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    Can I make a wish?

    It would be great if the next game is “Civilization of Wonders” :p

    – heavier emphasis on civ-building aspect of the game.
    – good combat mechanic but I’ll accept it if maybe not as dedicated as AOW3.
    – asymmetrical factions with totally different gameplay.

    Some kind of full fleshed form of Fall from Heaven mod for CIV4.

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    IIRC, somehwere along the newer patches, the devs made it harder to make alliance with AI. While I understand that AOW is a wargame, could you make it easier?

    IIRC, we can mod this, right ?

    I don’t know… Is there any mod for easier alliance?

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    IIRC, somehwere along the newer patches, the devs made it harder to make alliance with AI. While I understand that AOW is a wargame, could you make it easier?

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    My favorite fantasy 4x game without a doubt is the Fall From Heaven mod for Civ IV.

    I concur. My two most favourite games of all time is AOW3 and Fall from Heaven (and its modmodmod 😀 ).


    I haven’t had the chance to try the new Decodence and RMG integration mods. Do these add the Shadow Realm to rmg maps?

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    Make Mithril Mine a shadow realm only structure and give stronger MCU? Maybe +2 def and +2 res? Mithril is a legendary metal in many fantasy settings, after all.

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    I like this!

    Have you considered that taking a Mastery in Shadowborn or Destruction also give negative reputation?

    Also, if all other modifiers are temporary, is it still possible to get Pure Good/Evil?

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    Wow, the shadow bloom is beautiful!

    A natural Shadow Layer maybe place where Fey/Faeries could live too, so maybe add a Faerie dwelling or at least Spring of Shadows (a retexture of Spring of Life) with Nightsade Faeries in the layer?

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    My ideas for the dwellings would be to have a Shadow Demon Dwelling, and on other.

    My other suggestion is to postpone class/full race implementation to after the first complete version?

    I agree that it is better to release v1.00 which enables Shadow Realm in RMG with various sites there.

    As long as there are enough* Shadow Realm-only structures with unique MCUs, I think this v1.00 will be very exciting.
    *enough is highly subjective. For me, 5-10 unique sites with unique MCUs is enough.

    After that, maybe release dwellings one by one.

    Then, phase 3 will be producing full race/class.

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    I have never played Dr_K’s Wizard King class (I am waiting for the final version), and if it is the one that you have in mind, I agree 100%!
    I am not sure how/whether Wizard King will overlap with Sorcerer, though… Or just replace Sorcerer with Wizard King?

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    Shouldn’t those two unlocks be swapped?
    To me it seems reasonable that the old Wizard Kings were able to conjure magical beasts akin to an Elder Eldritch, but not so much the negation of the Shadow Realm’s dimensional properties.
    A temple which worships (and houses) seemingly native inhabitants of the Shadow Realm seems to be the more “logical” place to find protection/negation of the Shadow Sickness imo

    Good point! I have updated the original post.

    Here are ideas for new treasure sites:

    6) Hollow Grove (Legendary)
    “There are traces of nature magics which formed this grove and moulded it in a likeness of Athlan groves. The twisted powers of this realm subtly twisted and corrupted the enchantment, however, leaving the grove as dark mirror of Athla.”
    Defender: corrupted Horned God, Nightshades fairy, tier 3 monsters/animals.
    Reward: Nightshade Fairy and random monsters/animals
    Unlocks: Pool of Shadows (support units produced in city gain Shadow Step and Entangling Strike)

    7) Assassin Guild (Epic)
    “Disillusioned with the constant wars, these Shadow Elves left their cities and formed a robber band. They prey on the weak and cause constant trouble to neighbouring settlements.”
    Defender: Shadow Elves
    Reward: gold, Shadow Elves/Syrion unit
    Unlocks: Recruiting Office (city can recruit Shadow Elves Bard and Assassin)
    — Shadow Elves Bard has aura which gives nearby enemy -1 ATT/-1 RES
    — Shadow Elves Assassin has Shadow Realm concealment and Shadow Step

    8) Archon Fort (Epic)
    “A group of Archon fighters have chosen this place as base. You are sure that there are a lot of supplies needed by your army. The question is how you can convince them in sharing the valuable goods with you.”
    Defender: (living) Archon
    Reward: gold, mana, artifacts
    Unlocks: Celestial Tower (+1 city radius, city gets extra Spirit Blast attack during siege)

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    It should be entirely possible to have two themes.

