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    This isn’t to debate which you think is the best (Epaminondas requested this very thing, see below) or what you would pick going into a match blind (my thread).

    Which is your favourite race, and class.

    I have made this into 2 seperate polls as otherwise there’d be 63 options in one poll, i.e. unwieldy.

    So, your favourite class.

    with results

    and your favourite race, with results.

    This isn’t scientific or even particularly important, just an indulgence of my curiosity.

    As requested:

    Which do you feel is the strongest Class?

    with results.

    And Race?

    and results.


    Nice initiative! I have the same curiosity. Tried to find something similiar in a thread, but this one is better (more pratical). Well, voted! 😀



    Hm. Surprised by the number of Archdruid votes, to be quite honest. Outside of the specific couple of threads in the balance forum(which only had a few voices, really), and Chryso and myself, I don’t tend to see many players speaking much about Archdruids. I voted Archdruid, of course, but my second and third choices would be Necromancer and Theocrat.

    You know, I really wanted to vote Elves, but ended up going Halflings since I like them with more classes, and the little buggers really are fairly entertaining. If I could pick three, though, it would be Elves, Halflings and Frostlings.


    I’m surprised by the dearth of Sorceror votes!



    No one likes the stunfest I suppose.



    I’ve just never really been terribly interested in Sorc, myself.



    I voted for Archdruid, though I like all the classes except Sorc. Stun isn’t really fun to play with or against.



    I voted theo but it was a hard choice. I like dreads, necros, and arch druids too.

    Sorc is just insanely boring really. It’s cool when you first start playing but quickly becomes repetitive.



    Voted for Human Dreadnought but i suspect you all already knew that :3



    I play every race+every class,but I think I like warlord more.Because the warlord needn’t convert.Convert will make game easier and your army complicated.Warlord is easy to expand.And warlord benefits from the secret buildings more.



    I don’t know how to go on this. It’s a tough call.



    I’m surprised by the dearth of Sorceror votes!

    Me, too. Otherwise the class vote kinda fell as I expected. As for race, I am shocked by how popular Frostlings are, and how unpopular Dwarves and Tigrans are.



    My favorite is still Goblin Theocrat. It is a really good combo even against dreadnoughts although some people are constantly unhappy with everything.



    I’ve met very few Dwarf lovers


    Human Dreadnought is the best Dreadnought.



    Human Dreadnought is the best Dreadnought.

    Voted for Human Dreadnought but i suspect you all already knew that :3

    Fellows with good taste



    I like Necro, sorc, druid. My favourite race would also have to be elves. Because most games I play are long, I generally like having summoned creatures as higher tiers. I say this because it lets me spend gold income building up dwellings and the good use of mana producing racial or summoned units.



    I’m surprised at how few people voted for Tigrans, although I went with Frostlings myself. I really like the Necro/Frostling combination, having re-animators teamed up with Mammoth Riders is great fun.



    Yeah, I also surprised with how unpopular Tigran is. Where are my fellow kitty-kats? :/


    Voted Dwarfs, they always have and always will be my favorite race in any game :3 (sometimes it tie with orcs, but not on AoW) always loved slow/tanky races. And Dreadnought as Class. But I was torn apart to vote for Theocrat and Walord, basically class depend on the week I like one more than other, Races is unchangeable. But I like to point out Halflings and Orcs as second place xD



    Voted Necro and Elves, though I don’t really like the combination. For Necro I’m personally a fan of Halflings more, but I really don’t like that race with basically any other class, or even when not considering class.



    So far Archdruid Frostling wins! Surprising, Frostling 15 votes, Tigrans 3… It’s bound to change I guess.

    Voted Dwarf Dreadnought.



    The results are absolutely suprising. I thought we have more Dwarves and Tigrans and less Frostlings out there. The classes are pretty even though.

    For me it was a hard decicion between Goblins and Elves. The classes I prefer are Rogue and Druid.

    Finally my decicion went for Goblin Rogue because I love to play sneaky classes and underestimated races in other games too.



    I voted for Human and Dreadnought. Humans for their sensible, practical, well built arms and armour that look good and don’t try to hard to be cool. Dreadnought for a playstyle not unlike what I wanted from the sorcerer when I bought the game.



    Draconian Warlord will always be my personal favorite, no matter how the tides may change. Orc Theocrat would probably be a close second, though.

    I’m surprised to see Elves and Frostlings sharing the top spot, as well as Dreadnaught and Archdruids sharing the throne.

    Seeing Necromancers and Sorcerers coming in last greatly amuses me for reasons I am not entirely sure of, though.



    I am also suprised by the AD popularity, even though I am partially responsible for that (voted draconianan AD) 🙂



    Favourite race depends on my mood, when i am feeling spiritual it’s High elf and their shiny white spires in idyllic landscapes. Human when in the mood for industrial Command & Conquer games. Sometimes i just want to be the ruler of Narnia and thrive in everlasting winter.

    I just can’t pick favourite race because they’re all great and sticking to one bores me quickly, still i voted Human because it’s the one i play the most.

    Class is easy; Warlord.



    My favourite race is definitely lizardfolk! If in the world of Age of Wonders is not place for lizardmen – then this is the world of era of forgetfulness.



    I’m surprised by the dearth of Sorceror votes!

    Well, you did say ‘favourite’, and not which the person thinks is strongest…

    Flippancy aside, I expect archdruid has poached a lot of votes that might otherwise go sorcerer. The two classes are quite similar, but the archdruid arguably has a more interesting set of summons, including being able to nurse them up from humble beginnings, buff them in interesting ways, and add even more through animal charming.

    Personally, I like the magic style of the sorcerer more and find that a sorcerer that isn’t overly reliant on School of Enchantment fits my playstyle better, but that’s a personal preference – remove the elements of my viewpoint that I can recognise as being subjective, and the archdruid probably does pull ahead.


    Class is really quite surprising. Other than Necro and Sorcerer, the others are 15/16/17% of the votes.

    That’s….really interesting.

    Personally I’m happy WL is actually played now:). I was also expecting more Tigran love.

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