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    Okay. Well this is my completely bias opinion but I say master Shadowborn draconian necromancer!

    Who care about water when you can pump out flyers every turn? Hell, half my games I forget to research basic seafaring till I want to build a bridge on a river for whatever reason. If it wasn’t for advance logistics or whatever gives the fliers more move points I’d prob never research seafaring techs.

    Draconians have great governances too. Cheaper shrines + Shrines of unlife empire upgrade. I never even had more than a handful of metropolis’ but was never hurting late game for income. The next governance is regrowth on chargers or +production on magma forge. While the regrowth is nice since you’re undead by the time you get it you shouldn’t be that far away from getting fliers so I usually pass over that to get the production. The champion governance I take makes support cheaper. With shadowborn mastery now every unit has a discount. I pass up on the extra movement for fliers and take the peak of the forefathers governance. Now all my tier 1 and 2 start at elite + 2 vision radius on the town is just a bonus. Finally, the deity governance I get gives all my fliers some fire damage. Sure it doesn’t seem like much but I can increase it with my priests.

    Draconian priests rock too. The high morale from dragon ancestry makes them crit a lot if they buff themselves but its also good for you necromancer before harbingers to boost their morale if they get hit with despair. Just as well throw it on your reanimators so they get the fire protection. Since dragon ancestry only works on draconians has a lot to do with why I only use one race.

    Who needs high production when Age of Death is active? Its definitely better to rush to age of death than to deathbringers. Plus you can just get a deathbringer by charming some.

    Now with Shadowborn mastery you have 2 tier 4’s and both can fly. Reapers and Dark Angels! So now our army is highly mobile. Combine that with embrace darkness and throw in a cast or 2 of rite of malediction and I feel sorry for whoever is on the shit end of that stick. Oh your just a flier? Wait you have dominate + webbing touch + Fire Aura + tireless? Thank you dual cast of rite of malediction!

    Now all that’s left is to destroy the pathetic ground dwelling lesser races and migrate everything to draconians! *EVIL CACKLE*

    Winged Army FTW!


    I’ve had this happen after turn 50 which was odd. The strangest part was it was a city I recently migrated to draconians. To top it off the units were dwarven, the race I just booted out of the city a turn or two prior. I’ve only seen this happen once and I was only on lord difficulty. So while I do see units offering to join mostly in the start of games I have seen it later.

    Late game I also get racial governances for races whose town I migrated. Kinda weird seeing as how the only thing I do for em is genocide. Not my fault they are wingless lesser beings! The only time I use a unit that is not draconian is because of ghoul curse or age of death.

    Another thing that irks me that was buried by the spam yesterday was an AI leader not reinstalling a throne. I take his throne city and at least 20 turns later I kill him thinking he made another by then. Sadly it was not so and he lost. He had at least ten other cities still.


    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Gloweye wrote:</div>

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Eomolch wrote:</div><br>
    One thing that should be changed though (imho), is that the leader himself shouldn’t get morale malus for not being of the specific alignment –

    Being looked at, but no promises.

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>iceboy wrote:</div><br>
    So if you are dedicated to evil you get a summomable tier 4? Is this the dark angel? I thought this was from the shadowborn specialization?

    Which happens to be the same specialization that makes your heroes dedicated.

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>iceboy wrote:</div><br>
    I am all for trade offs but I would rather they not be permanent. If I can turn off evil units from cities why not evil heroes?

    If they wouldn’t be permanent, there wouldn’t be a tradeoff. You pick Shadowborn and it gives you power, and you have to pay the price for it. If that’s to much, go and play Fire Master of something.

    I really don’t get how(or why) you manage to get to Good Alignment with Shadowborn spec. If you’re really going in, do NOT vassalize cities, and use peace only sparingly. Pursue all guards, and conquer all independent cities – migrating is optional. If you’re using vassals, you’re not playing the correct way for Shadowborn, and should change either spec or playstyle.

    Wait I did not think having Shadowborn dedicated your heroes to evil I thought it was researching the embracing darkness spell?

    You are correct. The OP wants to be able to research this spell and since he can remove its effect from a town and build units not dedicated to evil; he also wants to remove the effect from his leader and heroes.

    I wouldn’t mind if all units where dedicated to evil as soon as it was researched(like heroes) and the spell only really gave the life tap. Either way its extremely easy to be evil and you should stay away from shadowborn if you don’t want to be evil. The same goes for all the alignment specializations.

