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    Thank you!! It should be all we need for this! 🙂

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    Well you have my arguments why I think AoW3 and lotr don’t fit well together in my post above so I am not going to repeat them.

    Though of course this doesn’t take away the merit of the AoW2 mod you’ve linked (which I never had the joy to try out since I never came across it before).

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    Hi michal21112, apart from the fact that you can hardly critisize the devs for not creating a world and story comparable to the godfather of all modern classical fantasy stories there is one big problem when trying to bring lotro content to AoW3: The two just don’t match very well! AoW2 was the perfect setup for middle earth scenarios. There was the good vs evil theme, many of the required fantasy races and magic behaved much more like you’d expect it to work in middle earth. AoW3 however doesn’t offer that setting. It has evolved from a classical black and white fantasy game to a game without inherently good or evil races and leaders with different ideologies rather than just different magic spheres. Therefore if you want to pair AoW3 with lotro you would have to either sacrifize a good part of the immersion you’d expect from a middle earth scenario (or mod) or some of the fundamental AoW3 features (namely classes). Addititionaly thanks to 3D it has become much more difficult to add units with completely new visuals to the game.

    So while the thought of an extensive lotro mod / map may be appealing at first, it loses a lot of its attraction when you start to weight the gain against the necessary effort.

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    Just asked, should be something we can do.
    Booked a ticket to have this added in the next patch.

    Wohoo! Thank you, this is awesome! =)

    Is there already a fixed (or approximate) date for when that patch will come?

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    Ohhh, let me voice in on that request 😀

    I’ve tried creating a chariot-based Support Unit for the “in the works” Azrac Mod and stumbled upon this bottleneck too, tho I planned to use horse/s as (a) mount/s.

    But unfortunately neither the Tigran Chariot’s nor the Ice Queen’s skeleton seem to be available.


    The problem I see with horses is that for one thing I don’t know if they’ll animate well enough with the boar skeletton the tigers from the tigran chariot use as a base and for another that horses are simply too tall 😀 you’d have to use mini horses or manage to adjust the chariot model if you don’t want the meshes to stick into each other.

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    The healing effect really was the problem! I had to pull a little stunt to get the healing back into the ability without using a direct heal effect but now the ability works like I want it to AND the AI won’t use it anymore. So thanks again tombles! Couldn’t have done it without your explanations!!

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    Hi Tombles, thanks a lot for your detailed response and the insight on the AI behavior!! I had been wondering for a while how the Unit Health Multiplier really works 🙂

    As for the ability itself, what it does is transform the avenger (which is the archon T3 unit) into an arch angel until end of battle (and beforehand restore 20 HP) at the cost of the death of the unit at the end of the battle. So it is an ability meant to be used in tight battles where you know there will be losses or simply when you get into a situation where you realize that you will lose your avenger either way and want to hurt the opponent some more before that happens. (The idea is that the avenger trades his life to the gods for the powers to smite his enemies one last time.)

    Anyway so even before you suggested it I had already added an extra property effect to the caster targeter and set it to Is Positive = false. However I didn’t know how to set the Unit Health Multiplier. Now after your explanation I have tried it out with 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Maybe the heal effect on the unit simply outvotes the fake unit property effect (may actually test later if removing the healing effect will change things).

    @nvc_for_the_soul: I’m afraid the things you suggest aren’t possible to mod in. As far as I know using variables such as number of cities etc is something that the modding tools don’t really allow you to do.

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    Ah ok, ma bad. Yes, I was talking about visuals. As far as stats and abilities are concerned I already added some extras where I deemed them to be fitting. 😉

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    Can’t you flick a box in the abilities entry for such cases?
    Something about “is used by AI” or so.

    Would deactivate the skill for all AIs though

    Hi Thariorn! This was my first intuition too when I noticed the problem. But either I am blind or there just isn’t such an option! The only AI filters I have found so far come on tactical unit property effects and they only specify the situation the AI will use the ability in, don’t prohibit it at all. The only one that could have worked as an off-switch was the AI morale filter (says that it would limit the use of the ability to a certain morale of the unit), but for some reason it showed no effect when I tried it out. Or maybe it just doesn’t work with extreme values (I tried +3000 and -1000).

