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    Yeah, AI is definitely alot more weaker in the AOW3: Eternal Lords expansion when they was alot more powerful in AOW3: Golden Realms. I’m not even sure what the heck happened. They went from having huge armies to tiny ones. It bugged me so much that I stopped playing AOW3, after all what’s the point of having a huge army when I don’t have a big army to fight with. I don’t want to bring 20+ stacks and only fight 3 enemy stacks and win the war instantly late game.

    You can see how big they are in the golden realms expansion here in this thread.

    First Megabattle!

    Guys I’m never worried about is Sorcerors, Druids.

    KILL ON SIGHT is Rogues, Warlords, and to a lesser extent Dreadnoughts and Theocrats.

    Rogues because Shadow Stalker spam is actually terrifying plus their world spells.
    I’m not worried about theocrats because spamming holy boxes isn’t the answer to everything and AI cannot take advantage of combined arms.

    Dreadnoughts can be a joke but scary at same time. As AI, they can field illegal amounts of juggernauts but having so many is a drawback because they do poorly in melee. Super tough cheap tier 3 melee run into there and tie them up in melee and force dreadnought AI to make very unpleasant decisions.

    Warlord is the perfect class for AI because it is very very very very very straightforward and thus its very hard for them to do wrong with it unless they throw alot of manticores into antiflier armies. Warlord AI is very deadly, if You thought the AI fielding 300+ juggernaughts was insane, well, Warlord can field twice as many or even more than that thanks to their world spells.

    I do not like to fight an AI warlord alone and I try to split their attention as much as possible that way he isn’t busy sending every single soldier my way but only half.

    And Sorcerors/Druids is too hard for the AI to play, they need alot of casting points for endgame and skill to win with weaker troops. Worst possible classes for the AI to play with.

    Necromancers, I pity the poor AI that rolls one, they’re helpless and is free expansion target for other classes except for druids. Poor Druids. They have to put in little bit more effort to kill an necromancer than other classes. XD

    I need to play AOW3 again because I don’t know if my statements is no longer valid, I haven’t played in few years. Maybe tonight to find out if the AI is still weak or improved.

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    I just read that rock paper shogun article. It explained the game pretty well.

    But one thing in it really disturbs me. Autobuilt roads. I don’t like them at all. I prefer choosing where the roads will be laid down.

    Let the AI have their crappy autobuilt roads but I reserve the right to tear them up and rebuild the road network in my own image. :<

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    Well only time will tell if planetfall could make interesting games like my megabattle thread. All the hell i experienced aside, it was still an interesting experience.

    If a map is big enough, then the positioning of your armies would really matter because they cannot be everywhere at once and you’ll have to switch to economy aspect to improve your defenses.

    I prefer most massive of the maps. XD

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    Well, well. I’m surprised. I remember that one of the devs commented in this forum saying that they’re working on something new. My first thought was age of wonders into space. And i thought to myself, nah, that can’t be it. And I forgot about it until I came here and found about AOW:Planetfall xD

    It seems that the maps might be sufficiently large enough for me to not feel claustrophobic because of BBB saying that they could have like 400+ sectors?

    I wonder if the devs solved that problem where you cannot build two bridges next to each other, that really bugged me alot in that one time where i needed to build two bridges connecting to one hex next to each other in the underground.

    I’m just hoping that AOW:Planetfall will have at least underground. If its large enough to fit metropolises and wizard towers and stuff like eldritch horrors and landships? Its large enough for tanks, mechs, and helicopters.

    Maybe stuff like Champion system for generic units make it in along with the ability to rename them or not?


    Hey, been a while since I’ve seen you, Eric.

    Hi Gloweye, 😀

    I disappeared because AOW3 maps managed to feel too small and cramped by Eternal Lords expansion and plus the AI somehow ceased to challenge me anymore.

    I didn’t buy Civ6 Game either because their maps was even more smaller than Civ5, and they chose to conceal this fact. I am clearly not part of the target audience for Firaxis anymore.

    I went into hibernation after that questionnaire survey from triumph studios because it felt like they plan to make AoW4 bigger than AoW3. Guessing it will have bigger maps + fights. Just a small hope of mine. I check the forums for anything good to read once in every few months. Nothing of interest showed up until this news announcement.

