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  • heya all.

    first of all, I wanna wish triumph studios the best of luck with their new partnership!

    and everyone… I get ya are a little scared bout the takeover… I am also scared because of all the negative attention, but triumph is a company that they build with their own hands and I am sure they never gonna sell it to a greedy company that has no hearth for their game..

    please don’t fight, and try to be nice to each other, caus I am sure that the split up between the fan base is even hurting the developers more then al the angry and judging posts.

    I think they heard enough why this is or isn’t a good choice… lets from now on all just hope for the best and give them the support they need for this huge step 😀

    please keep it positive and happy k?

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    Hi all,

    if ya wanna play then I still have plenty of space for new friends :3
    Just add me on steam (dark_lady_lilith) and then i’ll start planning our game together with gabby 🙂

    thanks a bunch 😀


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    i added ya Darkrunningchest,

    lordfalco I couldn’t find ya tho..

    can you add me? dark_lady_lilith on steam 🙂

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    yaay I gonna add both when I get home :3

    this is gonna be so much fun. I really am looking forward to this.

    anyone else who wanna join?

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    Yaay thanks lordfalco, I hope we gonna have lots of fun :3.
    do you wanna add me or I’ll add you?

    if anyone else is interested please tell me 🙂


    Heya guys and girls,

    There is just one thing I REALLY REALLY hope for. And that is that all the awesome people of our AOW3 community also hops on to the AOW4 community when it is released 😀

    For everything else I love the developers and I trust that they will be able to make a really awesome game with lots of interesting stuff. And listen to their fans again to make AOW4 even more awesome :3

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    thanks for all the info, you guys are great!

    I assume I missed something but I wanted to try your campaign and I didn’t find any link to download the scenarios? On the website, the Download text does not have any link and the Steam group is on invitation only and does not seem to have any link. Your maps are not public? :'(

    it will get really super cool! Charchar told me about it and the story is very deep with all kind of awesome characters!

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    Holy cow many people who want to play yaaay! I’ll invite you all when I return from my job.

    What timezone are you in ?


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    Well, if there is a problem with players playing a PBEM then the host should fix it for those players, simple as that. if the host decide to play beta he make sure the other players can play beta, if he don’t he make sure that the players are informed and make the player reset his turn after he plays with beta enabled.

    a host is not only “ruling” the game but also providing playability. the task and dedication of a formal host.

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    I could play semi-regularly if you want. I’m certainly not the world’s best player, but I’d like to get some more experience, and we could possibly learn some new tactics.

    Can I add you on steam?

    If you’re playing AD you already have Hunters for that.
    Honestly you should probably pick something that’ll help you out in combat, Keeper of the Peace and Hunters have your strategic game pretty damn solid, you just need a backup plan in case you actually start getting into fights (you will almost certainly get into a fight some time)
    Fire is the old standby for this. Fireball and Skin of Oil are both really good combat spells. Hellhounds are a bit less useful on an AD, since you are summoning up animals anyway, but could be situationally useful.
    Creation is a popular pick for healing, and Bless is a pretty good buff.
    Water could be useful for a fairly cost-effective nuke (Vengeful Frost) and Rot will be very useful if you find yourself getting into fights with a Dreadnaught. Freeze Water is pretty useful if you find yourself having to transport stacks that aren’t entirely made up of Hunters/Shamans as well.
    Wild is also very solid.

    so it doesn’t really matter which I take as 3th spec?

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    I would not recommend Partisan, personally. Mostly because fielding a million single-unit stacks is a gigantic pain for not very big reward.

    oh sorry.. I thought that the stealth parts could help keeping total vision over the map and the enemies…

    which mastery do you recommend as third one?

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    As for the lacking experience in MP, well, that won’t ever change unless you actually, you know, play MP. It’s pretty daunting to get started with, but if you find some cool people to play with it’s really a lot of fun. You could start with PBEM to get your feet wet, since that’s closer to the SP experience than live MP

    I am playing some MP games with Charchar and slashguy but they don’t have allot of time to finish it.

    Keeper of the Peace Master is basically exactly what you want. Rally of the Populace is a better version of Incite Revolt that any class can use.

    So peace keeper master, and maybe partisan as 3th?

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    If you play a MP game with 3 other people diplomacy suddenly becomes gigantic and is a ton of fun, everyone is making nonstop secret dealings with each other

    really? I don’t have allot of multiplayer experience so I don’t know about that…

    The influence of army size on whether or not AI will accept an alliance has been decreased. However, that’s of course no guarantee for anything. There may still be AI’s never accepting alliance.
    However, you could try secondary warfare. Basically, pay your allies AI’s to go to war with those who don’t accept peace. You can also found cities and donate those to your allied AI’s, and maybe support with overland magical warfare if that’s OK with your own preferences. A few nice good strategic enchantments can really help in a war. In the GR patch I once destroyed an AI just by having 400 CP – I kept up Age of Deception, casted Incite Revolt on most cities, and whenever a garrison was weak, I used Plague of Brigands. Network of Scrying Eyes gave me all the vision I needed to carry out this operation

    that is really cool! but it still is not exactly how I want to win. Still My method is impossible so I might try that for once. do you have any advice on masteries I could take to improve this play style as a High elf Druid?

    in reply to: A small question about diplomatic relations #211060

    what? well that sucks…… thanks for warning me!

    still I would love to know if there are other alternative methods of increasing your relation, just because I normally try to play pretty diplomatic and any way to increase your friendship with the AI is welcome to know.