    Ya may as well take wind adept and never use seeker or fire mastery and never use hellfire. Take expander and never build a single settler.

    Oh and you don’t need to have 400 good alignment to have bad morale on a dedicated to evil unit. Even a single act of good gives a morale penalty. Oh you destroyed countless cities and massacred thousands? Well you let them 3 guards from that magmaforge live, so your a dick! -100 happiness!

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    Metropolis in turns 10-20?! We must be playing different games.

    But then I guess starting with lowest resources, 0 tech, weakest military, and hardest wandering mobs do change the game pace! ;)

    At any rate, I’ve found Necromancers hardly OP. I’ve thus far tried 3 versions – Orc, Human, Frostling (all with Shadowborn Mastery and Destruction Adept) – and the slow starts have been crippling (though this is likely to do with my settings). I can see how the class becomes much stronger toward end-game, but for me getting there has been quite the struggle.

    Definitely try Draconian necromancer with the same setup. I can’t get enough of it. Lifesteal + Regrowth on pikemen! Sometimes I even skip the regrowth because how easily I can tech to flyers. Plus the reanimators have Bane Fire instead of black bolts.

    Dragon Ancestry helps a lot with the moral boost. Especially in the early game when you necromancer is still mortal or your not quite evil enough yet. Plus you can tailor each battle. Need more fire? Have the priest buff himself. Will despair help more in this battle? Buff the reanimators instead. Oh a shrine of smiting you say? Hit the flyers with it and cackle as they own it from both sides after easily surviving the lightning of divine vengeance. Sometimes I forget it even does fire damage now.

    Plus with all the battlefield enchantments the AI worries more about that than dispelling dragon ancestry. Sure you took down my desecration but that super happy dragon priest is critting firebolts to your face.

    I like to keep a ratio of 2 priest and 1 reanimator per stack. Add in some infantry(even lost souls do the trick!) and you got yourself a nice stack suitable for many situations.

    Don’t even get me started on Rite of Malediction!

    Did I mention how they get heal undead yet? Yup, draconian necromancers are pretty sweet.

    Finally one of my favorite things about draconian necromancers would have to be it allows me to focus on one race which I enjoy and always attempt. I don’t need other ghouled races clogging my ranks when I can’t use dragon ancestry on em!

    My thoughts on your race selection are as follows. Humans and frostling focus too much on single elements. Those being spirit and ice damage respectfully. Black bolts already has frost channel. Draconians with their banefire get spirit damage themselves. As for orcs I think they suffer too much from Victory Rush not working. I don’t see why it shouldn’t. While draconians regeneration seems rooted more in their biology victory rush seems more like a second wind from the thrill of battle.

    I’m sure other races make good necromancers. I’m just having too much fun to try em out!

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    I never found corrupt the source necessary to cast so, I don’t really think it matters now if ya get it free or not. I think its better to just rush to plague for population growth.

    My mana would be better spent summoning a soul while I wait for plague to research. Population is never really my main concern. I don’t need multiple metropolis’. Most of my towns are just used as mana/gold/research boosters.


    Even the undead have to deal with the moral bonuses or penalties if they are not the right alignment.

    As much as this seams tailored to necromancers, in my eyes, brings new life to every class. Who doesn’t like life drain on every infantry? Plus rite of malediction is just pure awesomeness. 2 Dark powers? I’ve seen webbing touch and dominate a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a chance to give everything not associated with the other alignment powers. Did I mention ya get 2! Plus its not and enchantment so can’t be disjunctioned. Maybe dispelled? They’d have to cast dispel on everything.

    Its definitely worth being evil for the bonuses of shadowborn. Personally I don’t like it without mastery solely for rite of malediction. Dark Angel is just a bonus. An incredible powerful bonus.

    I almost feel I’m betraying necromancers if I go and play a different class now that they are available. 🙁

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    Eww! Corrupt the source over animate ruins? Eck!

    I want the original animate ruins back. That animates me some ghouls to garrison along with the city.

    Plague would of gotten my vote. It’s the first spell I rush for if I start with souls researched. I rarely even use corrupt the source and I never found myself rushing tech to get it.

    Just because hastey plunder works so well with animate ruins shouldn’t factor in. Not every necromancer is a destruction adept or wants to be.

    With hastey plunder taken out of the equation animate ruins is worthless! I’d rather just migrate the city to my chosen race. Which I do even after a hastey plunder + animate ruins. This is my one gripe that the undead aren’t their own race. Used to be walk in. Raze. Animate. Profit. Now I have to throw in migrate as well because I don’t want hobbits, even undead ones, in my empire.

