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    Hi Exhunmus,

    I’m also playing with Arch Druid for now, with High Elves… but the Tigran Shaman looks very promising, that’s true. Even maybe better than the High Elf one.

    Also the High Elf Hunter is wonderful but the Tigran Hunter looks amazing. A fast scout with forest concealment but also redoubtable in combat: without sight of line penalties, fast with Athletic movement ability, Razor Projectiles and Coup de Grace… All this make a very good combination with the Tigran Prowler for maintaining the scouting abilities but also for the Bloodthirsty ability they have and the Hurl Net ability they can get with second racial governance level.

    Also the Tigran Prowler has improved wall climbing so if you combine these two units with summoned animals with similar abilities like spiders for climbing and webbing touch but also bloodthirsty predators like tiger or dire panther even maybe elephants or mammoths for wall climbing you can get a fearsome scouting army capable to take cities with walls.

    So, there are a lot of more details to evaluate but, yes, the Tigran seems a very good Arch Druid candidate to me.


    i mean let me ask you this: under this style of play, if your opponent literally just sat still and did absolutely nothing (basically what squire difficulty does), how long would it take to win?

    Well that is what I see now. In a recent game on knight difficulty, I was in war with one AI player, I conquered one of his cities a few turns ago in the left bottom corner of the map and left without any garrison my throne city in the up corner of the same side. I didn’t realize that this guy had some scouting army near my throne city… When I saw them I tried to go quickly with the most near army in my second city but they was too close and I couldn’t reach them, but surprisingly They didn’t took my empty throne city, they just passed by two hexes from the city. Instead of take my city they just go to a treasure site… I suppose for the experience or the rewards.

    Unlike in Lord difficulty, that after killing several units of an enemy and take his throne city in a very early turn but still not defeated him because he wasn’t there, he just appeared after a pair of turns with another huge and powerful army of three or four stacks that I still can’t believe he could produce in such little time. I mean, adding this other armies to the other ones that I just killed…

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    Hi doctorbigtime,

    I’m also newly and I’m also playing with Arch Druid High Elves for now.

    At first I played a several games with a custom leader with Air Mastery and Creation Adeption. But now I decided to give a try to a Fire + Water + Creation Adeptions combo, after reading the appreciations of Fenraellis in this other thread:

    (The thread is not about especializations but the conversation led they to talk about it).

    I liked the Air Mastery for several reasons (Seeker enchantment, Artic Empire, Air Elemental,…). But after playing against several machines and undead I see that with this especialization you remain so weak in front of them, at least in early and middle game.

    Also, I tended to go with Shaman and Storm Sisters for ranged but now I’m trying to take more advantage of Longwobman and Hunters so now the Seeker enchantment is less important to me and now I prefer to prioritize to get more variety of damage channels.

    With Rust Strike enchantment from class plus Rot from Water Adeption you get a very good help against Machine and Undead.

    For wall crushing you can help trebuchets and battering rams (or maybe even substitute them) with Vengeful Vines enchantment from class plus Fireball from Fire Adeption (and also with summoned elephants or mammoths if you have the expansions).

    For damage channels, with Arch Druid Elves, apart from physical, you get blight and shock but with Fire Adeption (Fireball, Skin oil, Hell Hound) and Water Adeption (Vengeful frost) you add fire and frost damage to your repertory. Recruit a pair of Theocrat heroes and you will get all damage channels.

    With Creation Adeption you get Holy Cure and you can complement this with other healing enchantments from theocrat and sorcerer heroes. And finally, with this adeption you also get Cleanse the Land to avoid unhappiness from terrain and be free to found or conquest cities in any area of the map. Also if you take advantage of summoned animals and Beast Horde enchantment maybe you will not mind to loose some units in a combat far away from your empire to replenish the army stack and follow your trip.

    For now what I see is that any combination always will have traits and enchantments that we will consider useless for how we play so I think the important is to focus on what skills you prioritize for your personal strategy or playing style. Right now I prefer versatility. When I gain more experience maybe I will prefer other ways…

    (PS: Sorry for my poor english).


    Thanks to all for your comments.

    Precisely I was suspecting that probably I’m too much focused on build a wide and strong empire. Exploring to found cities earlier and so get more gold and mana resources, trying to access quickly to higher tier units and despising the earlier and cheaper units.

    These two past days I started to try playing in the manner all of you recommend me and I found out that some tier 1 or 2 units of my arch druid high elf leader can be more powerful than I thought if I use it wisely, but of course I still have a lot of practice to do and things to learn.

    But now, playing more aggressive (knight and lord levels) I think that maybe I shouldn’t be too much concerned about loosing non garrisoned cities? I mean, just try to keep well only my throne city and perhaps a second one to not spend a lot of time garrisoning with my offensive army until I can replace it with new produced units.

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