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    in reply to: How To beat Theocrats With Necromancers? #236866

    Do you ever win? Really? In large or XL maps???
    I don’t even think the spell you refer to that gives life steal is a true necromantic spell. If it’s EMBRACE DARKNESS, it’s a SHADOWBORN spell and you can have it with any class. Right now when the enemy starts having shrines I just quit, it’s pathetic… even if it’s not about winning it’s frustrating to be doomed from the beginning.

    The commentator was probably talking about vampiric hunger, which is a necromancer only upgrade.

    Well.. I think this super aggressive early agro, which necromancer has to play doesnt fit this class.. necromancer always used to be slow, fragile (in some way) units, but with overhelming numbers.

    why does it not fit? As the living grow and such, it sort of makes sense for a decay based class to want to aggressively forestall that advantage.

    in reply to: Rogues overpowered? #236433

    Ok, but how do you counter shadow stalkers and succubi if you’re a warlord or archdruid?

    Succubi are very little problem when you have the wild hunt (strong will removes charm and makes bane fire do 1/3 less damage), and warlords have their own blood brothers (for the leader stack). The Wild hunt should come out first due to the AD’s stronger early game and research buffs. After Beast Mastery, all AD summons are immune to mind control and have an extra 2 resistance.

    More importantly, succubi do not like archers, and AD/warlords produce the strongest archers (Hunters and Horse archers) in the game.

    As to Stalkers, for High Elf versions of either AD or Warlords, arcane arrows makes conventional (non rogue harassment) stalker tactics virtually suicidal. Before that, wild magic mastery (degenerate) or grey guard mastery (cardinal culling) works super well. Human horse archers get sacred arrows of the rack, so that works at an even earlier part of the game.

    For non HE and Humans, then you have to do a support based thing. Draconians obviously do well with fire, and frostlings get some fire and frost resistance (as well as swimming). Frostlings have Frost Queens who have little to fear from stalkers, and Frostling necromancers can have white witches go toe to toe with stalkers and win (frozen flame gets fire, undead gets blight immunity and extra frost resistance to immunity).

    As Garresh said, massed Eldritch horrors (you can multiple shock breath to wipe out stalkers without a worry in the world) or well supported Shrines of Smiting (a totally non physical main attack and an aoe shock and fire attack) can just ruin any rogue unit poorly massed.

    Rogues have an advantage vs. late game warlord because of superior mobility and intelligence. They do very well vs. most late AD’s because they can match AD mobility and concealment, and are better at guerrilla warfare (since most AD lack the ability to cheaply deter Rogue hit and run attacks on cities).

    The reason is quite simple when you compare AD to Sorcerers. Sorcerers have chain lighting, extra cp, glyphs of warding, and dome of protection. Sorcerers can keep rogues from piling deception on incite revolt, cause shock damage to wandering stalkers, and fry them for relatively little mana. They have a hyper deadly and invisible detecting stack that can speedily kill any rogue army against it.

    The AD, on the other hand, may have floating gods and shock serpents, but can use very few spells vs a blight immune, incorporeal unit (poison domain, hornet swarm, and the thorn wall (it does virtually no damage) don’t work on stalkers). A high elf AD with arcane arrows, on the other hand, can make cities very difficult to take without dedicated attacks that Rogues like to avoid. I’d say it leans Rogue because the AD can’t boost city morale, but that isn’t something the AI knows how to exploit.

    In the very latest of games, AD seeker storm sisters are absolute kryptonite for stalkers (with the wild hunt giving them floating).

    in reply to: Frostling Sorcerer specializations #235530

    About Elementals: it’s surely great to have decent summons and I agree that both Air and Earth Elementals are superiour to Frost, but those are intermediate units at best. I’ll probably go Phantasm>Serpent>Horror, and getting 2 slots of Specialization even partially based on summon when Arcane Horror will beat any of them by mile isn’t too productive IMO. Those Elementals may be considered by class who lacks decent summons at least for signinficant period, and that’s certainly not Sorc.

    The advice was conditional (also, don’t underestimate frost elementals: defender is very useful when combined with any other defensive buff): If you are going to go mostly stun support and combat spells, then an earth elemental or two serves a very useful place in your army protecting stun supports (gryphon riders also work well).

    I also shouldn’t carry too much about toughness of my frontline troops, because those will be summons which are cannon fodder mostly and easily replaced. Best pro of Sorc is that he can spam army wherever he is. He hasn’t an issue like Warlord, who spends time on unit production + transportation, thus losing units in battle is inadvisable and bad, regardless that his units are very tough and effecive. I still can keep my Supports safe and ranking those would be priority and that’s easier task since I can tank with summons not being afraid of losses.

    no, that is more of a necro/ad thing. Necromancers can use the lost souls as battle people because of resurgence, and ad can put savage rage on any animal and make it useful.