    Plus it got super tiresome of players whining about abusing the AI in manual battles and needs to be “fixed” when they’re the ones that is exploiting the AI on purpose. I noticed that they won’t stop exploiting because they can’t help it but exploit. Honestly its silly that they spend hours in a single battle grinding out every last bit of experience points off a single goblin. I don’t have that kind of time to spare lol.

    Forum Quality took a serious hit during that period. :/

    So I disappeared and decided to just play mobile games whatever.


    Just eleven more days guys until we get into fights and arguments over who is better at ass kicking.

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    I’d rather suffer setbacks like this because I play on biggest maps because turn times is obscene if not simultaneous turns.

    It has forced me to get creative on how to win some battles with interesting horrific composition of troops. Back when Independent cities used to give alot of quests fast and tributes alot, I had alot of army compositions I’ve never dared to form before. But then I won battles with them and realized how flexible and interesting aow3 can be beyond producing 6x musketeers or 6x archers all the time.

    RP Reasons: I treat it as I got ambushed by the enemies. Problem solved. lol

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    Except, you don’t have them as a Warlord.
    The point is, though, that Solar Spire gives another 2 defense, Enchanted Armory adds 2 defense and 1 Resistance and Ancient Ruins add Projectile Resistance (+2 Spirit damage).
    Which means, one of those is good, two of those will be amazing. I mean, think about it. Dwarven FB comes with 14/12 in Def/Res, Phalanx is at 13/12 plus Shield. Enchanted Armory would be usable for both – but what if you can get Ancient Ruins with Solar Spire? You’ll be at 15/12 plus Shield plus Projectile Resistance, Base damage 16 + 2 (Firstborn having 14 + 2 Fire). You also get Tireless on Elite. AND they have Defensive Strike.
    So – no question, Dwarven Firstborn is awesome. But such a Phalanx? Why pass it up? Beats the hell out of Knights, Gryphon Riders, Drac Fliers, Beetle Riders …

    Relax JJ, it doesn’t mean every single warlord city will have all those available for phalanx spamming. And in case you haven’t noticed projectile resistance is overkill on archers that will only do 1 damage on them anyways unless they flanked them.

    Its’ not available to warlord 24/7 on demand. First, RMG must be generous to grand such bonuses in a location reachable to a single city. After that, a warlord must invest time and turns to prop those structures up. Then start producing them. Out of a single city. six turns is six phalanxes with all the upgrades. And they still can get debuffed to hell and back.

    And your final error, Comparing Class Units to Racial Units. Class units is almost always better than Racial units.

    And besides, I’m fine with it. Such an incredible list of bonuses will make the warlord attempt to mount an phalanx centric army and it’s up on the warlord’s enemies to crush alexander the great wannabe’s forces and prove yourself to be even greater than the warlord. In fact, you can expect it to be coming at you and then prepare accordingly for it.

    Just build a fort and watch phalanxes try to bypass your fort at the cost of leaving the rearlines vulnerable.

    And what I mean by debuffing the hell out of them, time requirement for such phalanxes to hit the field in overwhelming numbers = ample time to obtain legendary spells like mass bless, mass curse, phoenixes, even a druid hero and their massive root all land units spell. Even Musketmen can try and make them lose all their movement for a turn or 2. You can have even small numbers of supporting overwhelm units. Archon Titans is good source of this. Skin of oil, Slow, etc.

    And funniest part is, Kill a phalanx and hit it with a True Resurrect spell then laugh. FOr that phalanx is now a huge liability to the enemy.

    There’s so much one can do. People don’t like to admit they got outplayed so they advocate for nerfs.

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    I know I hated you but the latest round of improvements to dreadnought in current notes is making me like you again. Engineers can make roads now. I like. Juggernaut not required to reload is good because it’s the tier 4 class unit.

    Just letting you know, 2g per water hex can be bit too strong, Humans originally had happiness bonuses from water hex inside city domain during AOW3: Golden Realms. That got removed in Eternal Lords because it was deemed bit too strong. The 2g per water hex is probably even more stronger than happiness bonus cuz happiness is capped at 800. Such cities with plentiful access to water will be rushing for hospital built asap and watch the revenue roll in. Might can support three tier 4s by itself from water alone.

    Suffocate spell, a excellent change there. That spell always bugged me because it felt like something about it was off and then I went oh, Yeah, people should choke when hit by it cuz they’re suffocating duh. Simple change that might do good.

