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    You’re right, i thought about flame tank being the counter, but i forgot that the tank is T3 whilst phantasm warrior is T2.

    I always think sorcerer is the hard counter for dreadnought.

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    Yes, rogue now is very strong class, even at late game, i think it’s because of dark pact. Rogue is part of the reason i like creation master when using druid, especially if i’m frostling.

    If you’re goblin, i believe you already know this, if possible, try to use other race’s units against shadow stalker, as long as it’s not frostling though.

    Pikemen with stylite bonus is quite viable sometimes, especially if battles happen in your domain with poison domain (the debuff effect blight immune units even shadow stalker except machines and probably undead, whilst the poison damage does not)

    I guess it won’t create revolt without age of deception, usually incite revolt need age of deception to produce devastating results. If it won’t create revolt, indeed the only issue is reduced city income.

    Aside from boosting happiness or let rebel take your city, you probably already know this one, another method to combat it without disjuncting it is to force AI to be in battles as often as possible, hope they will use their CP mostly for battles, actually they often do that (not always though). At this point you can decide whether to disjunt incite revolts or not, they won’t have full CP to reinforce or re-cast it if they use it for combat.

    Also works against human players, but to lesser effect, most human players are better in their CP usage (unlike AI, but since EL i notice AI have much better CP usage than before EL).

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    I think every class but warlord can deal with phantasm warrior. They all specialize in specific elemental damage (not counting the racial units).

    I guess the reason why phantasm warrior is insanely good in the OP’s game is he rushed those AI too fast in not so large map, before they can produce units with lots of non physical damage. This is just my guess though.

    sorcerer has a research boost and its class units have half the research cost of other class units

    this is why sorc tech-rushing to horrors is a valid MP strat

    Good point. You’re right, i forgot about sorcerer’s research bonus.

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    I forgot to mention this, but i can’t edit anymore, so i apologize for double post.

    Another way to combat incite revolt is to use it against itself, like the poison domain + happiness building method above, but this is more literal.

    I don’t like this method, but i’ll still mention it.

    You need to have defenders stationed there which must be able to defeat the rebels (preferably with little to no loses). Usually one stack / army or less than that is sufficient (depends on the tier of the units you put in that army).

    When the rebel is about to appear (you can view when your city will revolt), move the defender away out of reach from the rebel army, most of the time the rebel will take your city rather than wandering far from your domain.

    You want them to take your city, because if your city ownership switch, any enchantment in that city is automatically gone (both advantageous and non advantageous enchantments).

    I’m not sure if this still works in Eternal lords, however it works like that in golden realms and AoW3. If it doesn’t then this method doesn’t work anymore.

    If it still works, then you just need to retake that city with your defender (at the same turn if possible).

    The downside is sometimes the rebels spawned from the revolting cities wander towards places further from your domain. Sometimes they are not interested at all in taking your cities.

    The reason i don’t like this method is the AI is not equipped to combat this, it’s not fun for me.

    Although it’s up to you whether you want to use this method or not (assuming it still works).

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    Glad to hear that.

    The game above, i played as pure good leader, got the prime good EQ before turn 30. I let almost every sites’s guardians run away, only fought those who want to pick a fight. It’s very possible to win as good alignment player. My game finished in turn 112, several days ago.

    The key is in my opinion getting a huge leverage, by taking it from one of your neighbor is enough. Then you can decide whether to relax or continue defeating the rest of the AI. I usually choose to relax after defeating one AI because i tend to role play.

    The second important things are probably spamming cities and empire management, then knowing the inside and out of your class and race.

    CP should always be spent if possible, especially for summoner class. If you are not summoning or using combat spells, spells like city enchantment, terraforming, turning mana node or even re randomize the research book are good candidate to spend your CP.

    In your game against the rogue, i suggest not to disjunct it, if you have more than few cities debuffed by that spell. Instead counter it with other ways.

    Here’s some suggestion

    -The non military way

    This is just my opinion, but against rogue, basically for all classes, i always build public baths at major cities (3-4 cities usually), that’s mandatory for me.