    Sooo… It is possible then to cleanse the Shadow Realm? :O

    If an enticing, natural shadowrealm without the shadowdemon corruption, clad in gentle darkness and lush, mystical plants, is what you want, then I will definitely go through the work of making yet another terrain theme.


    Yes, yes, yes!!! You, Sir, is a generous man indeed!

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    Here is my thought on spawning points and treasure sites. Please note that these were not written with balance and lore in mind 🙂

    1) (living) Archon Bastion
    2) Syrion Fortress
    3) Shadow Elves City
    4) Shadow Demons Hive

    Spawn Points:
    1) Dark Gate: spawn Succubi and Lesser Shadow Stalkers
    2) Unstable Rift: spawn elementals
    3) Larva Pool: spawn Shadow Demons
    4) Warband Campfire: spawn Shadow Elves

    Treasure Sites:
    1) Shadow Temple (Mythical)
    “A place where a sect of Shadow Elves turned to worshipping Shadow Demon Hive Mind. Nobody knows what their agenda is, but for sure, they have lots of secrets, and richness to plunder!”
    Defenders: mixture of Shadow Elves and Shadow Demons, or even unique Shadow Elves units.
    Reward: artifacts, gold, mana
    Unlocks: Enchanted Hall (units in city domain are immune to Shadow sickness and ignore Shadow terrain’s happiness penalty).

    2) Forgotten Throne (Mythical)
    “Once, a Wizard King reigned here. Now, only Shadow Demons lurk in the ruins left.”
    Defenders: Shadow Demons
    Reward: secret spells, artifacts
    Unlocks: Altar of Elder Eldritch (city can produce Elder Eldritch Horror).

    3) Tomb of Hive Queen (Legendary)
    “A Shadow Demon Hive Queen was buried here, guarded by Syrion warriors. There is nothing valuable here, only the carcass of a fallen Hive Queen.”
    Defenders: Syrion units
    Reward: high tier Shadow Demon unit(s)
    Unlocks: Blood of the Queen (monster units produced/summoned in city gain immunity to Shadow sickness and Blood Thirsty).

    4) Derelict Shrine (Legendary)
    “Only the Archon knows why this shrine was built and why it was abandoned. However, they don’t share secrets to anyone.”
    Units: (living) Archon
    Reward: artifacts
    Unlock: Chapel of Good Hope (produced units get +2 spirit strength)

    5) Last Hold Sanctuary (Epic)
    “Remnants of fallen armies have gathered here, just to survive in the middle of this blasted realm. They are not interested in your offer of alliance, however you can try to subjugate them and take whatever resources they have.”
    Defenders: mixture of racial units (to represent remnant of Athlan army; maybe Humans, Dwarves, Elves…?)
    Reward: gold, units
    Unlocks: Armory of Old (armored units produced in city gets +2 DEF/+2 RES)

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    I am very excited with the prospect of having Shadow Realm in the RMG, however I can not help in modding it because of lacking both ability and time to learn and o do modding.

    That being said, I have several ideas/suggestions that I would like to share, hoping that these can contribute to the fan mod, however small they might be.

    First, I think that there should be no full race as the native of Shadow Realm. Instead, there should be dwellings of Shadow Demons, (living) Archon, Shadow Elves and Syrion, as Gloweye has described above.
    Lore-wise, I think introducing some of these factions in race/class matrix will be awkward since as far as I understand, the race/class matrix was developed in Athla after the sealing of the gates.
    From the practical point of view, I think introducing a faction as a full race means double or triple work than introducing it as a dwelling. Thus, less race means lighter work for the modders.

    Second, I think Shadow Realm should provide a “dangerous untamed wild” atmosphere where magic and powers are abundant but no living races will be happy to enter and live there. This should be reflected in the layer as:
    – lots of hostile roaming monsters, both “wild” Shadow Demons or shadow animals/beasts.
    – lots of visiting sites, with high level/great strength guardian, great reward and great mystical upgrade.
    – each and every race’s cities should get happiness penalty, making it hard to build and maintain bigger cities, but because of the unique mystical upgrades, a city in Shadow Realm could produce more powerful units than city in Athla.


