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    Lord of Riva

    damn if i had read your explanation initially @sikbok i would have voted differently on the AHR thing.

    maybe you would explain it more in depth for the next survey and ask again?

    alone the benefit of acting while someone else is fighting would be HUGE boon in MP.
    also i personally think the AHR is pretty annyoing to handle overall and less stacks (but maybe Bigger stacks instead) would bring a lot more option to the battlefield.

    in reply to: Combat Survey #221473

    Lord of Riva

    again i would like to know what these surveys are leading up to and how many more are to come. its not about details just general information would suffice, thanks πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Random Map Survey #220591

    Lord of Riva

    I could do with some real “news” by now. could we get a pointer about what these surveys are about?

    new game, new Expansion, anything? πŸ˜›

    also how many will still come?

    in reply to: Cooler statistics suggestions #219067

    Lord of Riva

    or it should be turned of by default and be an option for people to activate πŸ˜›

    otherwise im on board with the idea

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    Lord of Riva

    im kinda irritated as well, i dont want to sound as if i would complain about the results but this suirvey is really borked as others have said, could we get some dev input?

    in reply to: Races Survey and Terraria Wonders #217289

    Lord of Riva

    Racial governance that gives new units could check the class and gives different options according to the class.

    while that would be definitely cool its would a) be a lot of work for the visuals
    b) would be detrimital to the classes identity. it would shift what it means to play a class.

    not opposed to it though

    in reply to: Races Survey and Terraria Wonders #217253

    Lord of Riva

    i think one of the biggest issues is what “immersion” is for people its an amazingly vague and subjective idea.

    i welcomed these changes so much because i do not feel forced to choose a race/class based around some fluff reasons i do not care much about. i always felt that all the races are capable of using reason just like humans, so why cant we have different societies in the same race? i mean its the same for us in RL.

    this “immersion” kinda stems from the classical views on fantasy lore and i personally like that we stop using the old and often used cliches we have.

    i welcome the new.

    in reply to: Races Survey and Terraria Wonders #217245

    Lord of Riva

    Hehe, not at all. I was just referring to your name… thought it was a reference to the David Eddings-series ^^

    nope sory, realms of arcania maybe? (Das schwarze Auge) there was a game about riva there, but sorry for derailing, will stop now πŸ˜›

    in reply to: Races Survey and Terraria Wonders #217230

    Lord of Riva

    @ten9 : whoops you are correct O,o

    seems like i read that wrong (probably took the 30 from the percentage instead of the vote count. my bad

    @joohaan not sure who that dude is, pleae dont assume im a double acc just because i derped here a little πŸ˜›

    then i concede that this is the majority, even if its a minor difference still

    I\’d like race to have a bigger impact on play style than class.

    Strongly Disagree 36 8.8%
    Disagree 133 32.52%
    No Opinion 85 20.78%
    Agree 99 24.21%
    Strongly Agree 56 13.69%

    here on the orther hand its 37% to 40% in favor for more pronounced classes vs more diverse races.

    im kinda questioning if the questions asked are designed (through the wording/ choice) in a way to get a fixed outcome.

    again, sorry for messing that up

    the point of the balance still is correct though, but i cannot argue the majority here.

    also again @johaan :

    dont take away my goblin theocrat its the best looking and overall best race combo there is XD

    loving my goblin crusaders especially

    in reply to: Races Survey and Terraria Wonders #217208

    Lord of Riva

    Jolly Joker is correct. im also not sure where you read a mjaority in the last vote?

    74 in favor for races having a bigger impact and 116 against it?

    you cant just add the “no opinion dudes to your argument πŸ˜›

    best example so you might see what i we?) mean, Starcraft (2) has very assymetrical Factions, not sure if you are familiar?

    The Zerg, The Protoss and the Terrans area all very different, hoewever Blizzard tries to find the balance to make it competetively valid. Pretty impossible to achieve but they are on a pretty solid way. Same for games as League of Legends or DotA2.

    You are right that AoW 3 is not as “professionally” competetive but even then it needs balance.

    i believe there is a misunderstanding in what balance means, ive never heard arguing someone against balance, seriously. Balance CAN be assymetrical, AoW tried to make the races similar in this game though its easier this way.

    in reply to: Races Survey and Terraria Wonders #217136

    Lord of Riva

    sorry to pop you ballon but the survey is 50/50 on race vs. class.

    the last bit differntiaqtes the races in comparison to each other and does not concern itself with classes.

    also the point is “even if it is not as easy to balance” that doesnt mean that balance isnt a focus?

    im pretty sure your majority is a rather small minority, balancing is important, for enjoyment regardless of you being in for SP, MP or the wow factor (whatever that is)

    in reply to: Class & Race Survey #213934

    Lord of Riva

    i would suggest a random map option that only enables chosen races as independents on the map. tada race matters.