    The key is playing with even and odd numbers when it comes to city happiness. City happiness only have effects (bad or good) when they reach even numbers (200, 400, etc), if you can modify it in anticipation for rogue’s happiness reducing spells (age of deception, incite revolt, etc), you should be quite fine.

    Racial happiness also offer tremendous help to combat the unhappiness debuff.

    Use terraforming, druid is the class which has the highest mana income, higher even than sorcerer. Thus terraforming should not be a problem at all. The greatest advantage of terraforming is you don’t need to use CP, actually the only thing you lose is mana. Even constructing happiness buildings means not only you lose gold, but also city production which can be used to produce military units or do other things.

    The happiness you get from terraforming seems not that much, but remember you don’t need that much happiness anyway, just enough to make even number happiness to turn into odd number happiness.

    -The more military way

    Use poison domain. Let me elaborate how this can help you.

    Spells like poison domain is very underrated by most druid players.

    What they do wrong is they use the spell for the poison damage per turn, it’s not the primary purpose of this spell. The primary purpose is to give your opponent’s armies status debuffs.

    -2 strength, -2 defense, -2 resist are insanely powerful debuff. This debuff used to work against machines, but recent patches changed this, it’s more balanced now. This is actually one of the keys to defeat Warlord at late game if he has global assault. This debuff remove the elite medal bonus, except the Hit point bonus and first strike, it’s more than enough.

    In battle, it’s impossible to remove / disjunct this, and this debuff is battlefield wide effect.

    It can only be removed before battle. But your opponent must gain a vision of your city’s central hex, which is not easy for most classes, especially if said city has huge domain, and the defenders there has high mobility, two things which druid excel at (gaining huge domain fast from fertile domain, wild hunt give druid’s army the best mobility in the game).

    You don’t always need to wait your opponent’s forces to siege your city, as long as they are within your domain, they got the debuff, attacking them at this point will provide your forces tremendous advantage.

    If you use this spell, you need only to put few or several guards, ranged units mostly, pikemen against flying or mounted units are optional.

    When your city revolt, this few or several guards aided with poison domain are guaranteed to beat those rebels easily. Defeating rebels grant happiness, which help in countering the incite revolt debuff. You also give experience to your units, it’s possible that they will get to elite medal, champions even if they are T1.

    If you combine all solutions above, incite revolt actually give you advantage even if you don’t disjunct it.

    Baths + terraform + racial happiness prevent your city’s happiness getting to unproductive.

    With poison domain help, the defenders get stronger every time by killing the rebels, Poison domain also enable you to put fewer defenders than you usually need without poison domain. If you want, you can use these units in the frontline later after they get stronger (if you don’t need to defend your city anymore).

    Finally, you are free to use all your CP for summons, or other thing beside disjunct war to remove incite revolt. You only need CP for casting poison domain.

    Another good spell is insect plague. Eternal lords seems to buff this spell tremendously, now it’s -65% production, in my opinion it’s a must use spell against dreadnought, warlord or to lesser extend theocrat and rogue in late game. Actually i always use it against dreadnought and warlord.

    As for thorn hedge wall, i still consider this spell less useful than poison domain and insect plague most of the time.

    Hope this provide some new insight regarding druid.

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    I agree.

    Although, the sorcerer in my game has node serpent around turn 25, just few turns after i met him.

    Probably it’s possible for AI dreadnought to have flame tank around the same turn, considering both flame tank and node serpent are T3. I’m not sure though, because i met the dreadnought few turns after i defeat the sorcerer (around turn 35), he has flame tank and canon at this point.

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    Just recently playing this game again after a very long break.

    I use similar settings to you.

    -Elf Druid (Water master, Wild magic adept)
    -6 players (5 AI emperor and me) free for all, All AIs class and race are randomed
    -Large map
    -UG enabled
    -Every other settings are default except i set dwellings to many and joining heroes to match leader’s race

    Perhaps this will provide some insight. This will be long wall of text though.

    Smaller map size should be easier than the larger one, unless you don’t rush them.

