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    I did not intend to come back here, and I didn’t want to mention any names, but enough is enough.

    TL;DR <: You can’t make a group project if you can’t trust anyone.

    If you care for your Shadowrealm Project, and wonder why I suddenly threw all my enthusiasm away, despite many additional structures already being planned out in my 3d Tools, you better read this:

    Look at random people right in here.

    Eomolch, this is not to frame you the culprit, and this won’t be a discussion, after I finished writing you’re free to defend yourself here or slander my claims, I frankly don’t care any longer, I’ll simply write up what happened:

    So, very long ago, I made two units, specifically and exclusively for BloodyBattleBrain and Gloweye, an Airship and a Ballista – peanuts, really – I only kept them exclusive so that they stay unique to their respective mods.

    First, from some stray link, or ripped from my Decodence, a guy called Shaithias took them out without asking, intended to display them as his own work in a portfolio, and threw a myriad of lies at me.
    Frankly, I contacted him only to give a friendly reminder not to take things without asking, but that he can keep them if its okay with BBB/Gloweye.
    Alas, since he ignored that quite lenient offer, only added more contradicting lies and kept deleting my comments asking for an explanation, I demanded he leaves the comment standing – he chose to rather delete the entire mod than admit his thievery.

    I don’t care for people bickering about copyright, in fact in most of my work giving credit to me is mostly voluntary – I make mods/models for people to enjoy and no other reason – but I sure as hell won’t spend effort and free time only to be screwed over.

    Now, this is where things get interesting.

    Remember Shaithias’ claims that Eomolch gave him permission?
    After that event, I decided to believe Eomolch and gave him free use of the models. Case closed?
    No. Because guess what?

    By now, I just had the THIRD different, and definitely not affiliated person contact me claiming the same thing, and each of them comes from this old time BEFORE I gave any permissions, when my work was meant to be exclusively for BBB and Gloweye and nobody else. Also: each of them was convinced these models are owned by Eomolch.

    This wasn’t the only cases. All in all I can be certain at least one or two here are involved with this behavior – there were so freaking many dubious claims about participants here, and obvious lies by different people that I can’t even say for sure who started this depraved behavior- and for what ? For two stupid little models which I wanted to give away anyway.

    That being said, its enough and appreciated that Hiliadan reminded me that I could come back and actually model things proper – I don’t need any more reminders by others – thanks, but especially not when you don’t know whom you can trust at all.

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    I was quite angry when I posted last so heres the missing clarifications:

    None was here in the topic, but some have treated my work here in what I wouldnt call fair. I wont change my opinion another time, and wish everyone here luck with the project.

    For everyone in this project counts: all units I near-finished, the DED dwelling, and the CLB with my shadowrealm content can be freely taken from decodence and used without credit.

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    I’m out.
    Don’t ask me why, don’t send me invites.
    I only apologize to those innocent bystanders who hoped for this to work out.

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    The Dwelling is looking nicer and nicer but what do you mean by “district blocks”? You mean you added some housing to improve the lore aspect but it’s not linked to any in game function, right?

    Cities and Dwellings both have “districts” in the vanilla game too. The city is only the walled-in middle hex – the 6 hexes surrounding it are the districts, randomly picked each time a city is generated or grows. For the Giant Dwelling, it’s hexagonal blocks. For the Sylvan Refuge, it’s shrubbery/trees. etc.

    You will see exactly what I mean if you place 1 single passable hex in a body of water, then put a town on it. The districts won’t be visible because they can’t be placed on the water. Same goes for mountains.

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    Came back today, kind of. So today I made “district” blocks for the Dark Elf Dwelling
    Dark Elf Dwelling NEW

    And also made the Dark Elf Shade Unit. Anti-climatic after the Stormlord, but a half-transparent shadow-stalker isn’t supposed to appear pompous anyway.

    As always, white is teamcolor.

    Dark Elves WIP Image 13
    Dark Elves WIP Image 14
    Dark Elves WIP Image 15
    Dark Elves WIP Image 16

    s’ppose Blade Dancer is next. And some deco/detail for the shade’s robes.

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    Sigh. This campaign’s progress is again on hold, just letting those interested know. On hold, that is, I don’t intend to abandon it, nor the cooperation with the Shadowrealm Mod Project.

    Though health issues and taking in too many requests make things unsure.

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    As the collada scripts for Blender still don’t work in AOW3 and I will be still indisposed with no way to get used to maya, incase someone wants to rig the finished ones up already, I will send the raw files to hiliadan in .blend and .obj files.

    They’ll also have to be merged and centered first (armor pieces are currently all separate for modelling convenience) but that’s just a work of about 2 minutes anyway.

    No news at when I can/will be back.

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    Hey Guys, I got great news!

    For the next patch release the editor will use streaming. On my PC the RAM has dropped from an average of 3.1GB to 2.3GB for extra large maps with DLC content enabled.

    Daniel. Thank you.