    Oooh… Dark Elves dwelling as natives for the Shadow Realm?

    Pretty please?

    Yeah, I think putting Shadow Realm and other works at RMG will make them accessible to greater player base, especially those of us who do not touch map Editor at all :p


    Oh my! This is fantastic!!! Did I say “I am excited” before? Now quadruple that excitement! Gloweye and Charlatan, you will forever have my thanks for trying to make Shadow Realm is integrated in RMG!

    Now, if the integration goes well, Charlatan, are you going to make special structures for Shadow Realm? Aaaaand… maaaaaybe a special building for each Shadow Realm only structure?

    (I know I am making too many requests but sorry, I can not hold the excitement!)


    The <span class=”d4pbbc-underline” style=”text-decoration: underline;”>RMG Integration Patch</span> is now online by the generous courtesy of fellow Athlian Scholar Gloweye!

    Grab it while it’s hot :>

    Wheeeee!!!! *super excited* Thanks, Charlatan, Gloweye!

    So when I use Decodence and RMG Integration Patch, I will have the new structures in random maps AND cool leader customisations, right?

    But don’t worry, I’ve never seen anyone burn his hands on it. Yet.

    If there’s anything wrong with the RMG and that patch, let me know. Compatibility with Corrupt the Source – Extensions is in progress, most likely coming online somewhere tomorrow. (seperate file though. To bad Steam doesn’t allow more options for one workshop entry.)

    I am glad that you decide to do this, Gloweye! I am a big fan of your mod.

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    Happy holidays!

    It is kind of bitter sweet to read this news, especially the confirmation that there will be no more expansions for AOW III. Age of Wonders III has become my most favourite game and Triumph has become my most favourite developer ever!

    I wish the best for Triumph in the years to come.


    If you can include the visit structures for RMG maps, that’d be great!


    However, Gloweye is right. In fact, Decodence should have zero impact on your performance unless you play a map where it is heavily used or you create leaders with the new items. I also used Textures that are already ingame whenever fit.

    Oh, this is nice!

    One more question: does Decodence automatically include the visit structures to RMG?


    Oh my! Those wings!!!

    Charlatan, do you have plan to split Decodence into smaller mods? I’d love to use the leader cosmetic changes and new visit structures but unsure whether my underspec-ed laptop can handle your full mod…

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    Not everyone likes my mod, shouldn’t force people to use it
    At this point, 1% of the entire user base is using it, which is pretty good I think 😛

    Only 1%!? That is outrageous! I’ll prepare the Succubi army to start seducing the 99%!


    Thanks again, Tibbles, your mod is awesome!

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    Awesome!!! Great job, Tibbles, thank you for making this mod!

    So, my guess is:
    Goblin – High Elf – Draconian – Orc – Human – Dwarf
    Halfling – Frostling – Tigran


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    Ooohh… Great unit, as always, Tibbles!

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    Have you tried playing with city founding OFF? In my experience, that will change the game.

    For mods, there are a lot of good ones at steam.

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    After that it gets really muddy.

    It’s because players can not choose which hero leads the army, I usually build a hero with most leadership abilities and other hero(es) as spellcaster/shooter/whatever. That way, I have less headache to deal with :p

    Cool! Thanks guys.

    You are welcome! Glad that you like the game.

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    Each army has the ability of hero who leads it.

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    I have not found any bug, the current game is playing out nicely and I am savouring the experience, spending so much time choosing which factions I support, which races I keep, which units I build. Playing Neutral leader has become more interesting with the vast choice of units!

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    I just want to drop in and say that I like your mod!

    I also like your idea on adding racial differences on class units.

    For mage, how about making Apprentices evolve to Mage? This will prevent Apprentices to get Champion Medal, thus making them more squishy, and you can just use Apprentices’ model if you are not going to mod unit models.

    Mages can start with one or two abilities and on each medal you can give them another ability. This will make them even more interesting, imho!

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    Congrats!!! I will redownload your mod and play it! This and Tibbles’ have become my favorite mods!

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