    In my game, those 5 AIs turns out to be 3 dreadnoughts (human, tigran, orc), 1 sorcerer (goblin), 1 druid (draconian). Sorcerer and human dreadnought are my neighbor, i met the sorcerer first though.

    I can confirm they are able field flame tanks at turn 30-40, because in my game, by turn 44 a dreadnought has juggernaut (he even snatched Paragon EQ).

    Generally, it’s a bit similar to civ 5, in civ 5 deity difficulty, you need a huge jump start, which is achieved by capturing city state’s worker.

    Here in AoW3, you need to capture other AI player’s cities. So you don’t need to build from scratch ,even if you build it after buying it from vassal metropolis, it still won’t match AI’s cities in terms of infrastructures development.

    Basically in short words, if you do that, you just make their bonus (or cheat as some people like to call it) your own.

    Try to defeat at least 1 AI (your neighbor) before turn 55. If it’s not possible, at least capture, defend and make use at least 2 or 3 of their cities. This will provide extreme advantage to you. If that too is not possible then at least destroy more than 50% of their military, they will surely offer surrender if you keep doing that (AI will surrender if their military strength are half or lower than you).

    For all class, it’s the same, the difference is just how every class achieve this.

    Druid is in my opinion the best class for this (specialization doesn’t matter), especially if it’s elf or draconian or goblin.

    Here’s my suggestion. (there are no exp farm or other exploits though, if you favor those then just skip it)

    -I suggest as all class (especially non summoner class), not to discover more than 1 AI as fast as possible, or they will all attack you. Prioritize on discovering just one of them then focus on defeating this one.

    -As druid, emphasize heavily on scouting, hunters or swimming/floating/flying units are best at this, i prefer conceal though, so i prefer hunters.

    -Always attack any army that you believe you can defeat with almost no loses on your part. Good scouting will provide you the ability to choose your targets wisely. This is probably the most important advice that i can give.

    -From my experience, being good at tactical combat will give you tremendous advantage at this early stage of the game.

    -Clearing sites and expand as fast as you can will of course offer a tremendous advantage, but in my opinion it’s not mandatory. Most important goal is defeating or at least crippling the 1st AI.

    -Every combat spells from T1 to T3 has its use (at this stage of the game we mostly have only up to T3 spells).

    -I tend to prefer druid heroes, at least i try to have 2 druid heroes (almost mandatory for me), then 1 sorcerer. I build them as caster than fighter.

    -Heroes with attack spell (especially AoE like hornet swarm or chain lightning) can be very helpful in siege, unless you’re up against theocrat (or any class which has lots of heal). Ancestral spirit spell are good against theocrat and warlord.

    -In case you don’t know, try not to spam fertile domain, it’s supposed to be used so your city can claim nearby sites as fast as possible, not to grow it as fast as possible, this one is just the bonus. Use the mana to summon units instead especially if you’re at war at early stage of the game.

    -Don’t be reluctant to retreat, especially in siege. Sometimes entering siege just to use damage spells to soften the defenders then retreat is a good move if there are no healers there.

    In siege, you can also split your forces in 2 waves or more, first wave will mostly soak enemy spells (thus depleting his CP), AI doesn’t know how to save CP, then 2nd wave will be the real battle which consist of all your units there (including those from 1st wave), but i consider this as exploit so i never used this against AI.

    -Some players build their hero as fighter with both crafted and looted equipments. I don’t like this though, i can’t provide anything here.

    -Don’t forget to cancel your own battlefield enchantment if it already provide no advantage to you

    example: Against flame tank, if you use twisting roots and flying units, you can stay away from it while you defeat other units because flame tank doesn’t have good range of attack. After the tank is the only remaining unit, remove your twisting roots and focus it (unless most of your units are flying). Rust strike on the tank and T2 summon with savage rage will destroy the tank very quickly.