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    This thread is funny because I have current game in progress at 100+ turn mark and i’ve yet to be molested by haunted boneyard even once. >< I’m expanding towards quite a few and they haven’t angrily attacked my undefended cities. They’re defended now but I doubt their capability of defeating 3+ stacks. I’m scratching my head at this point because this is the 1 time out of 100 times that I never got attacked for some reason.

    I’m guessing you’re a goblin warlord.

    King Wraiths? And your specializations don’t help cover your ass against undeads?

    Plan A, B, C, should all compose of something roughly like swarm them and exhaust the enemy of retaliations so you can pound away freely. They’re the swarm faction, several of their units gain volunteer trait at veteran trait.

    If you don’t have sufficient army strength, consider the zone the wastelands and do not venture there until you’re ready. Check out Inns to bring elemental damage mercenaries into your fold.

    Your choices into race and class is who you are, and what really completes you is your specialization picks. Empires rise and fall based on their ability to adapt, I don’t see how aow3 is any different from this.

    Guide: Haunted Boneyards too Hard? Look in.

    Is extremely early game but could help.

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    What about an Enrage action button, you lose control of the warbreed for the rest of the battle but in exchange it targets only the enemy units and any obstacles in it’s way, and Warbreed gains +5 strength. Something like that. It’ll make a beeline for nearest enemy unit it can smack.

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    Look, Eric, XP farming has nothing to do with there being holes in the game. I don’t farm XP, but Necro is still hopelessly OP compared with everything else, so you are ranting for naught here.

    Also, “exploits” are something that should be nailed in beta and fixed. It means, LEGALLY doing something enabling you to do something you shouldn’t be able to. Has a lot to do with balance. If, for example, the AI would freeze in battle and do nothing anymore, when faced with a certain unit combination, you wouldn’t want to hear, “don’t use that unit combination” – you’d want that fixed.

    There is nothing to argue there.

    Isn’t a exploit but rather, a bug to be fixed. You chose poorly on what to use as example. Because if I ran into such a bug, I would report it for fixing.

    If such thing causes the AI to break and unable to act, that’s a bug unless you manage to max out your hero so hard to the point where AI will only do one damage to you no matter what and you’ll destroy them hard on retaliations then I will see the Ai just stand there and take it. Unless you brought in normal units for them to destroy too lol.

    But spending abnormal amount of time on a gold mine maximizing exp gains when normally you would only need 1 minute maybe to finish the fight is something I consider a exploit not a bug. Which is abusing the game mechanics to get the results one normally wont’ obtain.

    About exploits, I consider save scumming to be an exploit. I once suicided my Ericridge the Great hero into the maw of Glutton. I gnashed my teeth so hard over that misclick. And then decided he was drunk and killed himself by accident and is now having time out in the void.

    Eric, there is a word to describe player like you and a link was given on that forum a long time ago to describe it but I don’t remember the name. Basically, you give yourself limit and you refuse to play well because it would “not be fun”.
    Well, some people do not agree with you and have fun by playing as competitively and well as possible. Do not start telling us how we should have fun playing the game as we (at least I) are not telling how to have fun (and for my part, I’m not trying to impose official patch that would destroy your fun on you, I’m for a mod, and I pay as much attention as possible to the fun of SP).

    Reducing XP counters would not have any influence on you as you yourself say you do not optimize anything. So I don’t see why you bother to be against it.

    When a game is broken, it needs to be fixed. Playing well does not mean doing any exploits. And usually, a game with exploits fix them, it does not just ban the players who reported them.

    It does influence me, I like the current EXP system. Unless the changes is to be limited to PBEM only then I have no problems. I want Single Player + multiplayer to be untouched by PBEM changes. And in meanwhile I will rail against such changes until Devs decide to make the changes work only in PBEM mode. Then everything is cool and right in the world.

    So I’m a scrub for not playing like you guys? Shamefur dispray you have made.

    But seriously, to achieve such gains possible by going all crazy on independents is alot of chore and sucks the fun out of the game for me so I just don’t bother. And the word “Scrub” is probably not applicable towards me for I am capable of defeating hordes and hordes of tier 4s with tier 3 swarms.

    First Megabattle!