    Half the time that I do use animate ruins its because I want that extra boost of evil to satisfy my shadow born units that are dedicated to evil.

    Mostly any city I’m taking over is bordering my empire so my choices are to ghoul which is 4 turns. As if! If I hasty plunder + animate ruins it usually only 1 turn but can be more depending on CP. Lastly there is migrate which is usually only 1 turn + 0 mana. The necromancer weak economy already dictates the sooner a city is under my control the better.

    As for migrating, the rare times it does cost more than 1 turn to migrate the city in question, the city is so far flung away from the front lines the extra turns are not even noticed.

    So, to sum it up. If I don’t have destruction adept animate ruins isn’t worth my time. Maybe give me some ghoul irregulars for casting it or even some cadavers and it might be worth researching.


    I dont agree… save scumming should be prevented. It bugs me enough that you can simply reload autosaves to undo poor choices, let alone repeat dungeon clears to get the items you like. If I had my way, all games would be Ironman by default, and there would be no “re-do”s.

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>kerzain wrote:</div>
    I guess they might as well just display the entire drop table to you and allow you to manually choose your loot after each battle. Would probably save you time from having to rely on save scumming.

    This here is pretty much what I came to say. If you have a single player “feature” (as Weltenreiter called it) that allows you to pick your loot, but it is super annoying an time consuming to use, then that feature will become something you will use out of necessity, but which wont be fun.

    Either the devs must remove the feature, to align with the intended function, or they must remove the obstruction, so that the feature can be used without ruining the fun of the game. In the latter case, the solution would be to display all of the available loot that a dungeon can spawn, and allow you to pick your favorite. Obviously, this would destroy much of the random nature of the game, which is half of the point, and more than half of the fun.

    Clearly, then… the best solution is to remove the feature. This is a step forward for Age, and I was happy to see it done.

    I am happy either way. I hate to admit it… I… I have save scummed! *cries*. Its not my fault! My 50 clicks a second wasn’t enough to move my stack before the computer moved theirs! A save scum later and my 75 click per second did the trick! Really though, does anyone not play with simultaneous turns? Maybe I should start?

    If it wasn’t available though… I could just bite the bullet and deal with the consequences.

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    I have mixed emotions on the matter. As a necromancer, and I say this with all do respect, keep you damn dirty demons away from my undead! Ya know what demons are good for? That’s right. Undead demons.

    So I can empathize with ya. I hate when necromancers and/or the undead get associated with demons. I say, if you want demons, be a Demonologist.

    With that said as a fan of the necromancer, as a class, I feel that its about time that someone else knows what it feels like to have demons thrust into their favorite class. :p

    I like how it was mentioned every class in AOW isn’t predominately good or evil. It takes me back to the good ole days! When I first ran into a ‘necromancer’. Pagan Ultima 8. They where basically grave keepers.

    Ah, but different worlds, different times. Were the undead in the previous AOW games always evil? I feel its almost necessary to be evil as a necromancer but only because I love shadowborn!

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    Build more watchtowers.

    Watchtowers are great. Builders, while I don’t think are necessary, are great to have. One of the first things I do is build watchtowers around my throne city. Most games you’ll always find one prebuilt nearby.

    Another great thing about watchtowers is if they are under your domain radius wanderers can’t claim it and fly off. Soon as they leave the watchtower your domain will claim it again.

    Watchtowers are like permanent stationary scouts. As long as it is under your control you can see its vision radius.

    I wouldn’t be too worried about stealth units unless your vs another player. With that in mind you don’t have to garrison watchtowers. If a mob comes by and destroys it so what. Now ya know their is a spawner nearby and you can easily rebuild it.

    I think I may even build my initial builder too early. He always gets ganked and I have to replace him. Not before he does a few tasks though.

    So to sum it up. If an early warning system is what ya need then that has watchtowers written all over it.

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    I have never really watched any replays of auto resolve but I only really ever use it in certain circumstances. For instance if its a scout of mine that’s going to get owned I will just auto resolve. Also if it says very likely victory. Especially if I have deathbringers because auto resolves seem to net me more ghouls.

    On the flip side I’ve see it suggest a battle was “very likely defeat”. Manually playing these battles I rarely lose a single unit. Its like the AI has no idea how to effectively use buff like dragon ancestry or units like the flyer.