    Note: If you use exp farming exploit, it’s possible to have your druid at lv 11 at this point, which will enable you to get call lightning. I highly recommend you not to do this. This call lightning combined with twisting roots will break the game against AI (including emperor AI)

    -You summoned units are generally better against non physical / elemental damage than your units produced from cities, due to bonus resist from beast mastery empire upgrade.

    Hope these helps.

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    I think the other classes hero/leader already has super skill/ability, especially theo (party resurgence) and warlord (party strong will).

    Dread hero probably need a super skill or two, at least those that can also benefit non machine units. Rogue, i think that one has the most ability than other classes, i guess those abilities are the equal of the super skill of other hero classes.

    Well, I also only was thinking mythically, whereas the clues also had a game meaning. I suppose I’ve done even more than the NDA requires, because people are still confused!

    Told ya before that ya should at least give 1 hint.

    Actually, i was going to ask whether the word myth in your riddle refer to AoW universe myth or our real world myth when i ask about a hint or two.

    Although i finally thought that i’m not well versed at AoW lore, so i’m digging real world lore instead and doesn’t bother to ask that question.

    Well, at the very least a hint about which myth (real world or in game myth) it is will be very useful for future riddle.

    Anyway, i should be proud being the only one that has the deduction closest to the right one even though my answer is a bit off. [smug mode]

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    Good question, i also want to know about that as well.

    Time for a bit off topic.

    The answer is up in the public beta! Who was right (be honest)?

    I knew it had something to do with hercules and zeus. First i though it was either connected to hercules/zeus or Asclepius/zeus or related to perseus, but the former seems to make more sense. I even explore irish (chuculain) and babylonian myth.

    I was wrong about the boar though. I thought it is somehow petrifying touch (perseus myth), or regrowth (hydra from hercules myth). What a damn riddle you craft there.


    Yeah, they stack, any unit with less movement than 30 won’t be able to move at all if they are debuffed by both debuffs.

    There is even a thread that discuss whether stiffen limb is OP or not, probably i was the one who provoke it (although i’m not the one who start the thread).

    Anyway both debuff is indeed great if combined, you can even take some mythical sites with just T1 units, depending on the type of the guardians inside though and whether the sites has offensive defensive enchantments or not (e.g: prismatic spire from wizard tower).

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    In my case, i use the keyboard, especially the button M, when my turn came, i quickly go to my stack which i want to go after the AI stack, then quickly press M, i do not lose the AI stack as often as with manually moving it using mouse if i use the M button.

    For you who have problem with sim. turn, maybe you ought to try that as well and hope it works for you too.

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    No worry, i’m going to keep it for my self until the time of its revelation, and i’ll probably fail at solving it.

    The new something isn’t due for the next update right? From what i’ve read it’s for the following update after that?

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    Nicely done there, at least a cryptic puzzle is better than nothing, it also make things more interesting.

    Although we appreciate a hint or maybe two.

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    Earthquake as in AoE? I think it’s a bit overpowered for a unit that has great mobility and decent melee capability to have two AoE damage ability, even if the localized earthquake is once per combat and has the same radius/diameter as call lightning.

    Juggernaut is the only unit that has two AoE, but it has several limitations, like cannot regenerate normally, not that mobile, AoE suffer from range & obstacle penalty, weak in melee, etc.

    Horned god on the other hand, doesn’t have all that limitations.

    I think it’s better for the gods to have utility and subtle ability. The entangling strike is wonderful already, it’s a utility, crowd control and subtle, i can’t ask for more.

    They got entangle strike, and something more is coming. GA has also been slightly needed to have a lower king serpent chance, and eldritch got better. It is done to my satisfaction (minor adjustments aside).

    Is it possible to divulge what this something more is?

    Here is one really really curious person.

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    Sorry to ask, but i haven’t get the time to play since the new patch.

    What’s the change to the exalted?

    I’ve read the patch log, but i don’t notice any change, or perhaps i miss read.

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    I like the glacial totem idea.

    Anyway if it must deal damage, i think it should not be in strategic AoE damage.

    Make it deal damage to few units like lord of the deep thunder storm, or like chaos rift’s lightning bolt.

