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    1. Damaged units are useless.
    2. AoE attacks are more powerful.
    3. I cannot seem to parse what you mean by “In fact, I don’t think that health linked power make anything more than what we already have with always hiting strikes and exhausting retaliations.” What do you mean by “more than what we already have?” More of what? More in what way?

    Indeed my sentence was not finished and the point not particularly relevant anyway. I was comparing this mecanic with the objective of keeping low power units relevant through the game, but that’s not the argument for it.

    Back to subject :
    1. I was comparing the utility of a low power unit versus a high power unit. A damaged low power unit with Health Linked Stats mecanic (HLS from now unless someone have a better name for it) would become harmless to high power units when sufficently damaged unless you give them enough power to begin with. As an example, let’s say a unit have 10 damage full health ; if that becomes 5, then a high power unit with 100hp won’t care at all for this unit because she will die in one retaliation and anything else will be more dangerous. On the other hand, a damaged high power unit with base attack of 40, reduced to 20, will still be deadly for low power unit. Hence, to correct this problem, you have reduce the difference of power between low and high power units.
    That’s what I mean when I talk about reducing the length of the scale of power. Useful units can’t be too weak compared to the mightest ones, or they become useless in one hit, should they survive or not.

    2. Ranged and aoe attack become very powerful with HLS mecanic because they become offensive and defensive ability at the same time without exposing your forces. That is insanely powerful.
    The solution to keep balance is to weaken these abilities one way or another. You can’t make them too powerful, and low power units become useless (too easily dispatched with range or aoe attacks), and if they are too weak, high power units become mostly unaffected byt them. Unless once again you narrow the scale of power of units.

    Or you balance units with an extern-to-unit mecanic, like price, but that can also be done with the fixed stats mecanic (FS).

    So, to conclude, in my opinion the HLS mecanic add no new possibility to the strategy set compared to the FS mecanic. Everything you can do with the HLS mecanic can be done with the FS mecanic. I have no demonstration (yet) of this last point, but I can’t think about any counter-example. The example of damage dealers harming a powerful unit while others more resilient ones tanked him can be reproduced with the FS mecanic if high power unit are weak enough and low power units strong enough. The “damage-dealer” role doesn’t exist because of the HLS mecanic but because of the balance of power (the scale) and the other combat mecanics.

    So, to sum up my position, I’d say that the health linked stats mecanic narrow the scale of power of units without adding anything to the strategies set already available.

    PS : I just thought about one thing HLS mecanic can add to the strategies : with HLS mecanic, you are encouraged to strike the mightest creatures first whearas with the LS mecanic you are encouraged to dispose of the weakest first. I’ll think about it and answer later for this point.

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    So you would not mind having one faction that looked like, say, Terrans from Starcraft and utilize high mechanized vehicles as their units? As long as their stats are balanced, then it’s fine, because gameplay mechanics is all there is?

    It’s ironic that someone who berates others for the “lack of imagination” does not want to think through what playing a high fantasy strategy game entails. The primary appeal for these type of games for some is staying true to the lore and the corresponding internal “realism” of such “imagined” worlds.

    Would you mind to explain in which way a star wars anything can be related to game mecanic and balance ?

    Besides, I believed Syrons and Shadow Daemons do were aliens in a fantasy world.

    There are many ways where low damage units can still be viable in tactical combat. For one, they can still serve as “meat shields” and take hits that you do not want your more valuable units would otherwise take. For another, many units have special abilities whose efficacy do not depend at all on whether their damage potential is reduced by squad reduction or not.

    Besides, as others have pointed out, damage numbers can be re-adjusted to fit the new squad mechanic.

    Adjusting numbers is not a magical solution. I, in fact, tried to explain how I’m afraid the “health linked power” mecanic would limit the range of adjustment you have for tweaking numbers. A larger scale of power allow for more diversity.

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    You can think that each member of squad will attack the ennemy one by one to not stay in the way of his comrades. Like if they were acting as a squad in formation ; something that make much more sense to me if you can command them and if they can be flanked.

    It is indeed a matter of perception, but perception can be bended at will, litteraly.

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    The “realism” argument is absurd : it makes no more sense for a squad to have its members attacking and being attacked all at the same time than one a time ; the first case being an example of “damage reduce with squad health” and the second being an example of “stats don’t change with damage”. You can prefer one to the other, but pretending than one is more realist than the other is just narrow-minded and a simple lack of imagination.

    Basically, any argument based on realism is a simple lack of imagination, because you can imagine something to justify almost anything you need for gameplay.

    As for the gameplay, I’m not sold for power being linked to health because as I see it you need to narrow the power scale of units to keep them all useful — damaged low power unit is plain useless, and low power unit is easily damaged whereas high power unit will still be a threat to low power unit even with low health ; and AOE becomes instantly extremely powerful against low power unit and almost irrelevant against high power ones ; same for ranged units.

    In fact, I don’t think that health linked power make anything more than what we already have with always hiting strikes and exhausting retaliations.
    PS : and I forgot about flanking which add-up to the last two mecanics.

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    No LAN ?!! This is rude ! Why not ?! I am very disappointed. 🙁

    I just can’t understand the lack of lan multiplayer mode on recent games. There’s just no good reason to not have it.

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    In fact, you can have the case of good soldiers fighting against evil creatures in which case sadism might not appear as evil as it can be when it is gratuitous.

    And we are talking about a rogue, not a pure good merciful paladin.

    And if the classes can be as good as evil, there’s no reason not to have both kind of competences anyway.

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