    Sorcs need to nurse their summons up. Node serpents gain inflict stun and become super duper useful at level, and phantasm warriors need levels to get more resistance. beholders are obvious protect things, and horrors aren’t tough enough to just up and not have aides for (unless you mass them).

    in reply to: Modders competition #235518

    As a fanatically creative person I call this total nonsense. The more pressure, timeline and rushing you put on creativity, the worse it becomes

    Every classical Greek play was written for a competition (a festival of Dionysus), Frankenstein emerged from competitive story telling, and many poetic works were produced as entries for various contests in numerous cultures (a great deal of the Tale of Genji involves competitive creative output).

    One can also name numerous “hack” works created by competitive pressure to sell lots of books (here’s looking at you, Brooks). It is all in how you set up the thing.

    A regular set of community requests/prompts or whatever, could be a nice way of stimulating more mod creation. A creator/community nexus, if you will.

    in reply to: Frostling Sorcerer specializations #235465

    For a sorcerer, it depends on what you want to do (actually true for anything in game, really). One exception is grey guard adept. You need cp, it gives you cp from killing many kinds of enemies, that is a wrap. Unless you want an alignment mastery, grey guard adpet is super useful. It also lets you get your alignment boost (double critical) simply with the enchant city scales spell, so you can easily bounce from city to city with fully upgraded summons.

    If you are in a stun support type mood, then several different ones work well based on your leader race. The thing about stun supports is that ranged combat is always in their favor, since few things are shock immune and threatening at range. It is melee combat where the difference is: an enemy good at phasing, flying, or otherwise charging into the flanks of your troops/avoiding many retaliations (which also stun) will win.

    This is most obvious with dwarf apprentices, who have armored and are tough dwarves. Throw a bless on them, and you can have them easily survive melee combat. Elves are also good, as total awareness prevents flanking, so a stone skin or bless strategically placed does wonders (also not only physical like your class sphere of protection).

    Keeper Mastery, with its +2 defense for dedicated to good units is also very useful.

    This is also useful for a different reason with frostling sorcerers: these spells (bless and stone skin) leverage your Frost Queen stun bombs in two ways. One is that they make stragglers less likely to kill them directly. The second way is that these spells preserve the life of any royal guards you have protecting them (since damage taken depends on the stats of the protected unit).

    Fire is also nice, as it gives you a non shock or physical nuke. Fire halo is also useful for frost protection on faster than white witch armies (for frostling sorc).

    Wild magic is quite useful as a mastery, as swap location and phase let you do fun things (degenerate and faerie fire works also).

    I would recommend against air adept: seeker is not useful for stun chance, wind ward is unnecessary on top of projectile resistance, high resistance, and staying at max range or through obstacles to get sutns, and air elementals just take up space that should be used for node serpents and horrors.

    On the other hand, air elementals are great anti sorc troops: they are immune to almost everything the sorc has and have physical protection, so they’ll be able to beat shock reliant troops.

    What you want are earth elementals: they have regrowth and are weak to shock (who brings shock to fight a sorc), but they are super tough fighters who can easily protect supports from interlopers.

    in reply to: Modders competition #235438

    Why don’t you make it a contest to do some useful set of goals, i.e., “revitalize the diplomacy system” or allow “deep” as opposed to expansive gameplay?

    There are actually two shield of light abilities: one is the just five spirit damage and daze when attacked version in the ability pack, the other is the spell version in the torchbearer spell pack.

    I made a similar ability, “wrath of the dragon king” that does the spirit damage removal. you just have to carefully modify the shield of light method spell with a battlefield wide targeter (only on enemies).

    in reply to: Invincible Heroes #234967

    Any hero can be immediately and totally shut down by a human with this simple, easy set up:

    1). two throw away units with nets (since heroes can’t be incorporeal, and physical immunity is vanishingly rare. Anyone with such an ability has either 1). over-focused on their hero at the expense of empire, or 2). is so far ahead they can afford vanity projects and would win anyway with conventional options).

    Slightly less reliable is the weaken and throw curse combo: Since weaken always works, that means that any hero without 160% blight protection can be immediately shut down. Goblins and Undead can get to that level, although protection is probably better spent on elves and fairies).

    Or one can do a necromancer and shield of light thing: spirit weakness +despair and invoke death will get you instant -40 hp (obviously the minus 20 is easy to compensate for, but still involves some overclocking of hero protections).