    But if it’s like chaos rift, maybe it’s too strong for T3, because even lord of the deep ability seems to be less potent than chaos rift in its capacity to deal AoE damage, it’s more of utility (buff/debuff) thing. Lord of the deep is also a rare unit, being one from dwelling, whilst you can get ice queen far easier than lord of the deep.

    So i think the damage should be like thunderstorm’s lightning strike or maybe weaker.

    It’s just that this is frost based, that plus the ability inflict chilling to all enemy units in battlefield.

    Perhaps another ice queen which do the rite on the same area as the other ice queen can amplify the snow storm effect. For example let’s say it add +2 frost damage to the ice bolt from the snow storm for each ice queen that use the rite. Although this maybe too complicated to balance.

    I prefer buff/debuff than damage though.

    So here’s my idea.

    Perhaps the snow storm doesn’t deal damage, instead it give all friendly frostling units in battle which happen on the snow storm area some form of regrowth or lesser version of it.

    There seems to be two version of life stealing now. So why not two or more version of regrowth.

    Some frostling seems to be made of pure ice, like the royal guard, it seems to make sense if the snow storm which hit the frostling body can rejuvenate it.

    Frost elemental certainly should get regrowth when in the snow storm.

    I think Regrowth is already an extremely powerful buff worthy of sacrificing one T3. Perhaps it’s even OP if it grant normal version of regrowth instead of the lesser version.

    Yes and all you have to sacrifice is a very strong unit that could’ve actually taken advantage of said debuff! The problem isn’t that chilling is weak. The problem is you have to sacrifice so much to get this chilling effect that it almost certainly won’t be worth it unless the battle is absolutely huge. It’ll never be used in MP as they don’t last that long and it will never be used competitively.

    Who would want to give up a unit that can provide AoE debuffs, freeze, guard break, ice nova, heal or stun or move like mad, absorb good damage, deal great elemental damage in perpetuity just for a minor boost for 1 single fight?

    To be clear, i’m not in any disagreement, i just want to clearly explain my point why chilling is fine to me. Once again, i’m not enforcing my opinion unto you or anyone.

    You seems to presume that i will always use it anytime even for 1vs1 stack battle because i said the chilling pre battle effect is already suffice.

    It depends on how many stacks i can affect with the rite before i engage it with the rest of my army.

    There are two conditions to be met for me to regard chilling as sufficient enough.

    First, if the chilling effect is battlefield wide, like battlefield enchantment or city defense structure.

    Second, i’ll only use it if there are 2 or more stacks affected, with at least more than 7 enemy units affected.

    Third, if the chilling effect persist for 1 world map turn, so any battle that take place in that huge snowy area will benefit from the chilling, just for 1 turn though, but more than single battle can potentially happen in that 1 turn.

    If those three conditions are met, hell yes i will sacrifice 1 ice queen to debuff all enemy stacks in 5 radius strategix hex (or is it larger than that?).

    I never count the radius/diameter of the rite, it’s just that it’s so large.

    The radius is absurdly large, which means it will be easy to affect 3 or more stacks. Of course opponent can spread out his stacks, but that means his strength is divided while mine isn’t. Either way it can work to my advantage. Or i can always choose not to use it even if my opponent already spread out his stacks, creating confusion here and there.

    This ability is less useful in early and mid game other than to give morale buff/debuff due to snow terrain.

    But at late game, where enemy stacks and mine are more numerous than early/mid game, just 1 ice queen to give battlefield wide chilling effect to 2 or more stacks pre battle is more than enough.

    Once again, even with the chilling debuff, i still regard it as tertiary utility, which means i will rarely use it. But that’s fine, serve the purpose of the ability, as i’ve said above, i think the dev meant it as to be rarely used, as in very rarely used.

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    As others have said, the succubus looks demonic enough, at least most succubi in other fantasy settings are portrayed somewhat like the one the rogue has, not just the look, this can also charm/seduce.

    I don’t whether hell hounds in this game is demonic or just some being from the plane of fire or something like that.