    With that said I think it might be by design. Auto-combat is less rewarding to encourage manually fighting tactical battles. I haven’t tried MP yet but my hero stack does great in manual combat. The odds are never in his favor from what the game tells me so, I’d hate to be forced into auto-combat only.

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    I’m a draconian no matter what class I am. I disliked the look of draconians in Shadow Magic but they had undead as a race so that was a moot point. I think you can guess my favorite class from that. That’s right, theocrat. Okay, okay, its necromancer.

    Now that undead are not just any race but every race its like the best of both worlds. Before the expansion I played theocrat mostly and let me tell ya, we ain’t all “good”.

    My draconian theocrat is rather ruthless and you meaningless wingless race will be extinguished from my plane and migrated! I might revisit him and make him shadowborn. Dedicated to Evil theocrat with lifesteal ftw!

    Ah, memories! Alas, the past is the past. Now that necromancers are available, my theocrat no longer breaths life, but death. Necromancer is perfect! Coupled with draconian’s natural affinity for fire. Divine Vengeance from shines basically only does shock damage to my undead troops. Plus I don’t even have to migrate anymore. I’ll hasty plunder the town and animate the ruins. Then migrate, whoops!

    I also like rogues and warlords. Basically, before the expansion, any class that favored racial units I’d play. I just couldn’t get into dreadnoughts, sorcerers, and arch-druids even though they work well with the race.

    Well I guess I rambled on enough. Time to actually play.

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    I seem to never fail to run into some form of Halfling every game. Damn their luck! So many times I hit them with despair and they are still happy!

    I even once contemplated being a Halfling. *Shudders*

    I don’t remember ‘miss’ being a huge thing when I played Shadow Magic. I never really played it competitively, even verse the AI. More like a sandbox. Maybe that where a lot of the arguments in other threads comes from. Different play styles. I used to just turtle as undead with mass confusion and the animation spire thing ;). I tried to turtle in this game. Doesn’t work out too well….

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    Well according to thread. Human is the way to go if you want 50 manicores by turn 50.

    Something to do with their production and racial governances.

    Also the link button doesn’t work and my html sucks.

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    Let’s make this real simple. The majority of the people I see posting against giving undead tireless are in fact UNDEAD themselves.

    You are requesting to buff their favorite class and they are STILL against it! I would love tireless on all undead but it is way too overpowered!

    Balance is what makes this game fun. Without balance this game would of become real dull real quick.

    So, regardless of if it “makes sense” or whatever your reasoning. Balance takes precedence. Hell, I’d love for draconian necromancers to still have their regen but ya know what? It would be unbalanced.

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Ghevd wrote:</div>
    I had no idea you could dispel the immunity from a failed ghoul. No wonder why I can’t ghoul anything.

    Me neither, and I think that should probably be removed.

    I even see the AI dispel the ghoul curse and still didn’t connect the two that I could dispel the immunity. So I don’t mind if they nerf dispelling the immunity so long as you also cannot dispel the curse.

    My honest opinion on the whole argument is the ghoul mechanic is the heart and soul of the necromancer. That’s their thing! You have some special ability that I could put to use so, I kill you and make you my loyal undying servant. I would rather more of our units came about this way. It seems like you get the ghoul ability so late in the game to me.

    As for the whole Angel/Dragon argument I say that if it is on the mortal plane. Then it must be in some sort of mortal shell. Ghoul the shell! The “divine” essence can go to its original plane.

    Ghouling is not even at its true power! I want “Infectious Ghoul curse”. Where ghouled units can transfer their infection and truly multiply their numbers.

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    I had no idea you could dispel the immunity from a failed ghoul. No wonder why I can’t ghoul anything.


    Wow have I been doing everything wrong. I would try to rush to t3’s for the on coming horde of shadow stalkers that would inevitably kill me around turn 60ish. My territory was small. I’d get 3 cities most games. 5 cities if I was lucky. Sure I would have the t3’s out by turn 50 but I couldn’t reliable keep them coming. No wonder I would have such a hard time on lord. I’m surprised I ever survived a game(only one) before this thread. I think it was because it was 2 druids and 1 sorcerer was dead before turn 15.

    So, thank you Jaduggar! Using this way to expand was great! Before I knew it my lowly city that could spam out t1 pikeman could easily spam out t3’s every turn without fail. A war or two later and I had 2 cities that could easily spam out any unit in one turn. Before I knew it I was down to 1 opponent. This is definitely the best I ever have done, all thanks to spamming out t1 units.

    Also it finally felt like I was creating an empire and not just a new ‘base’. I thought I was just playing necromancer wrong but it turns out I have never played this game right from the beginning.

