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    Once had a Dungeon, Crystal Tree, Castle of The Lich King nad a flowrock quarry all in one, was able to pump out extremely dangerous orc crusaders every turn.

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    My only input would be instead of making dragons immune to ghoul curse, instead when a dragon is afflicted by ghoul curse, make it turn into a bone dragon. I think that would be a cool way to amke a unit that has not been usable in-game into a usable unit, and one that fits thematically also.

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    Well…I hadn’t really expected to spark a debate this long, but is suppose it is for the best, since the devs could use this to see the pros and cons of implementing the feature or not. I personally am in favor of the rollover being added, with the “lapping” some people reffered to of building multiple units in one go (i.e. city has 100 production, infantry costs 50 gold, you cna build 2 at once) becuase i think it would add more to end game unit variety and choice as you could either build that high tier unit, or several low tier units. I do however understand a lot of the points the counterargument makes, so i suppose I’ll just wait and see what, if anything, triumph does in respect to this.

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    That new structure looks insane, cool screens all around.

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