    But probably demons here is just a terms for creatures from the planes of fire, there is a spell called hellfire too. I’m no lore expert in this game, especially because i never played AoW1 and AoW2, but this is how i interpret it right now, at least until someone explain it better.

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    It indeed happen more in earlier game, and less often in late game.

    And there is indeed some other factors which we probably can’t figure out that influence their decision to surrender.

    From my observations, if the AI is on different alignment than me they won’t surrender as easy as if they are okay with my alignment, i mean if they are hateful to me, it’s like they suddenly are so stubborn / sentimental, in most of my game if they are hateful to me, even if i take all its cities and left it with only one and crush 90% of all its army/stacks, they will offer no surrender to me.

    Even if they are of the same alignment as me, this odd stubbornness behavior often comes out. It’s like they are holding a very bad grudge against me.

    It is more apparent in late game than in early game and mid game.

    To other people, this weird stubbornness or sentimental thingy may not happen, yet it happens to me, which always got me wonder, and that already happens before golden realms even comes out, it still happens even now.

    About alliances, they are easy to get pre EL, very easy (even on emperor difficulty), actually it’s the easiest victory path pre EL if you know how to proceed with it.

    After EL, it’s indeed harder to get alliance, much harder, but it’s fine, it’s more reasonable this way.

    Back to the point.

    I still think even if you can decline the surrender offer, a flexible solution still should be implemented. I’m fine with just “demand surrender” button, that way if i decline surrender, when i want AI to surrender to me i can just try to push that button.

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    My personal rank for elves.

    They are top druid and warlord indeed.

    Before EL, they are mediocre sorcerer, and below than mediocre theocrat.

    After EL, they are fine sorcerer and fine theocrat, certainly above mediocre but still below great/top tier one. Mainly due to military RG (the one that give no range penalty and no obstacle penalty to support units), without these RG, they are the same as pre EL.

    As for rogue and dreadnought, it’s rather relative to me, but i rate elves better as dreadnought than as rogue. Around fine or below fine.

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    Yeah, i also thought the chilling last for whole battle.

    FYI, dome of frost is not irresistible, frost immune creature and other frostling are immune to it.

    Why i regard the chilling is sufficient, it’s the same as Mythabril.

    That one tier chilling on all units, which is not just for 2 turn, means you can have higher chance to inflict chilling and frozen (and any other frost based debuff) at the start of the battle.

    That alone is a huge buff, especially the larger the battle, in small battle it may be not noticeable.

    You may argue that you can dispell it, good luck dispelling all your units while your enemy inflicting more frost based debuff and dealing damage on your units.

    Pre battle buff/debuff is very strong buff/debuff, much more than those that aren’t.

    It’s essentially the same as domain defense spell (e.g: poison domain, hallowed domain, summon domain, etc).

    But this one is better because it can happen not only on your domain.

    More or less, it’s similar with the previous AoW’s enchantment spells which can be cast in stack on strategic map, i heard those kind of spells are so OP there, and i can see it. Pre battle advantage is always good and can be OP in any kind of game if that game contain strategic map and tactical/battle map, especially if it can be cast anywhere.

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    Weird, i happen to experience the same case as yours before EL, not often though but not seldom either, but in my case they don’t surrender that quickly.

    Anyway back to topic.

    I’d propose a different solution: what if instead of joining your empire, the enemy capital became your vassal? And if you then bribe the city, the garrison would vanish as normal. That way, the RP flavour of surrendering is preserved, but you do not immediately gain a giant city with a strong army for free.

    That can also work as the flexible solution. Maybe also add “the demand surrender” diplomatic option on top of it.

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    However, I can see the endless tweaking of values required before people would be happy with this, so a debuff is the easier choice

    I agree. It’s hard to find the balance for it.

    The most obvious debuff would be to inflict chilling, i.e. 20% frost weakness – would be quite a soft debuff, and would need quite the commitment to frost damage to make it worth it. In theory, it could be just as powerful (I can see massed Snowscapers + Ice Queens being a thing, especially for Druids) but much more fiddly.