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    guys, i am really flattered but you are thinking way to positive about me…

    I don’t mind talking about the alliance with Gamblag but could we not better concentrate on the declare war problem? I personally don’t mind if their comes a solution for this, but i think it would be a shame if new players make the same mistake and enjoy the game less because of it….

    still thanks all for commenting! you guys are awesome!

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    Not this part. I eradicated him with joy of heart, every time again. Then I fed him to my loyal crows that helped me catch him off-guard

    I might be naïve and I am not very far intro the campaign but I don’t know if he really deserve such a harsh treatment.

    Anyhow, I always see misclicks as an excuse for reload. It’s not a tactical/strategical mistake, it’s your cat walking over the keyboard.(Or your dog. Your little brother. Whatever. Just reload.)

    A person I am learning from told me that you should accept any error that is made by yourself. This {even if it is a misclick} is still an error that is made by myself. and it is not a hard level so I completed it nonetheless. But still I failed in my “try to get the orc accept a alliance so maybe there is an event that he tells his side of the story so I can judge him better” thingy I wanted to checkout.

    The very first time I loaded the campaign up I tried to stay peaceful…the betrayal actually got me by surprise!

    Well I did expected something to happen, but I thought the brother to betray the orc. and I did get the orc to accept a peace threat so I actually thought that a alliance would also be something. well to bad I accidently declared war after sending him loads of gold and mana.

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    no no no i don’t blame you Wintersend! please don’t feel bad….

    but anyway thanks for your explanation!

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    roleplay? why do you think i am roleplaying?

    I am just a human like all you….

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    There should be a good reason for him to betray the elven court Sir toine. I just wanted to find a peaceful solution for the conflict that looked like a big misunderstanding…

    in reply to: woops, we have war now…. #206751

    Heya Mentat, It is not for the veteran players like you but more for the noobs like me. also think about when you are in an ironman PBEM game and you accidently declare war. then you cant reload.

    About your second point, I follow the philosophy of a friend of my “Every reload is a failure”. So even if it is not considered cheating I wont do it.

    in reply to: woops, we have war now…. #206738

    heya Gloweye! thanks for your response!

    you shouldn’t be able to get peace with him? He accepted my peace offer without any problems, and he even started to like me for all the gifts I send him.

    Sorry for saying something stupid, but maybe a checkbox with don’t ask me again would suffice to fix it?

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    Guild Wars is ALL skill. He just can’t handle skill games he has to rely on LUCK and grind to get strong. lol

    you cant be serious? Slashguy kicks your ass in every single game you come up with! The only reason he doesnt react right now is because he doesnt see you worthy enough to even speak!

    in reply to: What about Demons? #198951

    .the last guy I told had his brain melt by the sheer combination of evil and mastery that I created them from. Most unfortunate. Good lieutenants are hard to find these days.

    To see blood is all I am waiting for, for now it is the blood of thugs and weak undead, but I cant wait seeing the blood of both our minions combine intro an soup of doom, and the screams becoming the symphony of death.

    I guess you have your answer where the demons are, they just moved up in the command chain 😛

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    Sound like fun slashguy, i will add you on steam. but i do want some more people to ask some questions so anyone else who want to teach me? i really don’t want to spam the forum with my foolish questions.

    in reply to: I love the expansion but… #190378

    aside from the stats talk thanks for all the input. going to check if this works better against an High elf sorcerer.

    thanks allot all. 🙂

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    so all with all is that i need to use more meat walls to keep the phantasm warriors from entering the walls?

    also i need to use my spells more in combat instead of using it for summons and domain enchantment?

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    well you got it spot on, i personally think initiate are great for scouting because they got an ranged attack and can beat most other scouting units

    in reply to: I love the expansion but… #190300

    thanks all for your input! 🙂

    just bear with me guys, trying to handle any situation the game throw at me, or like slahsguy said, building some fortitude. i just don’t have the knowledge about the ingame units and spells to really think up some really effective way to counter this. and i think that all the information you guys provide helps me allot!

    for your information, i use water mastery and explorer.

    in reply to: I love the expansion but… #190263

    thanks for your input, but most animals are not really defensive, and because of the stun the phantasm warriors have and the powerful close combat attacks and defense i am searching for an more –ranged– option.

    hunters and longbows are not very effective and initiate and storm sisters even less. By the time i get the bigger beasties I have a dwelling that can give me the other types of damage i need to defeat those warriors.

    it is not that i need advice now to deal with it, i just want some advice from the masters how to deal with it better and losing less towns. taking in other city’s is a no go because i always play without random cities.

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