    And then the much maligned warbreed, alot of people mock the unit but it has great purpose with regrowth. Two dreadnoughts pummeling me in two areas + Theocrat keeping Armageddon active. That was back when global ultimates affected allies + neutrals everywhere and even when you two haven’t met yet. Manticores was nearly useless but those warbreed was so valuable. Because you can cover more area with tier 3s + they have that hp regen.

    Warbreeds aww yeaahhh

    And then random battle I think was awesome enough to screenshot long time ago.

    Spring of Life Knights

    And finally, Necromancer.

    But really, back to the exploits, no one is forcing you to do that but you guys act like someone is holding a gun to your head. Wait, that could be the case then pretend I never said that.

    Or if you guys really enjoy exploiting the independents for incredible amount of exp then well, nevermind. That’s none of my business go ahead and enjoy the game even when I find it really weird. I just draw the line at Devs implementing the changes to negatively affect my singleplayer experience because of a group of pbem players. I’m just being cautious because they have past track record of implementing changes on a bunch of Multiplayer whiners who couldn’t handle the fact that they got railroaded so hard.

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    Downward spiral, if your opponent is doing this (and you can usually be sure he is) then you have to do it, just to compete.

    That, in a nutshell, underlines the complaints about xp farming, conversion and ghoul curse and almost any other complaint you read about wrt pbem balance.

    Such people is generally labelled as exploiters in other games and blacklisted. AOW3 is only exception to that rule for some strange reason and it’s putting a negative influence upon the game design of aow3 already. Like the great nerf of Necromancer’s Deathbringer shenanigans for no good reason.

    And about PBEM tournament, just make the exploiters autolose their tournament matches for abnormal play. People lose their matches in physical card tournaments all the time if they deliberately stall the match and act very slowly.

    Best Suggestion: Stop exploiting. People is probably incapable of such a incredible feat except for me, Ericridge the Great. Seriously, all you have to do is just not do it.

    So next best Suggestion: Input clock limit for battles. 30 sec to 1 minute time limit? I have no idea how long they hump a single gold mine to gain a lot of levels for it so timer will be needed to time and install a proper time limit that forces the exploiters to fight normally. Get in and kill them all then get out.

    Entire game shouldn’t be ruined just because there’s a small group of cheaters. It was bad enough that units can’t gain more than one level in a single battle. I miss seeing longswordmen that enters a high tier battle as recruit only to leave it as elite. Was funny.

    And I normally play multiplayer with manual battles against independents enabled. if my friends start to exploit a battle for massive exp gain, he usually gets shamed into stopping it by me saying I’m bored of watching the fight, please win already. As the result, there’s practically no exploiting.

    Because I require entertainment or I’d start complaining and leave the match and start playing in singleplayer or some other game where I don’t have to watch an orc wand enemies to death slowly for tons of exp by dealing shitty ranged damage like exploiters love to do or something.

    Third best suggestion: Set battles against independents to autobattle. This is the best way to guarantee that your opponent isn’t exploiting the hell out of the game and with that suggestion the unjust nerfs towards the necromancer can be reversed.

    But exploiters prefer to redesign the game to their needs. And then have the audacity to tell me I will like their brand new vision of what AOW3 and force their visions onto singleplayer + multiplayer where there is no such issues. oh well. That does take chutzpah, I give them that. Such levels is unfound unless you go into Germany and look at Syrian Refugees suing Germany for not giving them the welfare checks quickly enough.

    Fourth best suggestion: If that opponent exploits against you, abandon match and put him on blacklist and play with someone else. And exploiters will eventually run out of opponents to exploit against or play with only exploiters.

    I don’t’ know about you guys but when I play on a online shooter game whatever, I ran into a hacker once, I managed to kill him and he couldn’t get at me and then I immediately ditched the match after getting that kill so he would be left fuming and impotent. I didn’t stick around for him to try exploit the game to kill me, after all if the hacker could shoot through the walls + fly + leave the borders but didn’t enable invincibility hack and lacked enough skill to get around my equipped energy shield and I no haz hack, thus he is lacking in mad skillz. I don’t stay in the match and cry as he murder me. I leave instantly and start other match minus ze hacker.

    Overall, just have fun. That’s the most important thing, if it isn’t fun then don’t do it. That’s pretty much number 1 rule of playing games of all kinds.

