc.

    Dreadnought: Land mine, exploding harness, clockwork bird. Indestructible, heavily armoured, secret weapon, repair machine, deploy defenses, special upgrades etc.

    Theocrat: Inspire faith, devotion, hope, bless, heal, bolt from above, strength in numbers, summon devotee. strength of a lion, the chosen one, summon avatar etc.

    As a mighty sorcerer casts a spell over a great distance, other classes rely on different measures to influence and control their domain.

    Works well with Unknown250 Fortresses idea and JeanLucPicard and others class specific buildings.


    I like the landmines idea in the strategic map for Dreadnoughts!



    Steel, coal, rubber.




    “I think no wizard towers. cause its not aow2. A special building dependent on the leader would make the most common sense. This means indeed wizard towers for wizards, but possible dungeons for rogues, a big tree for druids or something in line, and a palace/special castle for warlords, crypt for necromancers when they wanna join in too. special buildings depending on the leader is a good idea….could also make special buildings depending on religon. Think about Lords of Magic they had these huge temples of their cult, with Theocrats(cathedrals?) in this game this might be an option too.”


    I like that thinking.  But howsabout this:  The special buildings you describe above, but with no limit on who can build them.  Let the wizard tower benefit the wizard THE MOST, but dont make it inaccessable to the other classes.  Make the wizard tower the obvious “at first glance” choice for the wizard, but dont limit him to this structure.  Let the wizard build the warlords’ castle if he so desires, and reap the benefits to his town or units that it bestows, sacrificing the benefit of the “perfect pairing” of the wizard/tower.  More diversity of play in this scenerio.  Possibly the ability to create a whole plethora of subclasses of play styles.  Just a thought.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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