    My final opponent is a dwarf theocrat who I’ve confined to the southeast of the map. I thought fighting a theocrat as a necromancer would be a lot harder but even battles that say very likely defeat are cake and I only lose a few units that hav replacements already on the way.

    So, thanks again!

    I wanted to upload a pic of the map but I’m not sure how its done because its more than 5mb.

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    As much as I’d like to see tireless on all undead I agree it would be game breaking.

    Sure undead shouldn’t have stamina like a living being but why do we even pay them(upkeep) gold for that matter? They are the undead pawns of a necromancers. So, gameplay should always trump lore in the end or balance will go right out the window.

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    There is a tiny arrow pointng to the right. Left of the ‘next unit’ button on the ui.

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    I set the level of heroes to 30 for my leader only, because I set heroes to 0! It makes it that much sweeter when an AI surrenders to me and now I’m the only one with a hero.

    Can the AI surrender to another AI? I’ve never run into an AI with a hero thus far but, I can barely survive on lord.

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    I finally managed to beat a 1 vs 3 on lord so I’m definitely no expert but in my limited experience I do better when I zerg rush.

    My last game was vs a sorcerer, warlord, and arch-druid. They sorcerer I ran into before turn 10. Our first meeting and he talks shit. Oh I’m a weakling ya say? He was dead by turn 14. Silly AI sorc, all threatening when he has one city.

    With his defeat I now have the majority of the north under my control(small map). 1 down 2 to go.

    When I met the warlord he was all ass kissy and shit. Maybe because we are both draconian? Peace? Sure, whatever. I plague a bunch of independents in the north and vassal a draconian city near a lich tower(Chalk full of Reapers). I start clearing scoundrel and undead nests near my throne city which is the only one I really defend with a garrison.

    Independents that are hostile feed my city with their population. I take a few over and ghoul em. I set up some basic research buildings. A couple that adds to their boarder range then set em to seek knowledge and forget about em.

    Around turn 50ish the warlord and AD both declare war on me in the same turn. They don’t like me being pure evil. Its not my fault I was shadowborn. Ok it is my fault, but mind ya damn business! By this time I had scorched earth and all my cities had it cast on them since they had no garrison.

    The arch druid tried to steal em but to his dismay only got the foundation. Then I would just reanimate them.

    I brace myself for the battle ahead. I start scouting in the warlords direction. He has 1 freakin city! ONE! I move my stack of 2 reanimators, 4 priests too close to his city and he rushes them to attack.

    He had a manicore, a war breed, a blight elemental, a berserker, a flamer and his self. Auto combat chance prediction? Very Likely defeat. Which was dead on. Too bad for the warlord my priest stack took out everything but the manicore. My Leader stack was a turn away from his throne city too. You can guess what happened next.

    I don’t even have banshees yet! Was too busy teching to get healers of the dead. Also I always forget about the boat one till I want to build a bridge *sigh*.

    The arch druid attacks my throne city. With me inside. Very likely defeat! Oh no! 3 stack with eagle riders, shamans, a few different animals like gryphons and hell hounds. To make a long story short I lost 1 unit, a suicidal banshee. I start scouting towards him now. I managed to get a deathbringer orc from a nearby tomb. She finds a couple of the AD’s cities and ghouls the tiny 2 man garrisons they have. I plunder them and animate them and scorched earth them.

    I figure I let him live for now. I have a stack with fliers and priests right by his throne city while he is still in the void. Too easy! I go back to hangout in my city and wait.

    He attacks again. More of the same. Eagle riders, shaman etc. Lots more though. Oh well. The battle begins.

    I have a handful of reanimators, a few of my own deathbringers a pair of fliers and 1 priest. A cavalry unit or two. His first move. Disjuction my crypt of unlife. Failed! Sweet. Have yet to see it in action. He tried disjuctioning it every turn and failed everytime.(Like 4 times) WOOT!

    My forces slowly whittle down his eagle riders and once they die my crypt brings them back to life. I lose a couple of cadavers and maybe a reanimator and some ghouled cannon fodder plus a crusher that I started with.

    I move towards him plundering the first town I see(he was rebuilding the towns I razed with scorched earth. Turn 62. He surrenders.

    I love the necromancer but they seem like a zerg rush class. The faster you take out your future enemies the better.

    My only problem is I never feel like I’m building an empire. Its almost more like a rts where I feel like I’m building a forward base for more resources and nothing else.

