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    I would prefer to keep the adjacent hexagon rule as-is, even if This Means less strategic maps of tactics:
    I want to preserve this type because I like it, and different from other games.

    I would prefer having deployment, even if it breaks the flow of the game:
    If it is an additional option selected before the fight.

    I would prefer bigger battles, even if it slows down competitive and cooperative online: Play: Stacks of 8 units probably yes.

    I would prefer having fewer, but more meaningful battles in a match: You do not have an opinion, I like fighting big and the small. One would increase the level of defense towns and some structures. I play settings where there is a lot of hatchery monsters.

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    I play solo, I can not catch a green connection.

    The size of the map is a large and very large. Only 80% of the surface. Combined with caves 20%.

    Standard opening or the village. Growth and technologies slowed. Putting the cities off. Defenders of objects 5 units. Cities neutral and habitat for many creatures set.

    The number of players is the most 7 times 8. It would be 9 (all race) but not so set.

    Preferred type world: the island.

    The typical number of turns I like also is complete and the game is 150-200.

    The next questions I do not understand.
    My sweet spot for the number of armies I have is, around. 2-3 of heroes to clean structures and some ordinary army to catch opponents and aggressive creatures.

    My sweet spot for the number of cities I have is, around :. I earn evenly. The number of cities is neutral. It focuses mainly on neutral cities such. Fairies / giants and others because they have unique buildings. And it is the expansion of these cities gives me pleasure. Sprawl is boring race in each is the same.

    Last I do not use the option to choose your opponents, so I have not to date information. I would like more to come random option to race and class. Already explain: choose the player 1 elves, dwarves for 2 for 3 orcs, and the game itself will select the class. Similarly, if I choose only class.

    I would like to separate slider responsible for the occurrence of races neutral cities.

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    1. Archdruid (50% of my games)
    2. Rogue (25% of my games)

    3. Sorcerer
    4. Warlord

    5. Theocrat
    6. Dreadnought

    7. Necromancer

    I love the Archdruid because it has recalling animals and monsters. Hunters unit is the perfect complement / replacement racial archer. Bow and healing (general army and battle) on the hero. It has the most units. My favorite race are Elves and have them play like that must be it Julia (75% of the games Elves).

    Rogue is my second class. I like the higher tier units here. I play it mostly Frostlings.

    Sorcerer is with me Draconians. It lacks the class of healing for individuals race. Recalled units do not give me as much fun as those of the Druid. In contrast offensive spells it seems to me weak. This is my favorite class as supporting a leader.

    Warlord / Theocrat / Dreadnought do not play too much.

    Necromancer. That I can’t play. I don’t feel the climate. Even the campaign didn’t start.

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    Spells garrison.
    The new building gives mana and basic spells for the city during its defense. Something like a local hero, a mechanism similar to That of Heroes 2.
    For this second building race giving the spell garrison. Example for Draconians: Provide dragon sanctuary would.
    The first level “temperature change” – renewal of parts of movement points the unit. The second level “Smaocza blood” regeneration for one unit on the x turns.
    Level three “Dragon heritage” + x is the regenerate per round for all units on the x turns.
    Thanks to tampering major strongholds of the enemy will be even more difficult. For this more will be built.

    Why not have a normal and simple edit posts?
    How to remove a post from the top #216977?

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    I classes rather play automatically. At the Dreadnought, Sorcerer, Archdruid, there is no way such a difference in units (mechanical and recalled). For this randomness bother summoning. What does not change the fact that my favorite class is the Archdruid.

    So I focus on the individual race, this adds a lot of neutral cities that I really like.
    I try to use all of the units.

    I like the performance / presentation races. Dwarves are great, but do not play them a lot (going so easily). I do not like the Draconians.

    Triumph sees the need for differentiation of races. Also new are designed to extrude the diagram as much as possible. And for old new skills and stronger links with the elements.
    For me, the game is very very good and so could already be.

    I like that I can connect every race of each class, and I can be angry, neutral or good. Changes in this aspect not like me.
    I would like the classes recalling the selection element had an impact on the recalled units. So that my mage water much more often invoked the ice creatures.

    New units for races as 1-2. They would be at the level of T1 and T2 preferably invoked evolved. I do not want new racial T3 and T4. I do not like their spam. Instead, I would prefer a unique building thoroughbred. Or buildings operating on such basis as the one from Yeti. Except that would have to be programmed to were in the initial domain or by her (at the metropolis).
    Maybe add some technology and spels (available only for a specific races) racial associated with racial bydynkami. But this would already be a lot of work. Example for Draconians: technology evolution allows to build an incubator, which will unlock new unit and new improvement to it (another technology and the next level of the building).

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    I come back from work, I eat something quickly fires a computer and play late into the night.

    I play on the maps of the islands.
    The first thing that caught my eye is the death of the island, where there were several habitat wheel (5), the army is not dead, that were trapped on it. The situation is similar with the armies of cosmic events. It would give them the opportunity to swim. Because larger map number of such units and cloud the turn extends a little.