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    Or you guys could, ya know, be awesome like me. Don’t exploit the hell out of battle system and enjoy the game. You guys is really weird to me. No offense. For some reason you guys feel compelled to maximize the exp gain instead of just obliterating the independents.

    Its not like you guys are getting paid millions of dollars in real life for maximizing the exp gain. What such value is there in ridiculous actions.


    So you are 8 hours behind me.
    “Afternoon” starts around 3 pm. That’s 11 pm for me. If you’d get a turn in until that time I’d probably be able to make one as well, allowing 2 turns.
    The other way round looks pretty bad: if you’d do a turn 11 pm, it was 7 am for me – not a good time. I could probably get a turn in at lunch break, around 9 am, but then we have the same problem – it’s 1 am for you, not a good time.

    So, yeah, time zones are not good for a quicker game.

    Well don’t worry about playing on specific times, I don’t mind if it takes a month or two or more to finish it.


    I generally play games in the afternoons of Mountain time Zone.


    JJ! My estimation on when our PBEM game will be over, I”m guessing at 2 months minimum. Because it’s progressing at one turn a day! XP

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    As one of people who beat taming the khan scenario long time ago, I can attest that his guide is reasonably good and there was even some similarities in how me and my friend compared to how he did the scenario!

    Best tip: Grab the friend who is the best at fighting the AIs in manual battle to hold the center. Otherwise the center will get overrun very fast and you lose lol. I gotten good at fighting shocktroopers with nothing but civic guards. XP I held the middle as a dreadnought.

    First my forces was mostly civic guards which transitioned into musketmen and finally the Golem swarm when they used to be tier 3s. While my friend held the east and turtled, he raced for phalanx tech as fast as possible and went air mastery too lol. My dreadnought was fire mastery at that time.

    My musketmen and golems pretty much held the middle and supported the warlord in the east. While the AI held the island to the west, we made it a sorcerer for same reasons cuz sorcerer stronk hover powahs + stunning. Then set the AI to emperor strength, because we noticed that any AI at king and below doesn’t do anything at all in that scenario.

    Other great way to check how close to impending doom you are is to monitor the status of independent cities on the map. There’s a certain human independent city in about the middle of map near/on the coast.. Its defended by about one or three stacks?(i forgot) of knights + a random priest. If its captured. Doomstacks is headed for your way. Prepare to fight or submit to the might of khan. This city is one of most one to be aware of.

    Once the warlord was ready, he rolled over the warlord with his super phalanxes and stunning air elementals of doom. I used alot of Tier 1 units and tier 2 units. Any human priests once they hit elite is wonderful. Then only dreadnought units I used were the spy drones, musketmen, and tier 3 golems. I kinda played like a rogue. XD I ran everywhere in khan’s territory and annoyed him greatly with me being here and there all the time.

    Easiest gold mine city to capture is the desert one in the east. Its kinda faraway but nearby at same time. Underground gold mine city is closest one to Khan. While island gold mine city is farthest but easiest to “hold” while being difficult to reach and capture. I only captured the desert gold mine city, the underground one and the island were never taken. And Khan managed to get his global assault off. We never disjuncted it. lol

    We just.. mowed through all those elites once the warlord player was good and ready because he was investing all his gold into a single stack of irregulars for each city then all into infrastructure so he can get phalanxes+ air elementals out asap.

    Another good tip to support is to place a single unit of yours onto your allied’s frontline cities so you can toss in supporting spells to hurt khan in manual combat!

    This essentially translates into two spell cast phases against the attacking player. There’s a good reason why Triumph studios limited the number of spells being cast in a turn to one.

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    Good posts mithlond. Although I think the fact that I agree with you about warbreeds might make zaskow ignore you though.

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    Excellent, I’m glad this is getting attention where before only way to improve the defenses troopwise was to purchase the city outright and then release it again as a vassal.

    I would like better interaction with vassals.


    JJ, the AI isn’t a sentient living being. Its a set of algorithms.

    The AI doesn’t care if you crush it utterly or die miserably.

    To me, forming an powerful undead host is very fun part of playing the necromancer and you’re doing your damnest to take it away from me. If I don’t get to be the all powerful evil force that overwhelms the living meatbags then what’s the point. I’m tired of dime a dozen heroes that game industry have plenty of.