    When combined with flanking, any competent human can focus fire to death even the toughest hero with a decent army. And don’t forget guard-breaker!

    Just make your own ability….IF you look up the despair, the keeper shield of light, or anything that does a weakness, it is pretty easy to do a spell, a single target ability, a single target inflict, or as a battlefield wide spell (as I did for The Dragon Mod).

    You should probably just modify “denounce” so that it adds spirit weakness, and add that ability to appropriate units.

    in reply to: Even more dreadnought nerfs. #234587

    Balance for PBEM and for SP is basically the same thing, since PBEM tactical battles are identical to SP tactical battles. Preventing PBEM exploits also prevents SP exploits.

    I have to agree. Removing the healing all the time fun fest removed a really obnoxious form of grinding that one could do to make the game too simplistically easy. Dreadnoughts don’t need multi heal because

    1). machines are tough enough as is with the one heal,

    2). strategic healing limit is what makes machines not super op (since they can take a lot of damage and do lots of damage at long range). Unlimited tactical healing (especially with a net hero) negates this weakness.

    3). reassemble. Why heal what you can infinitely raise from death?

    4). guardian flames is more fun since you can make things fire immune in combat, which fits your classes fire use.

    in reply to: Making Heal a one-time per combat ability? #234557

    The other issue with Theocrats is that I’ve decided to make Strong Will available to every unit except archers and irregulars at Gold Medal; and virtually every T3/T4 unit possesses Strong Will off the bat. I think this will mimick “green” soldiers easily and frequently fleeing in battle, whereas hardened elites do not.

    Yeah, i think you are better off making a “fearless” ability that gives no spirit protection, but does make you immune to any of the cause fear, fear strike, and fearsome abilities. To implement it widely, you just need to add such an ability to the Infantry/Cavalry/ and or tier tags you want (or as a default upgrade for gold medal).

    remember how annoying it is for blight and spirit to not work on machines? This is going to be worse (since so many abilities use spirit channels).

    in reply to: 4x Mod? #234556

    quo is right. The AI players build everything they can build eventually, so making these structures would allow the ai to use them. And to make them mcu like, you would simply make the upgrade a linked building that had a prerequisite of the first site.

    Harbors require water hexes, so you could just use that set up to do what you want without bringing back the “constantly burning down little structures” type of gameplay.

    in reply to: Modding tier 4 limit #234555

    I think the simplest thing might be to connect tier 4 units with the grand palace, so you have to have it to build them in a city. That would slow everything down.

    For summoning balance, you could remove the ability of the t-4 summons to be produced next to friendly heroes.

    in reply to: 4x Mod? #234485

    Now, the question is: is it possible to create such requirements as “can be build only on Dense Vegetation and Fertile Lands” or “Can be build only if the hex has a Water hex next to it”?

    well, structures are set to not build on mountains, so I assume you could make them not build on anything but one type, or just require it.

    in reply to: Making Heal a one-time per combat ability? #234482

    The problem for the theocrat with once a turn healing is that its great strength, the ability to weather repeated ranged damage attack (especially spell damage) goes away. As your mod is designed to make combats longer, I think theocrats probably need a cooldown heal. You could increase the cooldown, so they only get two or three a battle.

    in reply to: Update 1.701+ Patch Notes – Updated 6/10/2015 #234408

    In short, the broken system is actually better designed than the original intended system. Even if it could be fixed, it shouldn’t. There is less potential for abuse, and more sensible gameplay as a result from the current system.

    Not to mention that the other version would “take the top off” the unit structure, since high medal tier 1 units are equal to tier 2 units but have less upkeep. So min max strategy would be to level up hunters/dwarf axemen/raiders/other really good low tier units and then rush the stuff out of everyone else (which would be easy because of lower level heroes). Tier inequality (occupy AOW III against the top 1% tier units!) makes the game more fun.

    As is, you can chose to nurture your tier 1’s to get high medals/evolves, or move on to higher tier strategies.

    in reply to: Patch v1.703 Released #234407


    Best. reference. Ever.

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    You do not have the required rights to view this reply.
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    in reply to: Remaining balance issues #234120

    -Manticores received massive buffs on 1.5, bringing much loved racial differentiation to the units. This is great, but manticores were already one of the best T4s to begin with. I think some sort of nerf would be reasonable. Especially with the production bonuses from racial governance upgrades.