    Race has a Huge Impact on a lot of classes, mainly the damage channels but also some of the abilities. dont Goblin phalanxces have lidesteal now? and my Tigran crusaders have sun shields etc.

    i agree i think all classes should have a variation of class/race units. Druid, Sorc and necro (and maybe even the dreadnought) fall a bit short on this.

    more class/race units please πŸ˜› !
    less generic class units

    in reply to: Class & Race Survey #213813

    Lord of Riva

    In addition I would point out that Diplomacy and LevelEd may be in the last position just because of their current state, as you can see these are the only two cases where the needed focus surpass the enjoyment.

    Remember that the LevelEd and Modding support is what really would keep the game alive for DECADES!

    i would say its in the last place because not as many people CAN mod (or willing to learn it) but then you can also see that quite a few people wish improvements for it

    the discrepancy between enjoyment and improvement requests should certainly be taken into account though, lets hope that well see some improvements there

    in reply to: Wish List #213805

    Lord of Riva

    Shadow Demons πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Class & Race Survey #213803

    Lord of Riva

    The class system is one of the best parts of the game , i love it (including the class specifc skills)

    i would like to the expansion on the amount of classes and races still, as i mentioned before, something less human would be nice.

    in reply to: Triumph.net, Plans & Age of Wonders 3 SURVEY #213021

    Lord of Riva

    The game is great so far, some issues with the diplomatic systems (mainly with the AI) otherwwise i would like to see some more choice in the city screen.

    every one hates HoMaM 4 but what i really liked about that game was that not all units were available for all cities. if we could have some building that are exclusive from each other that would be cool:

    “do i want to take the elite spear units or rather the stronger archer type? ”

    but well thats just a suggestion, it would make this superb game only so much better.

    There is one thing though i would really really wish:

    Make a less humanoid race. I know that would be a lot work but im tired of fantasy games giving me the choice of “human, Human with long ears, small Human, smaller human, ugly human and here : Blue human, Cathead Human and scaly Human.

    currently i prefer the goblins as they are the least “human” but its still the same in Green basically.

    Be brave and make a race thats different, you had the Shadow demons before so they would be the most likely choice, but something else is fine.

    I know its a lot of work but its certainly worth it, visually, stylistic and fluff wise.

    In the end. I can only say: i want a little more of anything if the above is not an option. The game is superb already so ill nearly buy anything that gets added content wise *shrug*

    Best release and support in a long time from a “major” studio (i know you arent EA or something, but you are also already known) hope to see not only one more addon but two or three in the same size of Eternal Lords, keep up the good work πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Eternal Lords out NoW! (was: Bought!) #181194

    Lord of Riva

    Bought eternal lords and the collection today (for a friend) hope we will see more addons for AoW 3 πŸ™‚

    in reply to: [Fixed] Female Goblin Theocrat robe issue #137483

    Lord of Riva

    i know its not too nice to necro threads but i figured it may still be nice depending on the message.

    i just realised that the bug is fixed and now i am able to play my goblin theocrats as both sexes without ugly robes πŸ˜›

    thank you very much guys,

    Kind Regards,

    in reply to: [Fixed] Female Goblin Theocrat robe issue #106445

    Lord of Riva

    im sorry if im kinda necroing this thread but i still cant use the good looking robe on my theocrat πŸ˜›

    so i would kindly ask again so it doesnt get forgotten because of more “important” stuff πŸ™‚

    (i dont understand how ther can be anything more important though, because the most important stuff is clearly the sexy goblin maidens in their robes? πŸ˜€ )

    in reply to: AoW3 or HoM&M6, and why #81980

    Lord of Riva

    It really isn’t.

    hes right and not right at the same time.

    i agrees that it is something different then the system Triumph uses but for you as user (even more so you use steam) its no real difference. (as said my issue is its useless, nothing else)

    regarding the recommendations of dearLeader:

    first of all i think his concerns regarding are most of the time pretty subjective and thus not really helpful. But then again he has some points that are pretty close on what i said. so even though two opinions on one matter dont make it right its not a bad indicator.

    The thing is, are you a HoMM Player and just never played the 6th iteration or are you new to this series?

    if you played HoMM before: the 6th game doesnt really add much to the things the previous games already did. and that for a steep price.

    there are a few improvements, but not that much over the 5th game and that costs nothing so get this instead, is my recommendation.