    If I wanted to play a boring dime a dozen necromancer or warlock that’s available in every other game but I’m not. Necromancer in AOW3 is the first entertaining necromancer I have found and enjoyed.

    But alas, its disheartening to see that is greater evil forces at work to destroy all the fun that Triumph Studios has put into necromancer class. I only can hope that TS sees through the insanity of suggested nerfs towards Necromancer class.

    (i’ll be doing turn 3 for our game ina couple of hours or so. Battling a damn flu atm.)


    About to do turn 2 asap, but just mentioning that the root of all complaints stems from the fact that you can do manual combat against Independents and autocombat against human players. I mentioned this long time ago that manual combat should be disabled for PBEM too.

    So if my suspicions is proven true in this PBEM game we’re playing together.

    No need to nerf anything just disable manual combat against independents and then nothing is over powered. Oh that means we’ll need to reverse all the nerfs to stuff in AOW3 that resulted from PBEM imbalance that results from being able to manual combat against independents and only limited to autocombat between human players.

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    – Reload of Cannon now needs 3 action pts.
    – Fire Mortar on Juggernauts now needs Reload.

    Those make me cringe. But since this is a mod and not actual changes to the game from dev.

    Forcing a reload onto Juggernaut is wrong thing to do because it’s a landship and has a crew on it dedicated to their jobs. Reloading is done automatically.

    3 action points on cannons. If it was immobile cannon with a crew on it, sure. But it isn’t.

    Structural insight shouldn’t be removed from dreadnought class for siege battles is their forte. Dreadnought should keep it and Rogue class could get it.

    I run a dreadnought with explorer specialization so Irregulars actually form a huge part of my strategy. I’ve brought plenty of irregulars into siege battles and used them to force the enemies to split their fire instead of just ignoring the civic guards. Because Sabotage does such great damage to walls if you let them reach it. In fact it does more damage than machines can do.

    And it allows for meatgrinder strategy against AI dreadnoughts in a pinch. lol


    I’ll set up the game in a couple of minutes: game EricJJ, password: firsttry. If you enter the game, it will be the same as if you would launch yourself into an SP game: you can pick everything about your class and hero and specs as you do it normally.

    Ok, I think we’ll have fun.

    Okay I’m ready to start.

    …. u got skype? Easier to coordinate when to start playing together. By using skype initially.

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    Ok, I’ll set the game up.

    Questions: you want teams, so I suppose the AIs are allied; how? All 6 together? 2 Teams with 3 AIs? 3 with 2? Random AIs? Or 1 of each class except X? Is it ok, when I play Necro?
    I don’t have the game on Steam, so you can simply look for the game (MP, PBEM, find games); it will be named EricJJ and there will be a password (to protect it from another player just going in): “firsttry”.

    No alliances from the start, alliances only can be created through diplomacy as the game progresses and the AI will decide whether he/she likes you or not. AIs is chosen at random. No teams. (Danger of this is that you could pick a necromancer only to find out that every single ai is dreadnought lolz, it literally happened to me once last year.)

    Yes it is ok if you want to play a necromancer. Feel free. In fact its the reason why I agreed to playing with you.

    Why isn’t XL map supported in PBEM? Choose the next biggest map then. XL maps not being supported is enough reason for me to not bother with PBEM Because XL map is my favorite map size. 🙂 But hell i’ll just play a single game with you.

    And ok, battles between human players can be autocombat then.

    How can I choose the character+ Specializations that I can play in the PBEM though? I’m curious.


    Not even realizing that people does play for real as ironman in single player and Multiplayer too JJ.

    I have no idea how PBEM works and is loathe to touch the button. But I am willing to oblige you one game with me, I haven’t played aow3 after great nerf of all things fun from pbem complainers though. So I’m warming up now gotta make sure to see if I haven’t forgotten anything.


    six Ais then you and me.
    Difficulty King.
    Map Size, Extra large.
    Map Type Continents.
    Game flow Normal.

    Advanced Setting:
    Surface+Underground enabled.
    Starting town: Settler.
    Starting units: Medium.
    Starting Distance: Random.
    Roads: Average.
    Roaming units: Many.
    Treasures: Average.
    Cities: Average.
    Dwellings: Many.
    Resource Structures: Average.
    Visit Structures: Average.
    Treasure Structures: Average.

