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    Name a program and a terminal command for that program that will generate a logfile with information that will be useful to you. I have manually observed my memory and it does NOT creep up. It stays at the same which is why the fragmentation makes complete sense.

    ^^It seems if you give me a command that returns a log with a timestamp with info that is relevant to memory fragmentation then you can compare the times on the memory log and the game log to find the issues

    That said this is my last day off so no rush. I’m done testing for at least a week

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    Blackscreen freeze on end turn using beta branch. This time it was unique in that it produced a .dmp file but did not actually ctd. Definitely the first time this has happened in all my games.

    I emailed the log and dmp files and as you can see at the end of the log file it spams the memory leak. I will keep playing to confirm but think this is the least stable build so far. Encountered the blackscreen in less then 1 1/2hrs of play

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    Some fixes were made for the linux build to prevent some fragmentation when a save goes off. It’s not perfect, but it definitely helped in my tests. The new build is: Steam Library > AoW3 > Properties > BETAS > open_beta

    ^^There are two Beta branches. I am assuming it is the “OSX and Linux fixes” branch I am supposed to select? If I assume correctly when I press play nothing happens (no launcher). When I revert back to default the launcher works again…

    Sorry for the late response…knowing I would have to start a new game was depressing so I spent some time trying to get the Map Editor functional in wine. Almost but not quite. It freezes when you try and create a new map…oh well.

    Anyways hopefully someone is able to get that executable up and running. Tomorrow is my last day off and won’t be able to test for a week once I’m back at work

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    Have you guys ruled out asking fellow Linux devs for help? Perhaps the Valve or Feral Devs wouldn’t mind sharing advice on how to best handle this fragmentation issue. They all must have encountered the same road blocks and eventually found a solution. It’s definitely in Valves best interest to share that kind of info and I’m actually surprised they don’t auto send info like that to devs who are new to tackling Linux games.

    Glad you have the leaks under control. Too bad there wasn’t a global command to reset the memory (virtual reboot) to fix the fragmentation issue. Autosaves would be a perfect time to implement some sort of fix like that.

    I’ll test the new build. Good luck! I definitely appreciate your efforts.

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    @tezeriusz: I’ve always had ctd’s right from the linux beta release. Perhaps you have started playing more consecutive hours then before? or turned the graphics up to a higher setting?

    @devs: Emailed my second CTD. Out of memory when entering manual battle. My first one occurred after I saved and ended my turn.

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    I’m not sure if I’m the only Linux user having issues but if so I just thought of another consistency.

    I always play a random generated map with my own custom leader. No big deal but the leader is always the sorcerer class. I spam Glyphs of warding on all my cities. Perhaps there is something linked with those particles that float around all my cities that has something to do with the leak…
    As far as my armies go I use mostly Earth Elementals, perhaps there could be something linked with those also.

    ^^This all might be useless info but I am not seeing anyone else having issues anymore and I know its not my OS. I played Empire total war all day when it was newly ported to Linux without any issues…

    I’ll post again if I remember anymore of my play-style consistencies…

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    Nope but as you can see in the logfile I did forget to turn autosaves off…
    Graphics are on ultra. Not sure if that makes a difference other then speed up the ctd. Vertical sync box is also checked..

    Not sure what other info might be useful

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    Sadly Eternal Lords still has memory leak
    I emailed the first log and dmp file of many yet to come…

