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    1. Great temples are good for caster classes like AD, Sorc or Necro. Your need in mana will grow fast enough to consider building great temples.

    2. Public bath is not so useful but it pays off in long term.

    3. Hospitals are not so useful but you need them for Grand palaces.

    This is from SP point of view, of course.

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    First of all, going Shadowborn means you have to be aggressive. And, as you have already noticed, berserkers and monster hunters are not very good at taking walled independent cities. Only exceptions (as Zakharov mentioned) are Draconians and Tigrans.

    Draconian Berserkers have improved wall climbing, so they can easily go through walls.

    Tigran Berserkers are better. They have pounce, thus taking cities becomes even easier task for them, because they can jump upon the wall, strike without a retaliation and end turn in defensive mode.

    So, I’d suggest you to stick to one of these races.

    You can also try goblins, because their swarm darters ignore line of sight penalty. This is a more tricky variant, because you won’t benefit from shadowborn early, but in mid-to-late game you will have very tough shadowborn goblin phalanx.

    Elves can take cities easily too, but they won’t benefit from shadowborn that much in my opinion.

    1) Should I just not be making any peace treaties at all? It is worth it to lose a few troops taking over every town I see? Furthermore, even when I take cities I feel like I’m not turning evil fast enough unless I plunder/raze them, and then I’m not gaining any new cities.

    The key to success is to engage every enemy unit with at least one berserker. This way you usually won’t have any losses at all in early battles.

    2) How can I make sure Training Regimen shows up faster? It seems like occasionally it’s really hard to get, and the only way to it is to waste 5 turns casting the spell to clear the book (then praying it’s there after that) or research through 10+ turns of other things (Like the one that gives no penalties for enemies in your territory that are largely useless early)

    As warlord, you don’t actually have many effective strategic spells to spam in early game. I think, casting “Seek inspiration” until you get the desired ability in you book is normal for warlord.

    3) How often should I be raising milita? It seems like the population penalty is minimal and I should be doing it basically every turn. I never run out of mana, however, it also seems like pretty quickly I have 10+ irregulars and the upkeep costs are very high. Should I just be running these guys around taking things and treating them as fodder.

    I don’t think you need irregulars as cannon fodder. Just place 2-3 in your cities to defend against scouts and roaming monsters.

    4) How do I deal with sieging cities? This is probably because I play classes that don’t care about your walls (Summons, Cannons, etc) but I don’t know how to fight cities that have good defenses. I feel like Warlord is pretty limited in the ranged/flying game and tips here would be good for me. Is monster hunter a good unit at all for instance? Should I build mounted archers on human?

    Berserkers if you play tigran/draconian. Swarm darters if goblin. Archers/mounted archers if elves. Otherwise, wait until you have warbreed.

    Monster hunters are good, but they are useless in sieges. In my experience, you should try monster hunters if you play human/frostling/halfling (especially halfling!) with a good alignment.

    Human mounter archers are nothing special, I think.

    5) This may be more of a general game tip, but, in order of precedence what should I be clearing first from this list: Resource Piles, Bandit Camps, Tombs, Independent Cities. Generally I like to clear the resource piles then make friends with local independents. Then I’ll go around clearing the bandit/undead camps so they don’t assault my city. Finally I clear tombs and eventually then look to take my armies across the map. I would change this up on a small map, generally I look to rush my enemies before clearing anything besides the resource piles, but yeah.

    As warlord, you can easily clear any treasure structure in early game, except legendary and mythical. I usually send my berserker armies in all directions clearing everying on their paths.


    Try to play something aggressive like tigran warlord.

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    Get degenerate asap – it will help to burn down beetles/banshees. You have berserkers against T1/T2 ghouled units.

    I am also pretty sure that necro’s economy is worse than yours.

    in reply to: Suggestion: learning curve adjustments #219195


    Thank you for your replies. Didn’t think that my suggestion will start a discussion. 🙂

    I’m an advocate for learning strategy games by trial and error; just improve your skill in the game by playing it more, trying new strategies, new tactics and making the occasional mistake.

    Yes, I think so too. However, the game should encourage a player to try new strategies.

    I don’t think any combo right now is unworkable by the way, but it useful out why one.might choose race or unit x in a particular situation.

    Almost all race/class combos are viable. The main problem is specialization choice, in my opinion. A lot of race/class combos benefit from certain specializations.

    Was there not a tutorial added recently?

    Yes, but it was added to Elven Court campaign.

    What determines a steep learning curve? How do you determine the learning curve in this game is steep?

    “Good” (sorry, can’t find the correct word) learning curve is usually described as “Easy to learn, hard to master”. Unfortunately, AOW3 is not easy to learn.

    Nah, overall I feel it should be enough to have some tips running during the loading screen, like for example a message that states “Orcs synergize well with the Warlord class, but will also be very weak against magic”.

    Thank you! Your suggestion is much better than mine. However, there is still problem with explaining specialization benefits.

    Possibly, I haven’t explained it clearly, but in my opinion the main problem in character creation is choosing specializations. Even if you try to read about them in Tome of Wonders, you’ll need to go through more than 80 skills – that’s too much for learning the game.

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