    Allied Victory is Enabled.
    Turn timer, teams, seals victory, unifier victory is disabled.

    You may choose geography to your own liking.

    Advanced Rules:
    Game Speed: Normal.
    Starting Resources: Standard.
    Starting Skills: Normal.
    All Heroes have Resurgence: Autocombat Only. (Because AI heroes is stupid.)
    Defender Strength: Normal.
    Cosmic Happening: Medium.
    Maximum Number of Heroes:11.
    Maximum Hero Level: 30.

    Map Exploration Enabled.
    City Founding Enabled.
    Empire Quests Enabled.

    My name is Ericridge on steam, feel free to add me for PBEM.


    So I decided to check how worse the balance subforum has gotten over time, I was disappointed to see that it indeed has gotten worse.

    PBEM is basically a huge scourge of death upon aow3. Before the horrible rebalancing changes was made to aow3 just because of pbem, my opinion of the pbem was merely neutral now it’s negative.

    Jollyjoker has made it his own personal crusade to ruin necromancer for anyone that enjoy the last trick necromancer has aka greater reanimation now that players can’t do an rng roll and might get or not get a deathbringer from tombs anymore.

    PBEM is such a worthless gamemode, if changes must be made, it should be separate from SP and MP. You probably reload save like nuts anyways.

    It should be mentioned that Necromancer is a fragile unit that can get killed very easily at low levels. Ghoul cursing is a risk because it requires necromancer to swing their poisoned blades in melee combat. One only can mitigate the risk by weakening the opposing army and stabbing the enemy unit that you want ghouled.

    If you fail the rng roll, you reload save and try again and at this point all arguments PBEM had is Null and Void. Because that is the balancing act of ghoul curse, it has chance of failing. And cannot work upon units with iron will.

    Turn 5 tier 4 unit? So what? I’m not particularly terrified of recruit manticores. They can get killed by tier 1 pike units fine enough and ghouled manticores is weaker than normal manticores. Skin of Oil and watch it burn.

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    It’s working as intended.

    in reply to: Tigran manticores really. #239386


    They do not need a nerf.

    And I liked it when Tigran Berserkers could pounce over the walls to put big heavy iron axes into archer’s faces for fun. Was funny.

    in reply to: Even more dreadnought nerfs. #235594



    Well, you can revert some if not most of the recent changes you do not like in the mod editor. I have done so myself and the game is O.K. for me. But I do not really understand why you have decided to quit playing in the first place? Just because of these changes? I do not like it either when changes get made for the sake of changes (or because of some supposedly unsatisfied “whiners”) but the big advantage of the game is that we can customize it to suit our gaming tastes. Try playing around with the modding tools and then make final conclusions with AoWIII.

    I have been repeatedly pushed hard with alot of nerfs but I was pretty patient.

    1) Musketeers got nerfed probably for the better but problem is they took a pretty big hit to their shots, -9 damage. Their survivability was nerfed but I”m fine with that and with reload action added.

    2) Fire mortar on mandatory cooldown for 1st turn. Play ironclads. I dare you. You’ll see how incredibly annoying that is. This one irritates me so much to the point where I just ram and fire broadside at a small group of three independent frigates that now do little damage to my ironclads instead of none to little. And to make the matters worse, the developers didn’t bother to make move the starting action instead of fire mortar so I have to click on the ironclad then click on the boot icon then move the ironclad to the correct position and then click on fire mortar after doing the forced retreat on 1st turn. Oh and their maintenance costs is now tier 4 instead of 3 which is alright with me. They’re pretty strong.

    3) Engineers keep on getting buffed and buffed then they actually became worthwhile to take in armies. But all that good things must come to the end someday and they lost their repair machine. Just because a bunch of losers in PBEM can’t resist exploiting the game like nuts.

    4) Dreadnought loses Iron heart and Repair machine for … guardian heart and emergency repair? Lol wut. Iron heart > Guardian Heart by a long shot. Its not even funny. Iron Heart is one of the ways where a Dreadnought can protect himself in a very high level battle where alot of tools is available. And at very least, forces the enemy to spend one unit’s action burning dispel and getting lucky to dispel it on first try instead of being immediately pelted with spells making it vulnerable to daze and other various things.