    log0420_1406.txt:157: [14:08:42]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 70)
    log0420_1406.txt:185: [14:08:54]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 93)
    log0420_1406.txt:243: [14:11:44]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 154)
    log0420_1406.txt:289: [14:14:26]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 100)
    log0420_1406.txt:330: [14:14:41]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 70)
    log0420_1406.txt:390: [14:18:32]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 61)
    log0420_1406.txt:467: [14:23:20]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 9)
    log0420_1406.txt:499: [14:23:53]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 19)
    log0420_1406.txt:554: [14:25:11]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 182)
    log0420_1406.txt:614: [14:26:48]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 181)
    log0420_1406.txt:682: [14:28:15]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 43)
    log0420_1406.txt:727: [14:28:27]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 218)
    log0420_1406.txt:755: [14:28:31]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 94)
    log0420_1406.txt:796: [14:28:38]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 71)
    log0420_1406.txt:865: [14:32:23]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 20)
    log0420_1406.txt:893: [14:32:26]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 41)
    log0420_1406.txt:917: [14:32:39]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 36)
    log0420_1406.txt:995: [14:39:46]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 123)
    log0420_1406.txt:1034: [14:39:57]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 62)
    log0420_1406.txt:1132: [14:42:51]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 467)
    log0420_1406.txt:1179: [14:43:07]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 218)
    log0420_1406.txt:1210: [14:46:54]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 19)
    log0420_1406.txt:1232: [14:47:03]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 36)
    log0420_1406.txt:1264: [14:47:07]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 13)
    log0420_1406.txt:1317: [14:51:50]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 69)
    log0420_1406.txt:1366: [14:56:56]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 7)
    log0420_1406.txt:1408: [14:57:10]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 218)
    log0420_1406.txt:1475: [14:57:12]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 70)
    log0420_1406.txt:1568: [15:00:17]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 201)
    log0420_1406.txt:1616: [15:03:01]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 218)
    log0420_1406.txt:1667: [15:07:38]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 119)
    log0420_1406.txt:1706: [15:09:23]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 45)
    log0420_1406.txt:1734: [15:09:43]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 16)
    log0420_1406.txt:1762: [15:09:47]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 61)
    log0420_1406.txt:1798: [15:09:49]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 20)
    log0420_1406.txt:1826: [15:09:59]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 58)
    log0420_1406.txt:1844: [15:10:08]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 35)
    log0420_1406.txt:1913: [15:13:09]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 252)
    log0420_1406.txt:2020: [15:14:56]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 44)
    log0420_1406.txt:2044: [15:15:27]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 38)
    log0420_1406.txt:2100: [15:22:30]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 23)
    log0420_1406.txt:2195: [15:25:38]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 235)
    log0420_1406.txt:2272: [15:30:31]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 98)
    log0420_1406.txt:2360: [15:31:27]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 20)
    log0420_1406.txt:2396: [15:31:56]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 13)
    log0420_1406.txt:2452: [15:35:08]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 142)
    log0420_1406.txt:2508: [15:36:12]Heap: World – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 182)
    log0420_1406.txt:2558: [15:40:53]Message: Out of memory!

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    @narvek: I have already sent a savegame and my computer specs a long time ago. All the issues I have been having are identical. I can reload the last save game and keep playing. I will however start sending in all my saves and logs if I encounter any of these issues again

    @lascha: I just downloaded Eternal lords and played for a couple hours. No issues so far but will do a longer continuous play through on my days off. As far as memory usage I never did see it creep up. I even shut off all essential services and was only using 1.5gb of the 8gb’s I have total on my system (holding steady) with the game running and it was still CTD’ing with the out of memory error.

    But hopefully as you said its a thing of the past.
    Nice job on the add-on by the way. Only a couple hours in and I’m liking the new content, especially the racial governance bonus.

    Any plans to let the linux users do some modding?

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    exotic issues?<br>
    Wow i´m so excited whats in it…

    1. We now have fullscreen option
    ^^Thats all I’ve noticed so far…

    Its a huge patch, I’m hoping they have attempted to eliminate the memory leak issue as well

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    Hi everyone,

    We just put a new version live with some fixes for exotic issues.

    443mb and no patch notes? What kind of exotic issues? lol

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    I’m still getting the ‘Heap: World – leaking memory’ message while I run the game in debug mode, but I’ll have to test it further to see if it still results in a crash or not.