    I kept telling other mod-makers, and – no offense guys since I made the same mistake – only Hiliadan seemed to have enough trust. I must admit, while this suggestion to fix the streaming issue came from me, I did not expect any devs would listen.

    That’s what makes you better than usual developers, thanks guys. I was wrong not to ask for this change by myself much earlier.

    My knowledge of this is still amateurish, and I still don’t know why it crashed when it actually didn’t quite reach the real limit of 4096mb, but seeing as lowering the quality setting helps, I was sure I am right.

    This issue put some mods on hold – I stopped my own because my maps became unusable in the editor, and Kranford, hailing from the cursed valley, also had to re-create things – once this patch rolls out, I hope everything picks up again, as AOW3 really deserves the fan-addition attention.

    With this, a fanmade expansion actually neatly fits into the new, more spacious, memory limit. I hope to find my way back into this, and that others join in.

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    Thanks for the summary, this will be useful for the design.

    My current work is the Shade Model.

    The way I made them up to now is male and slightly hunch-backed and slightly more lean, to make them appear just a bit less humanoid than the other Delves. Their body under the scarce armor pieces seems to mostly be wrapped in old, ragged cloth that hangs down in torn shreds at some spots. The only metal armor currently on them is a metal glove in their right hand with a claw attached, which looks faintly similar to the one below.

    Their torso and lower body I want to be somewhat similar to the Wraith model, just more rogue-like.

    I am unsure about the headpiece, I’d pick a hood and bandit mask up to the nose, but the Sharpshooter already has that. I may give the Sharpshooter something different, or think up something new for the Shade.


    Ah, that makes a lot more sense now.

    That won’t be a problem either. When I started on these models I kept exactly that thought in mind – keeping them compatible between Dark or Shadow Elves by creating them in a way somewhat inbetween – and easy to edit in case.

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    Yes, do. Whichever way things go, the models you’re currently worked on will be used.

    Yes, that was exactly what I wondered about, good!
    You see, things went back and forth here so much it felt like working blindly here as I modeled.

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    Uhm… seeing as this topic is still basically stuck in “what if when but there how” and can despite all information, be summarized to “so much time passed, so much changed, and so many went separate ways we basically have a huge amount of artistic freedom anyway” I’ll just go back to modelling until the direction is clearer.

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    I don’t like to get involved with the Lore debate but lemme add:

    Saying Matriarchal Dark Elves who might like Spiders is cliche or too similar, is like saying it’s wrong to portray Dwarves as craftsmen who like the underground. Or Elves who like nature and life. Or Goblins who are rough and like gritty environments. Or Orks who like courage and violence. All of which are part of each Vanilla AOW (except Delves ofc)

    PS: I doubt a mere dwelling will have anything to do with their gender hierarchy anyway.

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    Here we go again:

    I was tinkering with a Storm Lord model, despite the diverse suggestions I somehow ended up with my own, typically controversial imagination. Well, adjustments can be made if necessary.

    Dark Elves WIP 08
    Dark Elves WIP 09
    Dark Elves WIP 10
    Dark Elves WIP 11
    Dark Elves WIP 12

    I always wanted to “fanfic” what a Storm Lord from AOW1 might have looked like, so this was kinda overdue.

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    Glad it’s sufficient now :>

    I forgot to add this last time, its the first Delf model made and the Sharpshooter Gloweye mentioned. Their generic Archer unit.

    > Textures are to 70% just quick placeholders, proper textures come later. Bright White spots are where Team Color will go
    > Model Detail may go down in the final version to safe memory. Currently these all have slightly too many meshes.

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    @leon Feargus
    Thanks for the hint!

    I overhauled the Dark Elf Dwelling a bit to look more unique.

    The Orb on the terrace is swirling in an eerie way, here’s a video of it in motion:

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    If the only problem is how to create a model, then take a look at this decision which we found with Eomolch once. Quick and simple:

    I don’t know about the human body, but a Black Widow Spider Model for the lower body is on my list of models as per Gloweye’s suggestion.

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    There is something important you should know. Unless we heavily limit quality, or find a way to somehow optimize the .dae files, what is planned here will grate at the RAM limit. At least in Editor.

    Honestly, I have no idea how the hell .dae can be so huge. These files are downright obese for no logical reason I can find. Check out this comparison between .nif and .dae:

    Image not found

    The much simpler .dae is 50% larger despite the fact it should contain MUCH less data. Or might it be the export script mashing in redundant things? I use the same export options as the modding guide shows.

    With a few mods a complex map open in the Editor already reaches up to 3800mb as the largest I’ve seen. You can get some leeway by using the lowest graphics settings, but still.

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    Thanks Hiliadan and Arnout !
    I didn’t yet fully explore what I need to do with normal / reflection / environmental maps here, but I’m sure its not that hard – once I made those and made a proper texture for the Delves, I am sure they will look great.

    I am still learning. I mostly worked with the DDS/NIF format and Oblivion/Skyrim meshes before, but it cannot be THAT different here I think.