    5) Golems getting nerfed from tier 3 to tier 2. Its just not the same anymore. They can still take hits but I don’t really use golems very much anymore until I can crank them out of cities as elite at base. They are garbage otherwise. They barely just can handle getting hit when below elite. The only real source of damage in my armies is all my ranged units now, whenever I need to prevent a unit from reaching my ranged units I usually have to have my golems swing their blows and they tend to die or nearly die in the process while ruining the paintjob on their targets. AND THAT WAS DONE FOR THE SAKE OF SYMMERTY BALANCE when the major definig point of AOW3 is Ayssemtermical balance. -,- ! //_=

    6) Dualwielding prototype rifle dreadnought seems to be back. Needed to check but now I will never know for sure. because duh I ragequit’d aow3.

    7) Flame Tanks…. that whole thing where flame breath is now on cooldown for 1st turn made all flame tank armies very annoying to play with like ironclads. Completely pointless nerf. No good reason for it. At least they can ram now which ensures that entire armies of flame tanks won’t die to my hellhound summons anymore. And they got their reinforced trait back. Archers have no business in destroying flame tanks 9 times out of 10 times. They still can get blown up by archers but archers will need beefy back up. And if a flame tank rolls into where a city is mostly defended by archers, yo screwed up not the flame tank. So that’s other good thing done.

    8) Juggernaut is cool, I don’t mind 1st turn cd on mortar for juggernaught but honestly, it shouldn’t be even a thing because it will be rolling into battle ready to fire its just not professional otherwise! I don’t mind it, its just too damn annoying on the ironclads because devs didn’t bother to change the fire mortar from being 1st action to be selected to move icon. Its almost like they don’t even play with alot and alot of ironclads at all.

    9) Spy drone is only unit that has been untouched so far. But keeping up with current trend, it might be nerfed soon or later with completely unneeded nerfs cuz of pvp whines.

    10) You guys know that units used to be able to gain unlimited levels in a single battle? Yeah you could march into a fight with raw recruits only to have them as elites after battle ended. It was so damn cool to see a longswordmen that was thrown in there as cannon fodder only to become elite after battle ended, that usually only happens if the battle was particularly brutal. I believe we lost that because of exploiters too, cant remember been long time ago.

    11) Next up on nerfing block, Exp gained for striking at paralyzed units! It might happen or not happen dunno. But is ridiculous. This hurts so many units that rely on incapacitating their enemies and killing them. For starters, Baby Spiders! Sooo lame.

    Why is that happening you say? Because of Exploiters! EXPLOITERS! THEY ARE CANCER!
    I care not of what people do on aow3 in their bedroom because it is none of my own business, but when it spills the huge mess into my own bedroom? It becomes my issue too! And so I’m hating on exploiters because they’re ruining my fun in aow3 now and thus it became my issue too. They’re the worst, they take non-issues in the game and turn them into ridiculous issues that must be “fixed”. Why use honor rules? Too hard for exploiters to do apparently.

    12) And emergency repair “buff” is really a nerf in disguise because my battles doesn’t last 1-2 turns and my games stretch into turn 100+ mark. in a particularly epic battle, there will be groups of damaged machine that retreat into quiet corner of battlefield to be patched up by elite engineers until they can afford to take few more hits again and reenter the brawl that’s ongoing. Of course, this is dependent on type of foes you’re fighting against.. sorcerer, yikes do not do that. Ripe for chain lightning and other things XD

    13) Mods disable achievements on steam.

    14) Whatever. Latest round of nerfs was applied for sake of “nerfing”? Thats what it felt like to me. I don’t have to endure the bs. Just like how I quit world of warcraft after they took the seal of command from my high level paladin. Screw that, Seal of command is fun to watch compared to the boredom that is seal of righteous. Blizzard nerfed their way into having one less paying subscription from me…. Triumph Studios made the same mistake. Seal of Command is way more exciting to watch, all nice glow effects, and my avatar does attack animations of spinning and jumping and such things. Seal of Righteous? Pfft, autoattack animations make me fall asleep while pinging the enemy for boring damage. Oh and its not flashy either. Screw that. I left.

    15) I can’t get megabattles from the AI anymore so I don’t really care if I leave anyways. I like mobilizing alot of armies and using them all. I went back to .. ugh, civ5. 🙁 At least I don’t have to endure bs nerfs in there. I missed you german civlization!

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