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    Yeah I thought of that but selecting the AI is removing randomness in my RMG game. Which kinda seems counter productive to me.

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    Ugh! I hate getting similar classes in my 4 player games. Now your telling me I might have a case of twins?

    I would love a toggle that limited the numbers of a class a game could have. I just like to be the only necromancer.

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    My experience was a bit different. Oh AoW3 is coming out? Great! Wait… no undead… no wizards? Screw that game!

    Okay, okay. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. *Gasp* This game is awesome! *Immediately buys own copy*. Plays rogue. *Stabby, stabby!* Golden Realms gets announced. Pfft, halflings, who needs em?

    Still I missed my undead! *Looks around for closest thing* Ah! Theocrat! They have sweet skull armor… close enough I guess! *Has a blast playing theocrat fanatic*

    Eternal Lords announced. UNDEAD! WHAT!? *Immediately buys Golden Realms to support the devs*

    Frostlings and Tigrans are just a bonus. I liked the frostlings in shadowmagic but you could freeze entire oceans back in them days.

    Now that I have my oh so coveted undead I’m finally at peace with the universe. Is this the last expansion? Who knows, but now that I can ghoul every living creature any expansion with even a single new unit must be mine! We necromancers are collectors. Make that hoarders! Now, time to add to my hoard!

    Almost forgot,
    Thanks Triumph!


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    I just wanted to add my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. I can finally survive to midgame!

    I must still be doing something wrong though. By the time I finally can roll out Deathbringers I always seem to have 7 Shadow Stalkers knocking on my front door.

    I definitely have neglected things such as Control Undead. I can never seem to find deathbringers early. What few undead I do find and try to charm I usually have less than 50% chance and outright fail the charm. What raises this chance? Do I damage them first?

    Raise corpse is another I tend to neglect. How long are they(cadavers) useful for?

    Lastly, how about town research? I ghouled a few cities around my metropolis and set them to produce research. The increase definitely helped but how much is too much and when is a good time to begin such things?

    I never seem to get more than 3 cities up with a partial defensive force. At which time the rogue with 7+ cities roflfacestomps me.

    Maybe its the map settings? I play on Lord. Small land map. 3 other classes besides myself. 0 heroes(This is why I like AI to surrender to me). I like the cosmic events but I had to turn them off because the boss battles always killed me. Wish there was a separate toggle for the boss battles. (Also a dreadnought boss joined my rogue enemy and they both attacked me as allies, damn hobbits!)

    Again any help is greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance.


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    I have to completely agree with everything in this post. I would of gave my thanks a lot sooner but I was stuck in a ‘just one more turn’ loop for almost a week now.

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    I like the AI to surrender to me but that stems from playing with 0 heroes. I was just in a game a fellow necromancer surrendered to me after I took one of his 2 cities and his attempt to take it back failed. It was only like turn 30ish and he was already a lich! His tech was way higher than mine but the army he sent was pretty weak. He was only level 5 thankfully.

    Personally I would like a option to toggle similar classes. So if I’m playing a rogue then no AI opponents will be rogues. Mainly for smaller games of 4 players.

    I would like a way to force a surrender. Another game I have this dreadnought completely surrounded. I threaten him to give me his last city for peace. No go. Ok now a threat for just the city. Still he holds out. I had no choice but to advance my army of the dead to utterly destroy him. I don’t mind the results but it did seem like their was no way to convince him becoming my undead pawn was the best course of action. In other words, unless they offer to surrender then they never will.

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    This just seems to me to be a troll wanting to push their real life beliefs/religion into the game. Now lets bitch the angels have tits too because gaming today isn’t a huge sausage fest like religion.

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    Vanishing Node:
    Nodes cannot be seen by opposing players more than one hex away from them. +3 mana from nodes made invisible.(Does anyone use node spells? I think I neglect them come to think of it.)

    Mirror Image:
    Combat Spell- Unit under the effect of Mirror Image has a 50% chance to gain Undying when its health reaches 0. +2 def +2 res. 2 turn duration.

    Empire Upgrade- All negative diplomatic and moral changes are halved while positive ones are doubled.


    Phantasmal Clone:
    Combat- Selected friendly or enemy unit is cloned for duration of combat. Gains Summoned. Weak vs Banishment.

    Myrror of Deceit:
    Combat- Target Friendly unit gains random ability of opposing forces that it does not already have.

    Ok that’s all I can think of for now. In no way was balance or even strategy considered. I merely need to pass time. Specifically 19 hours.

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