    But I was hoping you would do another race, it’s a shame it’s the same as the one that will be a Dwelling in the community expansion. :S

    So you did specific class units too?

    I admit it isn’t ideal, but Archons are really one of the two still missing races from AoW2 that I wanted to have back in the game (the other being the Dark Elves, and those I already “incorporated” via racial heritage). Also as usual it was a question of unit models and what could be done with the already existing material.

    As for class units, the archon class units are all based on the human ones. In case of the theocrat and warlord units I already added some distinctions, but the rest is still identical (in appearance) and this is indeed the most challenging part from the things that I still need to tackle (especially since people will compare it to Tibbles’ amazing racial variety mod). For some units I may just end up giving them different weapons or some fancy FX effect.

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    Dr_K, you sir are a genius! 🙂 I will try out your workaround now but have no doubt that it will indeed fix my problem! (Though of course there could still be others around.) Thank you! =)

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    Ok, I found the problem. I thought glow bloom/emissive wouldn’t work unless there is a glow map set … well, turns out I was wrong!! setting those 2 values to 0 fixed the problem!

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    Hi nvc_for_the_south, sorry for the tardy response, but I am currently not often around in the forums. To answer your questions

    1) The mod is finished, I was just to lazy to update the title of this thread especially since not many ppl around here had shown any interest in the mod.

    2) I think that the particular problem mentioned on steam only affected PBEM games. However that problem should also be fixed now, though I am still waiting for the confirmation of that from hiliadan.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Daniel,

    it is true, it is not exactly something normal to do but neither the first time I’m doing it just the first time that the translation completely screws up the animation.

    So what I want to do is to create a centaur unit by using a mounted hero as a basis, removing the lower part of the hero and hiding the head and some portion of the neck of the horse with an opacity map. But to make this work the horse mesh (or the hero meshes, but that would be even more work) has to be translated so that both parts fit together. Now that I come to think about it, this would also work if the mount or rider had an extra offset (and maybe even rotation) option in the unit model entry in the mod editor.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Tibbles, yes, I tried with both orient effect set to true and to false just to be on the safe side.

    Maybe I should have made this clear though, but the problem only occurs if the FX effect contains a mesh. For ordinary FX effects everything works fine. I was just greedy and thought maybe I can trick the game into showing some extra model in the unit preview if I disguise it as a FX effect.

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    Hi Tibbles, yes I added it to a bone. It does also move with the model when it comes to mere coordinates. Just the orientation stays the same.:(

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    Hi tibbles! Thank you for the response, this does indeed the trick. 🙂 never would have thought to look at the media dictionary tbh.

    Maybe you also know the answer to another question/problem I ran into (not sure though if there IS a solution on this case) : I created an fx effect consisting of a mesh to cheat the extra model option into the unit preview as well. It worked except that the extra model is unable to rotate for some reason. So if the unit it is attached to will move around, the extra model will stay with its original orientation, making this whole “trick” rather useless. The question is: is there some way to get around this problem?

    Best regards, eomolch

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    Hi Gloweye, the Untouchables came to my mind first too, however unless my game has some display bugs/issues recently they actually don’t show their FX effect in the unit preview. The same is true for wraiths and the frost giant meaning the effect will only work for those units where it is already integrated into the model in the content editor (usually with some special materials). So maybe this is what tibbles did as well, can’t really tell though since when I looked at the clb and the entries of the rpk I could actually not find any hint that there should be an FX effect at all.

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    Thank you so much, I can confirm that with the update my problem is gone 🙂

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    I did as you asked and since I’m no expert with this I appended the log to my post. There are a lot of unregistered class ID exceptions. Apart from that it seemed to me like steam had found the mod .taf, but then again I’m no expert.

    edit: since the log file is too big I had to split it into 3 parts

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    Hi Eric, thank you for your response.