    That would have the advantage of carrying an innate balance I suppose, so I think it should be at least tried.

    I agree. At least probably test it in future beta patch?

    Personally chilling is good enough for me.

    But i’m fine with the ability in its current state. That’s probably because i don’t see the rite as a primary or secondary weapon/utility of the ice queen, i regard it as tertiary one.

    I mean i rarely used it, but i think that’s the true purpose of the ability, to be rarely used. Well, a dev opinion is good on this matter.

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    In regard of frostling ad, lately since EL, when i use AD, it’s always frostling.

    I think placing frostling AD as better than drac AD is a bit off, because frostling AD have trouble against rogue (of any race), unless you use the right spec, but not everyone play for the sake of winning or best case scenario or min/max, some have different reason, like rola play for example, in this case, one is not always bound to take the right specializations, thus the consequences is dire against rogue if one use frostling AD.

    As for the best, my personal list is High elf and draconian tied as #1 best race for AD in SP (in MP High elf first then draconian). Then my personal choice as number two is frostling and tigran tied despite some of their weakness they just play very uniquely as AD, although i prefer frostling than tigran because i always like frost/water themed race.

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    If it happen in all map size, maybe it’s probably another factor. Likely it’s play style factor, do you like to rush / win fast or just play the game in a relaxing way.

    In my case, it happen if the map is too small and the player is too many. As with Drowning_Eagle case.

    Jaduggar on the other hand seems to be in similar position as in your case.

    Although if i rush any kind of AI, they too will surrender fast, especially my neighbors.

    So i guess it’s play style / personal preference factor, personally i prefer to not rushing anyone except on MP game (that’s different story), that way i don’t have “AI surrender too early” problem. Map size and the max number of players also affect this, because in my case if the map is too crowded, my neighbors will be closer to me than in non crowded map, thus even if i refuse to rush them if they declare war to me, they are bound to lost units because even if i don’t attack them they will attack me, resulting in quicker surrender for them. That’s what i really meant from my post above that map size and max number of player influence how fast AI surrender.

    Anyway, back to topic, i think the surrender mechanic need to have a flexible solution.

    Like giving a new choice in diplomacy panel, “demand surrender” or something like that. Because right now, if you refuse surrender, AI won’t offer it again, at least that’s in my case, there are rare case that they offer it to me more than once but too rare to happen (like 1 out of 50 games).

    There are times when i just want to refuse surrender for some reasons (e.g: for added challenge, role play, etc), but later in the game when i’m tired of the mop up, i want to force surrender to them, sadly there is no diplomatic option to demand surrender. If i’m not mistaken, some one also already started a thread on this demand surrender option sometime ago. I think that’s a good idea.

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    I agree, rather than inflicting strategic AoE damage, i prefer AoE debuff or buff.

    As mentioned by chrys, the problem with giving strategic AoE damage to units is units have no limit except your income/production. Income/production can be modified by many things in the game.

    Spells are totally limited by CP, the way to modify CP is far less in number than the way to modify income/production, but even then i’m against making strategic AoE damage spell.

    And frostling RG 4 economic even modify further in favor of spamming ice queens.

    With the econ. RG 4, it’s easy at large map or XL map to spam 10 ice queens in few turns (this is late game in large map, XL map will be easier), if the rite of winter has strategic AoE damage, it will be the dead of tactical battles, as all battles can be won simply by strategic battles due to lots of strategic AoE damage from the spammed last rite of winter. Probably it will be the dead of frostling RG 4 military too. If the damage is 1, well it’s probably a different story, but if the damage is 1, it will most probably a useless skill, then we are back to square one.

    Giving it too high of damage = it’s obvious that it will be OP, medium damage? in large or XL map is still OP, low damage (1 or 2 damage)? probably it will be useless.

    It’s hard to fine the balance.

    That’s why i think it’s better for the rite to inflict strategic buff or debuff, even if it’s strong one it’s probably fine, because at least buff and debuff require more thinking to use than simple damage. At least with debuff/buff, it will be no more brainless and easy spamming a single/few thing(s) to win. I think it’s also easier to balance buff/debuff.