    Yeah no. The strength of the manticore in the late game is illusory. Any of the other t-4 sets beats the pants off it one on one, or even when the manticores have a slight numerical advantage. Gods and Reapers just do it most obviously. The advantage is that of the sherman tank, numbers and high medal from warlord abilities. Warlords and Dreadnought are the strongest in the latest of games (necro in close with unlimited no gold units) because of their production status. Other classes have sneaky ways to edge them down, so no nerfs are required.

    -Draconian Raptors with 6/6 damage are a liability against high resistance units and without the benefit of “chilled” like the frostlings have. A 9/3 or 10/2 damage split would be better.

    But they are now especially good at killing lower resistance but high defense units, and are better at flanking (since it works for each damage channel).

    -Draconian Chargers have a similar survivability problem due to the flying thing, and also tend to die before regrowth can be any help. Please give them 10 def as well.

    Chargers are great! you can use them as mobile instant death per cost to all kinds of t-3 units and heroes that you ordinarily couldn’t get mere walking pikes towards.

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    in reply to: Update 1.701+ Patch Notes – Updated 6/10/2015 #234118

    machines and ice is why Operation Barbarossa failed….. Especially as all dreadnought stuff seems to be steam punk with some magical assistance, a cold boiler means the whole thing is caput.

    in reply to: Update 1.701+ Patch Notes – Updated 6/10/2015 #233975

    In a SP game of about 70 turns, on average I manage to earn around 3 Exalted Martyrs. Maybe 4 if I’m super lucky, but the XP from gray sites starts to run dry before then usually. I could maybe squeeze out a few more if I had the patience to endure even more Throwing Rocks.

    You should have six or seven or eight by turn twenty at the latest. What settings are you using? What race and specialization do you pick?

    Too late to do anything about it now! I probably would have if I’d known you get 40xp for doing it >_>

    meh. you get negative race relations and lose out on a turn of leveling, so I think it is pretty ok as an option.

    in reply to: Update 1.701+ Patch Notes – Updated 6/10/2015 #233947

    If a Crusader or Evangelist dies, you buy a new Crusader or Evangelist. The price is the price of a new unit. If a Martyr dies, you lose all of your progress toward a unit you can never build. There is no price you can put on this.

    Taken literally, that would mean that they were of infinite (or at least undefined) value, so i’ll take that as a bit of exaggeration.

    Jomungur once said he was happy for exalted to die because they died in place of more important units. This is true for a few reasons.

    1). it could be your leader or a hero. Keeping the leader alive is crucial for all kinds of reasons.

    2). exalted martayrs aren’t the only martayr strategy. You can do paired with crusaders, or human cavalry for a knight evolve strategy, and probably a few others. So when a martayr dies rather than a proto knight, it is more useful.

    3). new martayrs tend to die faster than old ones, so you shouldn’t lose that much. Why is that? Well, if you know how the ai thinks, it is obvious. The AI is “bloodthirsty”, which means that it focuses on maximizing damage done as opposed to other goals. So a martyr with lower defense and resistance becomes a higher priority target.

    With that in mind, in manual combat, you can easily focus the ai into attacking the martyrs or martyr supported units you want them to. Flanking is especially important, because that bonus can often convince the ai to avoid a frontal attack on a low tier unit for a flanking attack on a higher tier one.

    For auto, it is a matter of site selection and stack composition.

    in reply to: Update 1.701+ Patch Notes – Updated 6/10/2015 #233917

    Spending a lot of time working on a Martyr only to have it die on me frustrated me greatly. For this reason, prior to making the edits I did, I never ever used Absorb Pain on a Martyr. It made no sense to do so, because Martyrs were the worst unit to have die, and all AP did was concentrate damage on them, “reduced” or not, and they don’t have the HP to withstand that. It made more sense in terms of long term impact to let a Crusader or Evangelist die than a Martyr.

    That is why people use the halfling/orc/dwarf martyrs….Halflings get triple shot/luck, orcs have higher hp and victory rush, and dwarves are dwarves. Those races also have good crusaders (Orc with tireless and the rush, dwarf defensive strike, and the surprisingly effective luck and defender halfling one).

    martayrs are cheap, so a lost one or two makes little difference, whereas crusaders and evangelists are not cheap and gain a lot in value as they level. Denounce is a really neat way to heretic stuff in sites and crusaders really come into their own at high level (the high morale and defender boosted stats).

    With solid martyr production, you should get a full stack of evolved exalted 25-30 on normal settings auto all the time (much earlier pbem or sp).

    The alternative is a few stacks of exalted martyr boosted crusaders with Trebuchet support.

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    in reply to: Update 1.701+ Patch Notes – Updated 6/10/2015 #233829

    What about inspiring aura at medal? That would give them a defined, post charm tactical role (walk up to the best dps and buff away).

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