    I have checked both folders and the IDs of the mods are the same in UserContent as in the remote/UGC folder. However all of my mods are having the same ID. Is this normal?

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    Hi Dr_K and Arnout, thank you for your responses. I had tried both with the open beta branch and without it and also tried the “changing image hotfix” and it doesn’t resolve the problem. Because as I described above the problem seems to have changed for me from “unable to upload” to “unable to identify”.

    I can say this because I did some more testing today and it turns out one of my mods – the hero development mod – is still identified by the game (or rather steam) as the uploaded mod. When I open it with the package manager I get the message that it was already uploaded to steam and I could confirm that I can successfully update it without creating a new mod entry.

    However when I open any of my other mods with the package manager I don’t get any pop up window telling me it was uploaded before and indeed when I upload those mods again they are uploaded as a new mod instead of updating the old entry.

    So my assumption is that every mod on steam has an unique ID and for some reason that ID changed for my mods and steam doesn’t recognize them anymore. The question is if there is some way to manually change that ID back? (or first: find a method to read the ID for both the local mod file and the steam project to confirm this suspicion)

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    Hi PirateKing, first of thank’s for the praise :))

    Then, about your problem, you are saying that you created a mod with the racial heritage mod in the dependency list, opened the .rpk with the human units in it, edited the human hag resource and when you reopened the mod the resource was duplicated with a new ID? If that is the case it is bad news because I don’t really know why that should happen.

    Else it would be good if you described more detailed what you did and what happened and maybe then I can help you 🙂

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    Hi HjAa, you may have seen this on steam already, but I will talk to charlatan about this soon. For now, I have to further investigate if I will finally be able to update my mods again :/

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    Hi Thariorn, not sure what exactly you mean, but I just tried it out and replaced the image with another one and still got the same error message. 🙁

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    All 9 races are done now (or actually more like a month ago).

    – Dwarves: Prospector/Smith/Aether Mage
    – Draconians: Fire Priest/Dragon Heir/Nest Warden
    – Tigrans: Savannah Hunter/Mystic/Pharaoh Guard

    Additionally to each profession there was added a learnable spell from among the existing specialization spells available at lvl 5 (no leaders).

    For the documentation of the mod see the appended .pdf file !

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    Oh, so it is as I feared :/

    Either way, thanks for the quick reply 🙂

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    Thank you! You guys are the best 😉

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    * updated the starting post (this mod is now featuring a new sea dwelling)

    I took a peek at your clb’s and only now noticed the watchtower on the fortress, so there is a distinction already but it could be more noticeable.

    That is because I added this change after your (former) post.

    This is enough teaching to get me going, thanks. I actually never noticed he NEW and DELETE buttons because they were partially hidden by my cpu’s interface.

    Have fun 😉

    Do you have any plans to try and make it work for AI? I did some experiments with my mod, without much succes unfortunately.

    Pretty sure this can’t be done. The AI won’t even build cities on (regular) outposts (or build outposts or roads in that respect).

    I’ve just tried again and I can’t settle the maritime fortress. The settler is gone but the fortress remains a fortress.

    We clarified this yesterday 😛

    I did a run as Expander and Rugged Pioneers did not put Mountaneering on my Worker Boat, so you might want to try and go for racial boats after all.

    This is because I changed rugged pioneers to only give the mountaineering part to non-boat laborer units.

    Made a seperate mod-test myself and indeed game crashes when building a fortress with a regular boat unit. I once had a set-up where I used embarked builders but they would respawn on a land tile, leaving the built structure independent.

    Also builders are racial too ^^

    Some suggestions:
    – When I was working on my Laborer Ship I was planning to mount it with a crane (borrowed from builder unit), might be nice for flavor.

