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    Floating kraken and baby kraken work, but the Wild hunt is supposed to be changed to not affect machines and sea creatures soon.

    in reply to: Naval Shenanigans #93616

    The solution I’d like to see is having embarked be significantly weaker and slower than their warship equal. In addition transports should have no attacks but ram and the ones the passenger has at a huge penalty (-50% without mariner). That way we’d have the current convenience with the vulnerability of old-school transports and would make mariner actually something to be considered.

    in reply to: Why are fliers are so slow in this game? #93195

    One big advantage fliers have is that they only get opportunity attacks for leaving the hex they start their movement in.

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    Races aren’t balanced for heroes.
    We’re talking humans heroes getting Mariner and dwarf heroes getting Night Vision, Cave Crawling, Mountaineering, +1 DEF, +1 RES and Blight Resistance for the same price.

    in reply to: Ships on Land? -FIXED- #92369

    So which patch will introduce the fly spell that works on all units?

    in reply to: Fun is Ending. Ugggguuuuuu D= #92040

    I think the issue with those undead stacks is that they spawn way to early. If they didn’t spawn until say turn 30 or so, they’d be much less of a hassle.

    in reply to: Independent stacks are too independent #91870

    There are 3 kinds of independents:
    – Grey/Black Flag Icon: Normal independents, mostly location guards.
    – Green Flag Icon: They belong to a dwelling/independent city. Defenders or local area roamers.
    – Red Flag Icon: Guarding monster spawners or spawned by one and roaming.

    No one will ever help any other in a fight as far as I have seen (never tried it with green ones). Ones of the same kind will at times merge stacks though, or partly merge until one stack is full. That way you can find lone Archon Titans roaming or stacks wit multiple bone dragons. Or a monster cave guarded by 6 units.
    Alignment or anything else wont matter, they’ll never help anyone or each other beyond that.

Viewing 7 posts - 451 through 457 (of 457 total)