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    Hello again Wondrous people.

    I just wanted to note I’m pondering on the not yet finished Shadowrealm structures I wanted to model. I still got a list here somewhere, tho I recall most of them by heart.

    Since was/still am on a bit of a burnout here and was gone for a long time, here’s a recap for what I already have and you (beside Gloweye) may have not seen yet:

    > Dark Elf Dwelling (belongs to Gloweye’s mod, rough version is done, will improve textures and make structural improvements)
    > Shadow Weed (its in Decodence but you probably didn’t see it because its Shadow-Realm only, you can see it in the Editor)
    > Shadowed version of “Wicked Flames of Grauth”, a Shrine Visit Site I made for Decodence. (its also in Decodence and can currently appear on the normal world – its a huge pyre with blue flames)

    > Dark Elf Archer Model (model is finished beside weight-paint, texture is placeholder and not satisfying for me)
    > Dark Elf Executioner Model (same as above, reminds a bit of the old executioners from the earlier games, with heavier armor and a little deathknight vibe)
    > Half Finished Dark Elf Stormlord (same as above, not sure yet what direction to take with their outfit)

    Here’s a non-rendered Blender Screenshot of the Executioner, do note the Blender -VS- Ingame Pic to understand how vastly different the appearance is between the modelling tools and ingame.

    Dark Elves WIP 01 Blender
    Dark Elves WIP 02 Blender
    Dark Elves WIP 03 Blender
    Blender -VS- Ingame Example Pic

    Credits: They are based on the High Elf standard unit from Triumph, not all of the model/texture is made from scratch.

    Should I not get back into the mood for AOW3 modding, this project can have all related finished or not-finished files without having to credit me – if they want them.

    I am still indisposed for now, also had to put my campaign project on hold. We can talk business more properly when IRL stops being a bitch.

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    Thanks a lot for the updated Rig Zip Allert !

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    But I have one silly problem/nuisance that I can’t find a fix on and that is how to Amplify the volume in Fmod so it’s in sync with the vanilla music (To darn low)…. But it only allows a maximum of 100% which is also the default value. and anything higher than that is reverted to the default value. Any knowledge on that?

    I don’t know what tool you use for the initial converting, but I used Audacity and had the same problem, until I figured out what it was.

    Despite the Track looking normal when exported, and sounding normal in FMOD Designer it secretly applied the overall volumne set in Audacity.

    However: I did not try with music here, only Sound Effects in Tactical Combat

    I’m still unsure what exact range we need here for 3D sounds either – though that seems irrelevant for music.


    The game is not loading (stays in the loading screen) with leader customisation selected. With only decodence map and rmg selected, everthing is working fine.

    That is an issue I heard of repeatedly, for more mods than just mine.

    The current theory seems to be that some leftover temporary data from when modding was new/beta is the problem.

    Up to now, everyone who told me of this issue had it working again after a fresh re-install of aow3.


    Sorry for the late replies, for some reason the topic was no longer subscribed for me

    The only thing doesen´t working is Decodence Leader customisation. This is sad, but i can live with that 🙂

    What exactly goes wrong? I recently fixed a few smaller issues in there, and tested it afterwards, everything seemed fine.

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    Indeed you can simply assign entries that aren’t part of any customization sets.

    So the “invisible” head and this recolored Warlord Armor work in-game but won’t appear in the Leader Editor.

    I did a similar thing to Wraith’s bandit mask, because it specifically only fits his head form, it is not available for players because it would clip in any other case.

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    I’ve finally got around not-being-lazy and created all the Leaders in the RPK proper, instead of re-creating them each map.

    There will be a bunch of optional (“secret”) things to unlock in Psycho Path, including units, hero characters and even optional scenarios. One of them is The Aberrant, whom you will meet in the story, but the conditions to recruit him will stay secret of course:

    Stay tuned, if you like cryptic / ominous abilities, because “Aberrant” is a quite suitable name for him, or rather, “it”.

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    It doesn’t work today either, I’ve tried daily since over a week now.

    Only the exceptions mentioned above happened.

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    There, found it.

    Seems Throne Markers can’t be used to respawn instantly, you can’t put 0 turns in there.

    If you set it to at least 1 it works:

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    Another new detail revealed:

    It seems I simply cannot upload the same files more than once.

    No, seriously.

    I rolled back Decodence Mod to an older version I was able to upload it once, after which further updates won’t work anymore. Now, since stuff was missing, I picked another older version, re-created the missing things, and was able to upload it – once.

    After that successful upload, further updates stopped working just as before.

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    Sorry for the long delay,

    I for my part couldn’t find any problem in the map itself, can you send the savegame aswell?

    in reply to: Modrelated load game crash #239775


    This happened to multiple people who were switching back and forth between versions back then when Modding Open BETA was performed.

    It SEEMS to be some kind of leftover data associated with your steam account – telling the game to load mods even if you disabled them.

    Up to now, reinstalling AOW3 solved it in the 5 cases I heard of this.

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