    If there is an easy way to achieve this, it is a nice idea (I was thinking about sth like this too), but I doubt the crane has its own mesh :/

    – What do you think about adding the Buoy idea to your mod? (Buoy would be 1 hex domain radius and +5 vision). I really like the prospect of making our mods compatible and the Buoy fits your mod better.

    Well, if you remove the domain part and thus make it a water equivalent to the watchtower it could work. Given I can find a convincing model 🙂

    whoops, almost forgot: @wusong: I can see if I can upload the mod on the Nexus page. If it looks easy I will do it soonish, else I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little more since I expect the mod to undergo several smaller updates in the next time and don’t want to make the update process any more complicated. 🙁

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    How’bout Tubgoat?

    As in ships which haul bigger/damaged ships back into their harbors.

    Would, kinda, work in the context of “Ships which build stuff”

    A tubgoat must be a truly terrifying creature 😀 If it had another e it would probably live in the London metro.

    But seriously Tugboat seems like a great idea.

    The “Wassertänzer” simply is translated to waterdancer

    Maybe repurpose an Ice Wyvern (To get those flapped arms) and rig it onto the Naga Matriarch?
    But I dunno how that would look/work because I haven’t rigged anything in the CE yet.

    That wouldn’t work and I don’t think the matriarch rig would have the set of animations I would expect from the water dancer. Sadly none of the existing rigs has :/ The closest thing would be the fairies, but I already checked and it would not really fit for a unit that isn’t supposed to be flying/floating.

    @gloweye: I know this, after all I asked you in another thread (and charlatan on another occasion). I just didn’t want to rule it out 100% yet, because well, you never know what is gonna happen.

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    Hi Leon Feargus, first let me say that I strongly appreciate your detailed feedback. This is gold for me 😉

    First things first:
    On loadscreen assertion failed message: duplicate ID (frigate/working boat)

    Whoops, I thought I had copied it in the new .clb again to avoid this. Good catch.

    – harbors unlock a new working boat unit which can construct maritime posts for 80 gold which act like fortresses on water (except they have no defensive value)

    – Was planning on a boat just like this one, called Laborers Ship. (in all honesty, I dislike both your name and mine and hope to come up with a better one)
    – Was wanting to give the Laborers Ship the Construct Buoy ability.

    I agree. I took the name from civ V, but if someone comes up with a better name I’m all ears.

    – martitime posts can be upgraded to maritime fortresses for 80 gold (+1 domain)

    – Typo in this description “martitime” should be “partytime”. hehehe
    – How about a slightly different look to differentiate between the post and fortress?
    – The Buoy would only have a 1 hex domain radius and + 3 vision. For looks I thought to take an upturned spydrone, colored red. Haven’t succeeded in implementing yet (game crash).

    I also thought about different looks, but didn’t have a good (and relatively easy) idea for it yet. But it is something I will try to tinker with when I get the time.

    As for your buoy idea, since you only need a prop without animation it shouldn’t be a problem to do this. You will have to use the content editor and copy the spydrone mesh to your own .clb. Then you can rotate the mesh there and assign it to the prop with the right material. By right material I mean a recolored spydrone mat, depending on how it works you may either be able to do the recoloring in the content editor or make a new material where you recolor the diffuse map in photoshop/gimp (see tibbles snow serpent tutorial for that).

    – The new sites are guarded more heavily than land structures with similar values. Quite often there are t3 and t4 involved. I think the guards are ok but the rewards should be slightly higher.(how about +5 research i.o. +5 gold for the reef)

    Hm, this is a tough one. It took me some time to get the RMG to create defenders with some good variety and power so I don’t think I will make some changes there. I’m a little hesitant about increasing the structure income since the values I chose just seemed right and fitting from a thematic point of view. So maybe it would suffice just to increase the exploration rewards for some degree.

    – I am seeing many defending Lurkers and only a handful of Hunters, is this intentional?

    I still haven’t figured out how exactly the RMG works with adventure sets, so no it is not intentional. It could be because the lurkers have a slightly higher stack priority or because they have slightly lower building cost.