    I can confirm this…still ctd’s with “out of memory” in logfile
    I’m on a Linux platform so I’m unsure still if the memory leak fix was for all versions or just the windows version

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    syntax_vi, this patch also has the memory leak fix I mentioned to you. I just realised I forgot to add a patch note for it. Please let me know if it performs any better!

    ^^Is this the “out of memory” problem we were seeing in our logfiles?
    And also was this memory leak fix for all Operating Systems?

    My personal theory is that it’s a particular type of save (maybe quick save?) which causes the issue, and that the people who get the problem use that save a lot.

    ^^Unfortunately it was not caused by quicksaves or autosaves. I always use the menu save just out of habit as other games I have played for years have corrupt save issues with quicksaves and autosaves. So you can rule that one out lol

    However when I noticed a pattern of crashing I did start to save more often lol


    Nope I only have a single GPU.
    If you read my link I reported exactly the same as you. No spikes in memory. In the devs last post he said he suspects it might be a memory leak. He also has similar reports in the windows version. Hopefully they are linked and can both be fixed.


    This post was an accident


    Link To My CTD

      ^^I reported this as well (accidentally in the wrong spot). I’m Glad I’m not the only one. It doesn’t just happen to me loading battles however it’s definitely the same issue.

      As it states at the end of your logfile “Out of Memory”. This is why you can reload the last save and keep playing until it crashes again.

      Hopefully they can find the issue…

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      - Do you have a memory usage limit set for your application? Use the ulimit command to check

      After extensive research on ulimit and testing many variables I decided to simply set everything to unlimited and see what happens.

      core file size (blocks, -c) 0
      data seg size (kbytes, -d) unlimited
      scheduling priority (-e) 20
      file size (blocks, -f) unlimited
      pending signals (-i) 31838
      max locked memory (kbytes, -l) unlimited
      max memory size (kbytes, -m) unlimited
      open files (-n) 1024
      pipe size (512 bytes, -p) 8
      POSIX message queues (bytes, -q) 819200
      real-time priority (-r) 0
      stack size (kbytes, -s) unlimited
      cpu time (seconds, -t) unlimited
      max user processes (-u) unlimited
      virtual memory (kbytes, -v) unlimited
      file locks (-x) unlimited

      ^^With those settings the game does not CTD anymore, it completely freezes instead. I have the monitoring application htop running in the background and there are zero spikes in memory usage (2.5gb out of 8gb). This is down from my last report as I went through all the startup applications and removed all the fluff to see if it would make any difference. Unfortunately no noticeable differences besides the game freezing. The cpu % does not spike either, even when its frozen the levels are the same.

      One thing I did notice in the logs before and after the ulimit changes was this line

      [20:34:40]EGetMemoryInfo not supported on this platform…
      ^^This line pops up like 5-8 times in each logfile

      If I am reading this correctly the game just might not be meant to run in my particular distro. If I am correct in this assumption has the game been test on SteamOS? If I have to dual boot I would much rather use the OS designed for gaming rather then Ubuntu…

      Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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      I did not have all the correct files for that particular instance. I have sent you an email of another similar occurance.
      However I’ve been playing lots and the CTD’s do not seem to have pattern.
      Although the CTD’s seem to be more frequent while saving or ending the turn they have occurred during every action I can think of. Moving unit, upgrading unit, city upgrading ect. I have not yet had a CTD while the game was idle.

      I thought perhaps it was caused by a memory leak however this is not the case as I was monitoring it very closely. My total CPU usage was usually around 20% but maxed out at around 55% during peak and my memory held steady at 45% usage (3.5gb out of 7.8gb) <—I also created a 465GB swapfile just to see if that would make a difference. Nothing changed

      The only pattern I can see is the timeframe. 2-3 hours of play and it always seems to ctd. (Definitely a solid 2hrs and never more then 4hrs)

      ^^I can reload the last save and duplicate my last moves exactly and it NEVER causes a second CTD. It allows me to play again for 2-3 solid hours before it crashes

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