    If you never played HoMM:

    The whole series has an issue and that is that new games dont have new features.

    all the things the first game made wrong regarding balancing etc are still in the 6th title of the series.

    so again i agree with DearLeader you could get HoMM 1/2/3 on GoG (that is if graphics arent that important to you, they are old) or the 5th one which is basically the same as 6 (different factions and story a few game mechanics different but nothing major) (and you wont need uplay for any of them )

    then there is a thing i disagree with Dear Leader again: there is a number missing in the recommendations.

    the 4th title of the series is the only one which has actually improved on gameplay (and in my opinion its the best overall) because it has a lot “new” mechanics and a lot more “strategic complexity” (as in City building is a lot more complex than in any other HoMM)

    still the thing is a lot of people think this game is inferior to 3 or any other title of HoMM for that matter.
    i think this is pretty subjective and the game tends to eoither get loved or hated. and yeah while it improves in much it also has a lot of issues so its a mixed bag.

    so back to the topic:

    AoW3 vs HoMM ? stick with AoW3 (my opinion) or if you really want to play a HoMM game test the old games first. (3/5 and maybe 4) before paying a lot of money for a game you might not like.

    in reply to: AoW3 or HoM&M6, and why #81945

    Lord of Riva

    loosing internet connection isnt a problem really. that was an issue with Assasins creed…. 2 i think?

    and no its not much more intrusive

    but then if you buy a Uplay game on Steam its installs Uplay as well so for HoMM to start in steam it opens you play as well where you need an account and sign in. (you can play it offline there as well but bleh.)

    so the real issue in my opinion is that its not necessary for anything, its more of a “why is it there?, whats its use?” thing rather than a “intrusive software”

    in reply to: Elf mission 4 Bormic quest bug #81932

    Lord of Riva

    i have the same issue one turn away. may it be related to me scouting the dungeon?

    i think the AI shouldnt be able to free him if this is an “automatic” game over <.<

    i may have idled to long in the bgeinning (which is actually an issue in itself) since i walked into the wrong direction and giving my enemy time to get their econmy running πŸ˜›

    also: i need an idea for “a third party hoster” i dont have accounts with the major plattforms (and dont intend to make one for this) i also i dont have filespace or drop boxs services.

    One-click hoster are an issue in itself nowadays. probably the best option though which one would you recommend for that?

    in reply to: AoW3 or HoM&M6, and why #81921

    Lord of Riva

    there are other things:

    positive for AoW:

    AoW is alot more balanced.

    the Snowball effect isnt as big as in HoMM losing you army midgame is equal to loosing the game.

    the Story while not necessarily (soooo) bad suffers from incedrible poor localisation or the poor why how it is narrated.

    Giving boni to users who played a lot in MP is a bad thing as well.

    The combat is more complex thus better (well that one is really subjective πŸ˜› )

    positive for HoMM:

    Combat Looks better so do cities

    Lastly: they are both fun (and yeah Uplay is really unnecessary imo) so i dont need to compare them.

    i have both and if i want i can play the one i want πŸ˜›

    in reply to: [Diplomacy] Show hero equipping item #70999

    Lord of Riva

    cant really tell how much work that would be.

    still whats there to say really? it would be an improvement so +1

    in reply to: Elven Court, Mission 2 Difficulties. #70826

    Lord of Riva

    you dont need to convert anything i let it all at goblins because goblins are the best race there is πŸ˜›

    its fine just kill the leaders and get their thrones

    in reply to: Suggestion for range penalty indicators #69296

    Lord of Riva

    sorry for not being really constructive but

    +1 for this suggestion

    in reply to: Migrate\Migrating – One point in the game? #69285

    Lord of Riva

    im not sure if i understand you but you are talking about different languages right?

    well if you want to change your ingame language open the launcher and go to the miscellaneous tab there you can choose the language you want.

    hope this helps.

    since you are talking about “repairing” it may be that it is not working for you.

    if you use steam go to your library –> right click on age of wonders –> properties —> local files tab —> verify integrity of game cache. it should work after that.

    if your using gog you probably have to redownload the setup but i may be wrong about it.

    if youre talking about something else you have to make it clearer its hard to understand you, sorry πŸ˜›

    Lord of Riva

    also if you feel your buddy takes to long you can change a turn time in the lobby from 1 minute onwards if you open a game. You should talk with him first though πŸ˜›

    in reply to: icons #69146

    Lord of Riva

    Or only the other way around? <— this

    resistance icon an with dmg type icon refers to an magic attack against an enemy using a certain element .

    im not sure if it is only attacks or defense but the succubi for example have : throw curse which has 11 resistance blight element icons.

    this means that not only the resistance oif the enemy is calculated but also appropiate resistances and weaknesses.

    eg. goblins are resistant against “thwrow curse” in this example because it has blight element

    EDIT: i got ninjaed πŸ˜›

    in reply to: Razing and rebuilding cities #68332

    Lord of Riva

    as far as i recal its because the archons “city” is a dwelling,

    like a creature building so its not equivalent to a city

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