    – On several occassions I’ve seen 2 of the new structures on adjacent hexes. just an observation, I guess that’s fine. (the defenders don’t seem to be cooperating)

    I actually like that this happens 😀

    – The Pearl mine sometimes appears adjacent to coastline. Also fine, however, take note that those structures are easily explored without having to embark an army and its resources easily harvested by landbound builders.

    Are you certain that they can be explored without embarking? I thought this “bug” was removed a while ago.

    Totally love these new units!!! Please teach me to create units like this! :)
    – perhaps give throw net ability on medal to hunter.

    Thanks! 🙂 (though I’m still a little undecided whether sea serpent abilities are good or if there could be done sth more creative)

    I’m afraid however that I can’t teach you how to create units like that because they are always a product of lots of experimentation and just testing stuff on my part. I usually have some idea which mesh/unit to use as a base and what could be done with it to make it look like I want it to. Then I play around with materials and additional meshes (with the same skeleton!) and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It is really a lot about just trying out ideas and looking where it takes you. (In case of the kappas the starting idea was to use the hatchling with a rig where it had a more humanoid pose to differentiate it from the normal hatchlings.)

    – Was thinking of adding the Repair Machine ability to the Laborers Ship only when built by cities with a Masters Guild (similar to the Builder).

    I was wondering where the repair machine ability of the builder went 😀 Maybe a compromise would be to grant the repair machine ability only when advanced seafaring is researched.

    – Good call on the price increase. (did you include the ironclad?)

    Yes 😉

    These were the prime reasons for the hesitation mentioned above. What do you mean by optional feature? How would that be implemented?

    I mean that players who have a problem with these immersion-breakers shouldn’t use it. The AI won’t found cities like that on their own.

    This one’s nice though. Makes me think … would it be possible to add a structure that adds the Embarked property so built land-units do appear in the city?

    Don’t think that would be possible. Though I might be wrong.

    – working boats appear on land in the city build preview
    – working boats are human for all races (I wanted them to be non-racial but only racial units can construct outposts; if I made one version for each race there would be unwanted side-effects like dwarven working boats being able to traverse mountains…)

    I don’t understand the problem here. You can have non-racial ships to build the Maritime Post and settlers to build an outpost on top of them, can’t you?
    As of now, the maritime structures devour settlers with no effect, this is bad.

    No, you can’t have non-racial ships have building the maritime post. It crashes the game (my guess is that it looks for the link for the right icon in the panel where you give the outpost a name, which is race-dependent). Also I don’t understand the second sentence. Why do they devour settlers with no effect? The city founding does work.

    TC-maps: would be grand, but difficult to implement I think.

    Yep, that’s why I put it into question marks^^

    Units: a female Kappa unit.

    😀 wouldn’t that be ugly? what I’d really like to do is recreate the “Wassertänzer” (no idea how it was called in english, the T2 water summon from aow2) but I didn’t have an idea yet how to get a good model (and rig) for it

    Descriptions: need some help?

    Not sure yet 😀 It is just so time-consuming for a non-essential feature.

    – Seaweed: Seafood Kitchen: Produced Supports gain Cure Disease
    – Coral Reef: Ridge of Razorblades: Pike and Infantry gain Inflict Bleeding Wounds.
    – Pearl Mine: Kraken Nursery: Produce Baby Kraken (remove from merfolk)

    – Seaweed: cure disease is already a support unit thingy and I think this would take away the differences between those who have it and those who don’t. also I don’t really want a MCU for the seaweed anyway since it would diverge from the base game’s policy on cluster visit sites
    – coral reef: nice idea, maybe with a flat damage bonus it could do.
    – pearl mine: this could only make sense if I also changed the summon baby kraken spell (adept of water) to something else. even in that case I would probably prefer the sea serpent variant…

    Thanks for all the hard work and please try Fortress Additions mod when it’s ready.

    Well thanks for the feedback 🙂 And let me know when your mod is finished 😉

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