    But i still nominate Bouh’s idea as the best course of action.

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    @Althea: that would match with (and explain) my experience and might be the reason why i never (besides once) saw surrender until now.

    Yes, it’s also the same with my experience since i start to play large or XL map. In large map i usually choose 6 players max (sometimes 7), but never 8. Only in XL map i choose 8 players max. I always play with UG enabled (SP only).

    On my newbie day of playing this game, i start at medium, and 4 players max (as recommended), then tried 6 players at medium map, the result is the AI is defeated faster.

    I think my theory has some merits indeed.

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    I also against giving it strategic AoE damage. Reason is the same as mentioned above.

    Even if it takes a turn to activate, either your opponent will avoid it thus it do nothing (except conver the terrain to snow) which is useless unless against specific case, or, you can trap your opponent stacks from several direction and have massed rite of winter, the effect will be too OP.

    So no, please no to giving any unit abilities or spells that do strategic AoE damage (even if it’s just 1 HP damage).

    Nothing in this game do that so far (there are no spells which do that too), i’d like it to remain like that forever.

    I think Bouh idea will suffice. Losing 100% Move Points is already enough imo.

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    I agree. It’s fine as it is.

    Furthermore, theocrat support units also benefit from +3 damage due to -3 Res, add heretic debuff and it’s +6 damage total. Which means theocrat have the most damaging support units of all classes.

    A city defended by masses supports, all of them has heal, with hallowed domain and enemy marked heretic is scary. From the perspective of the theocrat, he can defend his cities very easily. Add a couple shrines, unless you have equal or more firepower (e.g: dread with massed juggernaut), the chance to take out this city is low. Let’s also not forget that those supports can heal themselves.

    If there are some evangelist there, and your units happen to be convertable, it just adds to lower the odds.

    In open field battle, the odds to win is higher, but not by a large margin, it’s still similar like in city battle, you get close to the supports and they hit you with like 14-16 damage per strike, Convert is also a nightmare, etc, anything that is not physical damage is suddenly amplified.

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    This is my guess. Since this is just a guess or a theory, so i can be wrong. Although i’m pretty sure more than 50% i’m right in this.

    So here’s the theory.

    Judging from the picture you provide, it seems you have maximum players (8) inhabiting either small or medium map.

    If i’m right that picture is medium size map, then i think it’s because of your map settings.

    From my experience if the map is too small, each player will be placed too close to each other.

    Defender strength and starting army also influence it, but i assume everything are set to default here. So pay no mind to this.

    If the map is too crowded, you can reach the AI faster, combined with the always existing weakness of the AI that is they are weaker the earlier the game is and stronger the later the game gets (depends on difficulty and when though), this make the AI easier to defeat by you, especially your neighbors.

    Now, i think it’s not the game fault, i guess it’s your fault.

    Why? The game recommend 6 players max for medium size map, yet you pick 8. There are reason why the recommend statement is written, i guess one of them is to avoid problem like you described.

    But perhaps this can be mitigated by enabling UG. Although even this is still RNG based, if all 7 AIs are not goblin or dwarf, they will all stay at the upper layer of the map and it’s no different than with UG disabled.

    The only way to mitigate it seems to increase the map size.

    And try not to rush them (basically avoid declare war before turn 50), because now settler spam is removed, with it the AI expand and grow much slower than its previous incarnate, which means the AI is weaker now. But don’t get me wrong, i’m not against removing settlers start, though this is a story for another thread (if it’s created one day).

    If i’m wrong that picture is medium size map, then the rushing theory is likely the cause.

    in reply to: Exalted and Stunning Touch #193056


    I agree. That’s precisely what i mean.

    I think what is needed is spirit weakness against other theocrat, then against machine and possibly other things that is not machine and theocrat units (especially the devout one). Against theocrat, it should deal stronger spirit weakness than against machine, against other units except those two, it should deal the weakest spirit weakness.

    I agree with the number shown by chrys and Zaskow. It seems like the perfect value to me.

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