    I played mostly Frostlings, the settings for the maximum Arctic and have not had the opportunity to recruit Yeti. Great cry
    I still have not learned how to play Tigrans.

    I love the neutral city. I realize that there is no chance for the main race of the water, so Merfolk immediately fell in love when I saw it on video. Somerhing I like this city, but to be completely happy miss the third unit that may have to go to the ground. Anyone know what is the chance appearance of the city than on other maps of the island?

    May enter the racial spells? Mainly to improve global and summon creatures allied (something like the Goblins Troll, that is associated with the breed monsters and do not have a human appearance).

    A building that would allow for recruitment machines. For me, a lone hero is useless Dreadnought (wasted potential) in non-mechanized armies (that is, when you start playing a different class). Archdruid, sorcerer or necromancer to how to get the units for yourself.

    New dragon beast that appears as Draconian develop Hatchling. It does not have to be strong, but let’s look like a reptile.

    More neutral units (underground city) which have one appearance. It’s a good way for small / normal DLC. Maybe adding some to the old. Because my poor little fairies cry alone.

    Even after the GR game was very good, and now it’s I do not know. Frostlings I like very much, Tigrans little less. Acquainted with the necromancer was not enough time.
    Adding Merfolk me very surprised and pleased at the same time

    Thank you very much and a nice rest, you would have a lot of strength to implement new ideas.

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    I like the idea of a new breed. My favorite is Kitsune / dryads and parasitic fungi / plants although they would see more as the class leader. Status of units would be similar to the ghouls of the Necromancer.

    These nations also have potential as a neutral city such as fairies. If the number of humanoid creatures will not become too large. Especially those celestial to the underworld.

    I would like the next dlc focused mainly on the underground and water.

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    I will buy more of each extension, because I like this game.
    Value to the content is very important.

    What I want and what would qualify for small DLC.
    – New neutral city water or underground.
    – New locations and monsters.
    – The new scenarios and mini-campaigns.
    In general, more of everything.

    I have trouble with the skins for the army, for example, the Dark / Silvan Elves. How to measure because of the addition of a total lot (race + class) and takes a lot of work on the alterations?


    Very nice look these numbers, although they may have to be even higher. I like this game.

    I play in all game modes.
    Campaigns 10% – I like to get to know the stories of the universe.
    Scenarios 10% – in fact I’m playing in one (challenge Khan). I do not like symmetrical maps.
    Maps generated 80% – There were underground to improve on if they are empty and ugly caves. I would add also some creatures which are formed on the water and crawl onto land.

    As for the scenarios I would prefer this style to the story mini campaigns. Or a battlefield where the map would be different. Something like Europe, where each player would be a little different situations, for example. The first began in the islands, the second in the mountains with additional gold mines but they were there to habitat aggressive creatures, and the third would more cities to start but a rather poor areas. I like the hand-made map.
    I would buy the DLC maps or campaign.

    When you get the opportunity to buy Eternal Lords on steam?

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    I develop the diversity of this area in the basement.
    I mean the introduction of new types or a clear distinction between the existing ones, where it is more work for the future.

    – Caves partially flooded. There were there to fish-land and drowners.
    – Caves dead, or bare ground.
    – Caves alive, that some small plants.
    – Caves with a magical source of light, colorful.
    – An oasis of green with fairies or elves city. The effect of light that enters through the cracks in the ceiling of the cave.
    Important for the formation of this interesting compositions.

    For this aggressive creatures coming to the surface and unique dungeons and treasures.

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    I love the changes that you bring. Previously Transferred burden of playing such a neutral city. Fairies and giants. Now write what else I want.

    – The addition of the entire sound mute options. – I like music but I often use voice chat to talk to friends and move the sliders manually is annoying.

    – Place the tasks and chervil in a hard line – For larger country messages disappear from our vassals. It’s hard to be seen among other messages. I would prefer to be in a hard line that is the same as the movement of the army or the offer of a new hero. That showed that we still share related to them.
    After yesterday’s update I missed a couple of tribute, because I did not choose between gold and mana.

    – Vassal hold weak garrisons, this does not improve the buildings. – I like to reduce the amount of awards and the emergence of new frequencies to ask from them. But without my help, they are unable to defend themselves, to not put new buildings. So even as they took over, I had to grow up almost from scratch. Could be to put up a building every few turns.

    As to the underworld.
    I often play goblins but I set just more wetlands and dense vegetation, since in these settings often appeared to me neutral city Fairies and The Naked (lizards).
    Underworld are ugly, empty and boring. Have a poor structures: picks and winding corridors do not like this is hard to move them.
    You have to put a lot of work to make this work smoothly element began: Change the structures more caverns or caves dużuch individual and that you can only come to the surface (it looks like the last map in the campaign halflings). Spice graphic design more styles? for example might be wet, dry, or cold magic. Add special underground treasure of structure, habitat beings that went to the surface and attack the player. More races major fighting in the caves, because at the moment there are only goblins and dwarves. Archons relegated to the basement? Or a new city the most frequently occurring neutral on the lower level?
    Anything that forced the player to test the underworld.

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